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The real Room 101

As I'm sure you all know, the room 101 my page is based in was featured in the book 1984 by George Orwell. The room was used by the Ministry of Truth to make prisoners tell all.. It was said to contain your worse fears. For the 'hero' of the book, Winston, this turned out to be rats.

It may interest you to know that Room 101 does exist, it's on the first floor of the BBC's Broadcasting House in London.

Although there were no rats at the time, the origin of the image of Room 101 is that it was used by a government agency (MI5?) for a long time, up to the '60s I believe. That room was choosen over others as it is at the end of a long corridor that doesn't lead anywhere else and there is a fire exit very close by.

The information about Broadcasting House was very kindly provided by Don, who tells me he used to work in the room..... scary. Just don't mention the rats... :-)

Know anything else about room101? It's use in books, films, real life etc? Then let me know too and we'll pool it all together here.