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The Whip that doesn't look a lot different, but it certainly feels it.

      And this is why.......
An Even pocket of air inside a cord-backed casing which has been covered with a multi-layered coat of rubber, ensures all-over kindness. A fiberglass spine is at the heart of AIRCUSH's tough, shock absorbing construction. 
The overall effect is to alliviate hurt and injury - AIRCUSH's top priority
Sir Peter O'sullevan: "The humane AIRCUSH whip could have saved years of heartache and anguish and' is the most significant advance in whip design, in the history or horseracing."
Champion International showjumper Nick Skelton:The AIRCUSH whip is  the only truly acceptable aid            for professional      and leisure riders."


John Oaksey:"Not quite a feather-duster,          but the kindest kid-glove aid             for all riders."


Wally Swinburn, Former champion jockey of Ireland: "Superbly balanced - as good as any whip I have ever handled. I wish it had been around in my day."
"The only whip for the genuine horse-lover. If you don't think your horse deserves an AIRCUSH whip, then you don't deserve the horse."
Bernard Donigan, the RSPCA's senior equine consultant
Head Office:
AIRCUSH Ltd, Bishop Hill House, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire CV37 0RG 
TEL: 01789 293 061 Fax: 01789 293 061                Email:

c/o GAMEKEEPER FEEDS Ltd, Southerly Park, Binton Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9TU
TEL: 01789 772 429  Fax: 01789 490 536


Not the easiest way to make a whip, but the right way.


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