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Healing the Universe is an Inside job

'As Above,So Below'

This ancient Hermetic axiom is profoundly true. The Microcosm is full of information,infinite option and unlimited possibility. The Macrocosm is each of us as we attempt to comprehend,process and direct our individual reality.

Your personal energy pattern,blue print, template is of supreme importance as it has everything to do with the outcomes that you experience.Your birth chart is as unique as your finger print as distinct as a snowflake.

Once you have gained authentic understanding of your own energy map you are well and truly Ready to move forward. Healers,Shaman,Medicine People throughout the ages have observed that 'the map is not the territory'.Since we are rarely able to transform what we have Not accepted and blessed why not refer to the original instruction manual that comes with creative options: your own Natal Chart.

Assisting you to make practical sense of your completely unique connection to the Big Picture is what Counseling Astrology is all about.

Personal Birth Chart Interpretation

  • A complete in-depth analysis of your unique energy pattern
  • Your personal mandala is the plot.....are you writing your OWN script?
  • Your 'bottom line'may have a hidden trap-door

    Click Here for Natal Chart Analysis Information

    Progressed Natal Chart or Current Transits

    • Progressed Chart is your natal chart blue print as it unfolds in Time
    • Current Transits focus on what's happening now
    • Upcoming Transits or Progressions show future trends and potentials

      Click Here for Progressed and Transits Analysis Information

      Personal Relationship Analysis