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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365

Combat Helicopters Association

Reunion at Fort Worth, Texas

August 10-13, 2006

The 2006 Reunion of the Magnificent Men of Koler's Flying Circus has come and gone. Those who attended agree that it was one of the highlights of their year.

I'll try to update everyone on the events and the decisions made by the squadronmates. Please bear with me while I get my computer and internet connection working properly again. I hope it doesn't take too much time. In the meantime, you can check out the some of the photos that I took.

del Rosario

Squadron Reception
Squadron Dinner
Squadron Mascot
Air Show
Slide Show

The hardy souls who showed up for the reunion were: Mariano Aguirre, Jeff Aveiro, Mike Barkovich, Hal Barraclough, Rich Bender, Frank Bermudez, George Boemerman, Tom Byall, Enrique del Rosario, John Easter, Ken Fish, Marcelo Gonzales, Bert Goodfallow, John Jacobs, Benjy Johnson, Mike Layman, Bill Martin, Bob McEachran, George McKee, Chuck McKinney, Charlie Monch, Mike O'Neill, Dennis Polley, Pete Quintero, Buck Reinbolt, Ed Rudolfs, Dale Saunders, Bill Stevens, Paul Thomas, and Glenn Turley


Frag Order: 20060212 revision 1

Situation: Unknown

  • Size of force: unknown
  • Activity: milling around
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Unit: Marines of various size, shape, and age
  • Time: usually around Happy Hour
  • Execution: undetermined

Mission: Reunion of HMM-365 Squadron Mates

Execution: Commence Planning and Making Reservations

Administration: HMM-365 Association (members include everyone who has ever served with the Squadron in any war or operational readiness capacity)

Email from Bill Martin, Reunion 2006 Coordinator

26 May ‘06
Hello everybody,

I finally got the pricing information from the Fort Worth Hilton for the Hospitality Room and the Friday evening dinner and program. That took about eight weeks. Anyway, now we can move on.

The Hilton is located about a hundred yards from the Convention Center, so that is a plus for us old, slow folks.

The attendance at the Reno reunion was eighty people. So I started with a positive attitude and set an anticipated number of ninety for us this year. Since we will be located in the middle of the country and hope to have more post Viet Nam attendees I think we can make it. Let’s start with a “Can Do” attitude.

Friday night’s Buffet dinner will be $35.95 / person plus a 20% service charge and an 8.75% sales tax. First talk about room rent was $125 but that has now been reduced to zero (how about that, sports fans).

The Hospitality Suite started out renting at $225 a day but has now been reduced to $100 a day. This room will be available from 12 noon until 7 pm on Thursday and Saturday and from 12 noon until 6pm on Friday. My thinking here is that it will be August in Texas, and that means pretty warm in the afternoon. I suspect people will tend to tour the sites, see the airplanes etc. in the morning and look for an air conditioned space with cold drinks in the afternoon.

Now for the rest of the story. Texas law says that wherever alcohol is sold and consumed it will be done by a licensed bartender who has the obligation to not serve anyone too much alcohol. This is designed to help control DWI problems, which I certainly agree need controlling. So, we have to have this “bar-keep” in both the hospitality room and the dining room. He cost $50 / hr for the first 3 hours and $10 / hr for each hour after that. I think that our discussion on this cost is what prompted the room rent deductions. Beer and sodas will be available at both the hospitality room and the dinner reception. Alcohol will have a 20% service charge and soda will have a 20% service charge plus an 8.25% sales tax. What I am saying here folks, is that expect the drinks to be a little pricey compared to what you may be used to. I would bet that your wife could slip a cold soda in her large purse and get by with it. Guys – please do not try to slip a 6-pack of Bud in this place. It will get you thrown in jail.

Friday night’s festivies will include a 6 to 7pm reception (more drinking), a 7 to 8 pm buffet dinner (which I’m sure you will enjoy), a 8 to 9 pm program (which I hope you will enjoy) and we all go home at 10 pm.

The dinner room and the hospitality room are located about twelve steps from each other on the third floor of the hotel. I plan to have more accurate instructions at the registration booth in the convention center so check in there first. This brings me to the point where I need to request some volunteers to work the booth. Also, I have not found out where the banner is with the squadron number on it that goes over the registration booth. If anyone knows please let me know.

So, now that I have got everyone all excited about this “Dog & Pony” show, we come to the purpose of all this. Fork up $60.00 a person marine. &*^# - stop throwing things at me. That is only $5.00 more than the Reno reunion cost and we all know how prices have gone up over the last two years. No, I cannot handle credit cards. Send your checks or money orders, payable to me, to the following address. Trust me; do I look like the kind of guy that would run off with the money??

Bill Martin
1710 Queensborough Dr.
Arlington, TX 76015-2821
817 465-0169

Command and Communication: Bill Martin, Reunion 2006 Coordinator

Under Constant Revision