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Why David Schwarz rocks!

Well... where do I start? The guy is just amazing!

I first noticed Schwarta when he was this really young, high-flying centre half forward. He was really flamboyant, not only in hs style of footy, but by wearing a white headband. I remember one game against Sydney, where he kept on taking all these spectacular, jump-to-the-moon type marks, and just kept kicking all these goals, he single-handedly tore the Sydney backline to pieces. Anyway, that did it for me, I was now a FAN!

He continued along really well for a while, and it looked (and I assumed) that he was heading for superstardom. Then tragedy struck in the form of three knee reconstructions, and Schwarta was out of footy for nearly 3 years. The good old g n' d (footy vocab! g n' d = guts and determination) he has showed to recover from these, and earlier tragedies in his life, demonstrates what a legend David is. I'm not even going to try to put into words the feelings that I, all other Dee's fans, and I guess Schwarta himself, get to see him out on the ground again.

He has not only made a miraculous comeback (times 3!), but has changed his style of playing dramatically - his strong marking and physical presence on our foward line have added an extra dimension to the Dee's. He is not only strong, but has top-class ball handling skills and a great football brain. He is obviously an inspiration to the rest of the players, and his enthusiasm for and enjoyment of the game is clear.

Schwarta may not be thought of by the 'experts' as being in the superstar league yet, but what he has achieved out of the downers in his life means that he is a real hero.

David, I hope you always remember that all your fans are 200% behind you, and that all football fans want to see you continue to shine on for as long as those knees of yours can carry you... you are a hero! Love, Mae.

If you think this site is just the rantings of only one crazy Schwarta obsesed fan... THINK AGAIN! Here are the writings of other Ox fans... If you want to add your thoughts to this page, there is a form at the bottom of the page - just fill it out and I will post your ramblings here.

Suze... script written by Suze the sexy and sensational Schwarta supporter!...

How could anyone not like David Schwarz? He's a role model, he's a hero and he's the best footballer around. Like Mae, I remember seeing him play that game against Sydney, although I was only in year seven or something. Ever since then he's been my number one.

Schwarta has the best kick in the game, it's accurate and always does something useful. He's the type of player the whole team can rely on. The ox has a football brain and can foresee the play, therefore he always comes out on top. His muscular build ensures that he wins in a battle of strength. Schwarta also has a knack for following through with shepherding a little bit harder than you're supposed to, but he still gets away with it. What more can you ask for?

David Schwarz is an exciting player, he gets the match going with his enthusiasm and spark. His ability to keep coming back from injury is admirable. There are few players who you should really call a hero, but David is one. Three knee-reconstructions and a few downers along the way, he's back to prove all those who bagged him, wrong.

And finally I must admit, he oozes with sexuality. I won't go into details, but he has the best eyes, arms, hands and shoulders in the AFL. Yeah, I reckon he's sex on toast.

Never underestimate Schwarz, he's going to be round for a long time yet! I'd also love to hear from other Schwarta fans, so email me at or talk to me on icq (number: 7577287 (Karma)) Im behind you all the way David, Suze.

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Nicky... what my mate Nicola has to say (and trust me, she always has a lot to say)... just kidding Nicky :)

Well this is gunna be short and sweet (yes Mae, just for change!). David Schwarz is a spunk. Simple huh? I could rave on and on about his cute smile, his endless enthusiasm for football, the way he can take control of a game, charging through the packs with those strong shoulders of his... but I won't (I'll leave that to Mae!). Living in Perth I mostly have to admire him from afar, so big thanks to Mae for creating this page so us Dave droolers can stay in touch better. Anyway, to reiterate: David Schwarz is a spunk. Bye, love, Nicky...

And this is from Adam Woolcock from Melbourne town (oh yeah and there's a link to his Demon's discussion board on my links page)... Short and sweet and oh so true :P

The Ox is a footballing god, enough said.

From Adrian of Melbourne...

He is the OX. He is a mean aggressive GUN. He is the best .

From Michelle of Melbourne...

I could'nt agree more with you suze. You've said it all!! Schwarta, we love you and wish you all the best. Keep showing all those opposition players how to play footy!! One day Schwarta, you'll be captain and I hope that day comes soon, because you deserve it more than anyone. You are a real hero of the game, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!! Go Schwarta, and Go Dee's!!! Michelle .

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From Lauz of Melbourne...

Schwarta is a true champion. To make 3 comebacks and play some of the best footy he's played, is a HUGE achievement, and being sex on legs is a great plus. Keep up the good work Ox.

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What Demon Deb from the Gold Coast has to say...

I love Schwarta! He will be the Dees next captain if they know what's good for them. What style, what class and oh so sexy. I run the Demons Qld supporter group and we awarded the great man player of the match this year for his game at the Gabba. A basket of Qld goodies. Hope he liked them and he can thank me personally I dont mind. B & F for the Ox in 99 too!!!!!

