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You wanna learn more about DAVID SCHWARZ


Then read some of these articles...

August 2000... In the Qualifying Final against Carlton, David was running into an open goal, and on the way he kinda showed the ball to the crowd... anyway, some people (like me!) think that his exuberance was awesome to watch... but then others thought he was just being a lair - this article asks some footy people what they though

August 2000... Schwarta talking about how under-rated the Dee's have been this year, and our finals chances

July 2000... Article about how old team mate Charles falsely accused Schwarta of being a racist

July 2000... Another article on the Charles/Schwarz situation

July 2000... And another one...

May 2000... Article about Schwarta's relatively poor form in this season to date, and about how he's really keen to lift his game to help the Dee's

November 1999... Article discussing why Schwarta should be made skipper in 2000, and a bit of an interview talking about what he's up to these days

October 1999... Great article about him winning the 1999 B&F, including some of his touching winning speech

June 1999... Fascinating and very personal interview about his ups and downs

May 1999... Article written by Jimmy Stynes about the struggles Schwarta has faced to reached his 100th game

May 1999... Pretty cool article, again about reaching that milestone

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