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ABOVE: Commissioned Piece. Quote is from "The Stainless Steel Rat" by Harry Harrison.


The Albatros Hotel is the homepage of STORMY, glider pilot, writer, and alleged artist...


21 June 2005: The Hotel lives. After a year of illness, it's time to overhaul this place...I've got lots of new art and writing to show off!

Unfortunately, as web space is limited, that means some of the old stuff has to go. If there's anything you really like, copy might be down temporarily, or gone.

The overhaul is a summer project, and will be ongoing from June to August. Expect lots of changes over the summer. I've got an exciting summer job working for a computer site, and am learning lots of HTML code and other neat tricks I'm dying to show off here.


Parts of this page are devoted to Disney's GARGOYLES, Disney's TALESPIN, and Hasbro's Generation One/Beast Wars/Beast Machines TRANSFORMERS, the sadly cancelled animated television programs. GARGOYLES, TALESPIN and all characters from those shows are property of Disney/Buena Vista. TRANSFORMERS and all TRANSFORMERS characters are property of Hasbro. GARGOYLES, TALESPIN and TRANSFORMERS are presented here out of tribute. No profit is being made from this site. I believe this site falls under the terms of "fair use" because it attempts to garner further interest in these properties. It was through sites like this one that I became interested in GARGOYLES and renewed my interest in TRANSFORMERS--and have purchased related merchandise. Consider it free advertising.

On the banner at the top of the page is the Albatros DV, WWI German fighter, as drawn by Stormy

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