Mature Stories

Ok, one last time. This stories contain violence, swearing, and sex. If you are offended in the use of these to tell stories, then TURN BACK NOW.

Consuming Madness

This is a Legacy/DBZ crossover, and perhaps my greatest work ever. It stars Erik as he chases Agony into the DBZ World after she is sent there by a terrible mistake. Immensely dark and bloody, but also full of heart, and even a little humour. My greatest work ever? You'll have to decide.(Extreme violence and gore)

Chapter 1: The First Cut Is The Deepest
Chapter 2: See No Evil
Chapter 3: Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You
Chapter 4: Psychofemme
Chapter 5: Perfect V
Chapter 6: Zero Hour
Chapter 7: Gossamer Threads
Chapter 8: Supreme Sacrifice

A Merry Little Christmas

The first story to feature Erik and his wife, Celeste, as they battle to save Christmas in their own way. Inspired by an episode of Futurama, which had one of the fuuniest scenes in a comedy I had ever seen (The "Trees Down" Scene. Extreme violence and mild sexual scene)

Legacy: From Dusk Till Dawn

The long awaited (yeah right) Legacy version of "From Dusk Till Dawn", as Ash and Christine come face to face with demons straight from hell. (Extreme violence, sexual innuendo, and lots and lots of swearing. I mean it. If you are offended by extreme language, read this at your own risk)

One Moonless Night

A story about Erik, and what he does best.(Extreme violence)

The Power and The Passion

A story where I explored the lines between love and hate. Lemon material. The first appearence of Agony in a story, before she became famous. (Extreme violence and sexual situations between two adults)