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My Favorite Links

Dutch Refuge Center

Big Bird Search

Search Help



Right to Safeguard

[ Link here to get the "Right to Safeguard" banner. ]


Aqua Oceans

B n G Birds


Parrot Parrot

Liz's Lovebirds

Rikki's Perch

Robin's Nest

Shady Nook Aviary

Avian Window

Lovebird Chat

Chris's Zoo

All Gods Critters

Park Bird Farm

Fine Feathered Friends Aviary

Agapornis page

Parrot Science

Love Nest Aviary

Our Lovebirds

Angel Wings Aviary

Resource Links

AMR Labroratories-DNA Sexing

Avigene-DNA Sexing


Pet Directory- Great Place for all your needs.

On-Line Vendors

Lexicon of Parrots

Avian Resources

The Parrot Pages

Bird Click-Training your Bird

Report a Lost or Found Bird

Find A Veterinarian

Bird Talk

Aviary Manager-Breeder Software

My Birds- Breeder Software

Avi Mate- Breeder Software

Shareware's Free Breeder Software

Bird Show Calendar

Super Foods For the Avian Immune System

Classified Sites That I've Collected


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