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Curious, aren't ya? *grinning*

But now that you are here, I better mind my manners
and bid you a friendly WELCOME to

Ceridwen the Black's
Dragon Lair

If you were here before and would like to know if I added something new since your last visit, you can look at What's New? to see any changes I made. Otherwise just continue on your journey through my pages, and if you'd like to do this in silence and not listening to "Braveheart", please feel free to use these control buttons.

Don't worry about my dragons, they are pretty peaceful and bite visitors only once in a blue moon. So far they ate only one, and they are still feeling sorry 'bout that.
I hope you will enjoy your visit.

There are many versions of Ceridwen/Cerydwen on the net, but to my knowledge only one Ceridwen the Black. Ceridwen is a Celtic name, and as Ceridwen I am Mistress of Mighty Dragons.

My mother was human and my father was the mightiest of all dragons who ever lived. But their union was forbidden by both humans and dragons, and after I was born my parents were slain by the dragons. With his last dying breath my father bestowed his magic on me, and so I became Mistress of Mighty Dragons.

In real life there are no dragons and no magic, just a lady who lives in Oklahoma/USA, and the only dragons I see come in shape of tornados, that happens when you live in the middle of the so-called tornado alley.

I have long blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, I am slim, and according to friends and enemies alike not too ugly to look at *LOL*. I am 5'6" and everything is where it's supposed to be.
My age? Tsk tsk tsk, didn't your mama teach you that it's not polite to ask a lady how old she is? *grin*. Well, I'm no teenager anymore, even though I can still remember those days .... when I think reeeal hard that is. I have a picture, but I don't post it here, but if you ask I might show it to you *S*.
Sometimes people ask me what is my most.. aeehh.. well.. favorite position *slight blush*. Here is a picture of my favorite position.

I have a very soft heart when it comes to animals, and I always think "It's their world too!!".
Especially I love cats, and I own two, or rather they own me. If you have cats you know what I mean *LOL*. There is a third one, but he is an outside-only cat, even though he likes nothing better than to snuggle and purr.

My most favorite colors are black and blue, which you might have guessed by looking at this page *LOL*.
And speak about colo rs, I made a page with a handy color picker where you can find a certain color you want. If you ever tried to find that particular shade of rosy-brown but didn't know the hex value for it, now you can play with the ColorWizard and you might just find what you have been looking for.

One of the things I don't like is stress. But I found such a wonderful stress remedy ..... *chuckle*. Another thing I don't like is that sometimes my computer (which runs windows) does the craziest things. For all windows users, I came upon this little "prayer" I'd like to share with you, I hope you enjoy *grin*. The Windows Prayer

I like to be outdoors and I love thunderstorms and wild weather. I believe in love at first sight, and deep inside I'm hopelessly romantic *soft smile*. My astrological sign is Scorpio, and usually I am quite peaceful and harmless. Stinger? What stinger? *looking harmless and innocent* See?

If you want to know more about me, you can look at My Personal ABC, and if you still would like to know more, just ask. *warm smile*

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