Email Deb @

Check out Demon Deb's homepage

From Ashley of Melbourne...

He is the best centre half forward in the AFL.

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From Danny Pullen of Melbourne, summing it up in 3 words :)

he's a legend

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What Corinne Strath of Melbourne has to say:

David Schwarz has now been my hero for over 6 years. Not only do I respect him but I idolise over him. He shows great determination with everything he does in life. When he was going through his third knee operation I had one and with the way he sees life it helped me on the road to recovery. I'll never forget the day when he did his knee against the Sydney Swans and Andrew Dunkley stood by him so no one would trample over him. With what i feel for David Schwarz i felt i owed it to him to write to Dunkley thanking him for his great sportsmanship, not only did my letter get published in the Sydney newsletter, but i actually got to thank him in person. I think David Schwarz is really amazing on what he has achieved not only with his career with Melbourne but with his life in general and i want to see him not only captain Melbourne one day but to play another 100 games. David Schwarz's biggest fan - Corinne

Obrada from Melbourne's comments:

The Ox, what a gun!! His comeback from the third knee re-co. at the MCG in 1997 was special (kindest regards to Bruce M). Good on-ya Schwarta for putting your team 1st and for your inspirational style of play. Long live the Ox!!

Email Obrada @

Robert from Moe had this to say:

Schwarta is a legend and anone who dislikes him ican go stick it he has been my favourite player since i was 5 and now im 13 SCHWARTA IS GOD!!!!all dees fans send me a hotmail!

Email Rob @ rlloyd69@hotmail .com

Laura Mathieson from Tatura wrote:

I love Schwarta! My dad knew you as a kid and still reckons you are great and we all love the Dees!Including our dog named "Demon"

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Kelly from Portland has this to say:

Schwarta is my hero!! I love him to pieces! His determination is inspirational. Schwarta, you're number 1!!!

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Simion McPartland from Perth reckons:


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And this is from Kristina of Gisbourne:

schwartz is a hero.Out of all the injured players schwarz has achieved the most good onya SCHWARZ!

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Julie from Adelaide's contribution:

I think David Schwartz is the 2nd best looking one out of the team after Andrew Leoncelli. He is also a great player to watch and everytime the team comes here, I always make show Im at the game chearing them on.I hope this year they can make the finals and win this time.

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And this from Harriet of Melbourne:

I love Schwarta! I do and that's all there is to it! I used to think that I would easily be schwarta's number one fan. but then i came across this website, and i think that maybe I have to hand it to Mae, (!) but I do love him all the world, he's so gorgeous, and he has the best eyes, and bum. MAN I LOVE HIM!!! well i best be off, but all are welcome to send me an e-mail. much love haz xxx

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Even "Team Tassie" wrote in:

schwarta i think you are the back bone of the melbourne. in that grand final against essendon when long cleaned up troy least got in there and gave them what for

This is from Danielle gaskett of Toorak (naughty but I like it!):

next time Sam throws a pie in your face - call me and I will lick it all off! Cream and all.

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This is from the Edmunston family of Ballarat:

We would like to congratulate David on the way he handled himself in the face of adversity on "The Footy Show". To 'restrain' himself as he did took courage, but courage is something this man does not lack in any shape or form. We think Sam 'Notaman" is a disgrace to manhood and should be removed from the show. If one has to achieve ratings through this type of behaviour, them damn the ratings! If Sam 'Notaman' could show the courage to front to play after having had three knee reconstructions as has David, then he might have earned the right to appear on the same show. We further think that David should have the right of reply and that a pie be delivered to Sam 'Notaman', in the same fashion as the one delivered to David, only this pie should contain a BRICK! We as Demon supporters are 'not amused', and why Eddie MacGuire does not disassociate himself with this 'cretin' we cannot fathom! BAD SHOW! .

Mona from Clayton says it all:

I love Schwarta!

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Guiseppe from Adelaide says:

Schhwarta is a great football player and i congratualte him on getting where he has got. Onya! !

Diane Kambric from Sydney, who's another huge Oz fan wrote:

He's a really beautiful person and great player and should be captain of the DEES !

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From Carla Nelson of Melbourne (can't agree with you more girl!):

What I have to say about Schwarta would be X-Rated for this web-site. The watered down version - he is the reason footy is great! He is the reason to go and watch those men in shorts battle it out every week - and don't we all hate summer! He is the passion, the feeling, reason for living football. He is a living legend, and my inspiration to keep going when I think things in MY life get tough! Luv ya Schwarta!!!!!!!

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And here's your chance to post your thoughts about Schwarta to the world... just send me an email with your thoughts and I'll post them here... easy peasy :P

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