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Bowling with Mr Bowler / John Letskus

The Grocery Store Brat

You've seen him, kicking and screaming his fool head off in the middle of the checkout line. His red-faced mother trying in vain to get him under control. These Brats get older and bigger, but sometimes they don't grow up.

Here's my version of "You might be a Redneck":

...if you miss a 5 pin and start cursing at the top of your lungs might be a "Grocery Store Brat"...

...if you miss a spare and purposely trip the foul line.... you might be a "Grocery Store Brat"...

...if you're trying for the 7 pin and your ball slips into the channel and you promptly flip it the might be a "Grocery Store Brat:...

...if you crush the pocket and you're left a split and you kick the ball return and jump up and might be a "Grocery Store Brat"...

In case you still don't get the message and the bowling shoe fits....


A Quantum , a Rhino and a Track,

this is the arsenal I pack.

A Manufaturing go-getter,

could make 'em much better,

with a string to pull errant shots back.

With the new technology and better hitting balls, how many of you scratch your head in wonder when this happens?

My ball's all shiny and clean,

and I'm feeling big bad and mean.

Threw the ball like a rocket,

smashed right in the pocket,

7-10 looking back with a gleam.

A crabby old bowler was Frank,

on his beard he did twist pull and yank.

"Gonna knock 'em all down",

he said with a frown,

as his strike ball in the gutter it sank.

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