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My Family Pictures

Hi - these are just a few family pix - enjoy

or not.

The Cast

  • Doreen - my mum
  • Jack (actually John) - my dad
  • Helen - my sister
  • David (1) - her partner
  • Jack - my nephew
  • Kirsten - my niece
  • David (2) - my brother
  • (i forget) - Davids partner - no photos yet
  • Scott - my brother - no photos yet
  • Helen (2) - his partner (Confused yet?) - no photos yet
  • Ian - me (no photos - its my site after all so I get to say what goes on here Heh Heh Heh)

The Pictures! The Pictures!

My Mum and Dad

and their little dog too Bwhaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaa

sorry OZ attack.

Mum, Dad and Muffy

Dad (center)with my sister Helen and her partner David

He's pretty ok even though he's a civil service graverobber (the kind who digs up dead people and their stuff with a trowel and a soft brush)

oh... and he's english.

not that theres anything Wrong with being english mind...


my Mum and brother David at my parents house


my Mum and Dad at their house


My sister Helen and the rugrats, Jack and Kirsten

helen_n_rugrats 1.jpg

helen_n_rugrats 2.jpg

Cant forget Mums little dog Muffy

She's a Bichon Freize (sp?)


The Wedding Photos

ok there arent actually any wedding photos yet as the wedding isn't for another 2-3 weeks BUT there will be soon.

I hope.

Oh you want to know who is getting hitched?

or not

It's my sister (Helen) to David (the english chap) (not that theres anything wrong with being english lots of people are)

Congratulations Helen and David sorry I cant come over.


email if poss

Page created 16 August 2002

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