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How do you roll a blunt? This question has haunted you people for too long so I have taken the liberty to show you, in detail, how to do it. Every time I searched for "blunt" the engine would return a few pages that describe what it is. No shit it's a cigar filled with weed but HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!? Look no further friend, ever since the ripe old age of sixteen I have been perfecting the art known as "Rolling a Blunt". With enough practice you can roll one in seconds from cracking to lighting. Below I have included images of the essential steps of rolling a blunt. This information is for educational purposes only, and in no way is intended to be misused.


Below are some images that may be helpfull in your quest to master the blunt.Hopefully you follow what I'm sayin' and if not I would be more than happy to go into more detail, just mail me-Georgie Maezini

1. Crack the Blunt-2. Dump the guts-3. Rip the dick- 4. Peel out cancer paper-5. Seal edges-6. Fill with product-7. Fold-8. Roll-9. Lick-10. Light-

Crack and Dump- this is what you end up with if you do it right

Fold and Rip off the dick

Remove cancer paper from between two layers

Moisten edges so layers don't come apart

Fill with the good shit

Roll that bad boy

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