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Welcome to the REALM OF CHAOS

The Warlord of the Air
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You REALLY want to know about the maniac who created this web page??

Updated! Stormy now holds a BA in English/History and a MA in War Studies from Royal Military College. She will be starting her MA in English in September 2005 at Dalhousie University. She is spending the summer working for the C@P Public Internet Access Program and learning more stuff about TEH INTERNETS. She has published short stories in the Gargoyles Phoenix Gate Anthology and Eye of Odin Anthology and won the first round of a writing contest put out by White Wolf Publishing.


1. Where did the name "Stormy" come from?

On glider pilot training, my original callsign was "Red Baroness". (I was also briefly known as "Slice" thanks to an incident with a jackknife...) That all changed on Power Flight Training when my cross-country solo ended in, if not disaster, at least misadventure--at age 17, before I got my pilot's license, accidentally flying a Cessna 172 into a thunderstorm. Luckily I realized I was over my head and turned around, with just enough time to make it back to the airport I'd come from before THAT got shut down by the storm. This adventure also involved diversions to an airport I'd never even seen before (due to weather), formation flying (Never try to fly a Cessna 172 in a formation of Tomahawks), night flying, birds on the runway, and other delightful crises...after this, "Red Baroness" was forgotten and I was forever known as "Stormy."

2. Why isn't there a Question #2?

There is now. It's asking why there's no Question #2.

3. What's with all the WWII stuff?

I'm a history major, specializing in German history. I also know a fair deal about the Air War in WWI. These interests tend to come out in my choice of movies, books, etc., and in my fanfic stories.

4. Aren't there two letter 's' in "Albatross?"

Depends on what kind of Albatros you mean. Albatross, the bird, has 2 's'. Albatros, the aircraft, has one. (Blame the German spelling.)

5. Who's Wagner?

Wagner is a fictional character, created by myself, who is a pervasive influence in my writing. Sometimes I think he resents being fictional, as he is constantly intruding on my life (usually with a smartarse comment as well).

6. Why is Wagner wearing a German uniform?

Wagner is NOT some kind of pro-Nazi mascot. As a military historian, it's natural for me to set a character in a historical setting. I created the character intending for his WWII history to make readers a little uncomfortable--because, from his current viewpoint, it makes HIM uncomfortable. The moral? Change, while difficult, is always possible--and you will always have to carry some of the weight of your past.

You now know entirely too much. You will be shot upon departing the hotel. ];-}