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BSB' 2nd single will be LARGER THAN LIFE !!!

In Canada, the backstreet Boys went 5X Platinum after only 1 day!!!


EVERYONE!!!Please listen to me!!! I'm a huge BSB fan myself, so I've got some advice for ALL of you!! When you go to a concert, or see them, and you're in a big crowd, DON'T push forward. You don't get the backstreet boys' attention, all you do is hurt the people in the front! The more people get hurt, the more police and bodyguards need to be there, the more our chance of EVER meeting the guys decreases!! Everyone please think about what I'm saying. EVERYONE wants to meet these 5 amazing guys, but by getting hurt, ending up in hospitals, and going insane, it just won't happen! For those of you who say they'd do anything to meet them, don't go about doing it in a way that involves pain for you and other fans!! Stay a little calmer on the outside! If the bodyguards,police,the guys' manager,and even the guys see that we can control ourselves, it might not be SO hard to get close!! Please think about this!!:-)

Hi My name is Julia.I'm 17 from Ontario Canada. I love the Backstreet Boys like the rest of you, and I'm going to try to make this site on of the best and most informative page there is!!! UNFORTUNATLY, I HAVEN'T FINISHED THIS PAGE YET, SO THERE WILL BE LOTS MORE COMING.IF YOU CLICK ON A LINK, AND NOTHING HAPPENS, OR NOTHING'S ON THE PAGE, IT'S JUST BECAUSE I HAVEN'T FINISHED THAT SECTION YET. IF YOU WANT ME TO E-MAIL YOU TO TELL YOU WHEN I'VE ADDED SOMETHING,JUST CLICK ON MY ADDRESS BELOW!!


BSB tour dates Officially announced.....but, are only in Canada for 3 days!!!!! Montreal Nov'10'99, Toronto Nov'11'99, and Ottawa Nov'12'99

Many of my pages may look a bit plain, the reason for that, is that first I like to complete all the basic things to my page, then I slowly fancy it up with backgrounds/borders/pictures/buttons, etc...check back often for changes!!

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Articles from the past and the present

BSB tell us their favourites

When YOU can see the BSB your opinion!

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The BSB store...BSB merchandise,their Cd's,videos,lyrics,music and video clips

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