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Fiona Hutchison

Fiona Hutchison has played jewel thief Jenna Bradshaw on Guiding Light from June 1992 to December 1994 and then again from December 1996 to present.
Originally a classically trained ballerina, Hutchison suffered a career ending back injury. She picked up the pieces and turned her attention to acting. She began doing commercials and was soon auditioning for bigger and better things. She has ammassed a number of film and theater credits including, Something to Believe In, Rage, Biggles: Adevntures in Time, Prey of the Jaguar, Deep Cover, Dial "M" for Murder, A Terrible Beauty, and 3 More Sleepless Nights, among others.
After leaving Guiding Light in December of 1998 Hutchison has still kept busy. She has been acting and producing in off Brodway productions and hosting Royal Families of the World for the Romance Channel.
Hutchison resides in New York City with her husband actor/writer/producer John Viscardi. They have two sons John (Hutch) and Trevor. Her birthday is May 17.

Fiona Hutchison at the OLTL Fan Luncheon.

Hutchison with her husband John Viscardi and their son Trevor.

Hutchison at the 1998 Daytime Emmy Awards.


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