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Strap on the ears, it's time to BUNNY!!!

A picture of one of British Ice Hockey's well-reknowned nutters (and Rob Trumbley)

Welcome to Reverend Richard's indespensible guide to being a Puck Bunny! What's a Puck Bunny I hear you ask? (well actually I don't hear it, since this is a computer screen and you're probably not within earshot of me, which let's face it is probably a blessing for you. So be grateful...) Well, a Puck Bunny is someone who hangs around the players, always on the lookout for the chance to get that autograph / photograph / quick pint / quick knee-trembler round the back of the Arena from the player or players (or even coach) of their choice (heck let's face it even the water carrier is in with a chance here). And why do people behave in this manner? Who knows?! Am I a Puck Bunny? The evidence would suggest so! (apart from the knee-trembler bit!)

Personal Bunnying Successes so far have included the picture you see above, with Rob Trumbley (nice chap!), and a legendary encounter with Brad Rubachuk which led to the conspiracy theory that he didn't actually get injured, he just feigned it as an excuse to get away from the prat with the floppy ears (entirely understandable). So far the front-runner for the all-time classic success stories so far has to be when The Reverend met Jabber and made the observation that they had the same style beard. Jabber then shaved his off before the next game. Cheers Jabber..... :)

The key to successful Bunnying is attire - you have to wear something that will catch the eye of your chosen player / target. Subtlety is a no-no - you have to be as obvious as the death-mark that hangs over Paxton Schulte. Here is an illustration of what is acceptable and what isn't:



Getting into conversation with your target is an art in itself. There are several methods of achieving this particular aim:

Number 1: The autograph approach - getting your target player to sign something, no matter what, gives you a few seconds to launch your opening gambit. Make it count. Notable successes in this field include telling Tommo that for half a season I thought that Jon Hammond was announcing him as "Jeff 'Toymaker' Tomlinson" until someone clued me in on the whole 'Tormentor' nickname thing.... It had been troubling me for a while as 'Toymaker' isn't much a chuffin' menacing nickname, but then again Hilton Ruggles was called 'The Poacher'.... what he did with a shotgun on his weekends was entirely his own business, and if it put a few noses out of joint amongst the landed gentry then so be it.....

Number 2: The photograph approach - most hockey players are extremely approachable when it comes to having their picture taken with their fans, no matter what the fans in question look like (the Ruby photo is a testament to this). Besides, since the Storm players all have specially made suits, they could be standing next to a sack of sh*te and still look cool (the Ruby photo confirms this too).

Number 3: The Beer approach - offering to buy a hockey player a beer is a sure-fire way of getting their attention. If they decline, check that they are a hockey player and not an imposter (especially if you think you've offered a drink to Corey Beaulieu and he's turned it down).

Now that you've had this very basic (and I mean basic) introduction to the art of Bunnying, GO GET 'EM!

(Special mention here to all the Storm and ISL players past and present who give their time to the fans, sign the shirts and the programmes, have their pictures taken and generally go the extra mile to make the fan experience a memorable one! CHEERS GUYS!)