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I love quotes.

This is my collection of quotes. It is constantly growing... I must say I am actually quite addicted. At least it is one addiction that won't kill me in the process. I just sorted these into different categories, so some might be in the wrong place etc. If you have any correction for any of these quotes just drop me a line and let me know. :)

 Ancient Philosophers   Acceptance   The Arts   Beauty  Believing
  Biblical  Change   Conformity   Character, Dignity, and Integrity   Dreams
 Equality and Freedom   Fear   Friends  Good and Bad   Happiness and Laughter
  Humanity and People   Humor   Imagination   Intelligence   Kindness
  Life  Love   Mother Teresa   Optimism  Past, Present and Future
  Presidents   Proverbs  Shakespeare   Spirituality   Success
 Thinking and Learning  Truth and Wisdom   Victory   War and Violence   Other Quotes

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