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The First Baptist Church of Milford, Delaware Home Page ~ Welcome ~ Everything you could possibly want to know about Delaware's friendliest church and a whole lot more...doctrine...sechedues...ministries...location, etc.
"And the light shineth
in the darkness;
and the darkness
comprehended it not."
~ John 1:5 ~
     Out along the Atlantic coastline, the 
giant ships ply their way out to sea.  Some are large vessels filled to overflowing with goods meant for trade, while others carry passengers to various destinations. 
     The great ocean is deep and sometimes treacherous.  A smaller vessel is no match for a storm tossed sea.  Few there be who are able to survive the mighty waves that appear suddenly out in the far reaches of the dark deep. 
     The ocean floor is littered with the sunken remains of those who failed to find a safe harbor.  From the great laviathons to the small merchant marines--size matters not.  For where there is no light; no way to see through the darkness, there is no hope against life's storms.....   
Perhaps there is one hope
Click the Cross