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This guarantee is for a:_____________________ _________Leg band number:______________

This parrot is: Weaned________ Not Weaned________ I_____________________seller): guarantee that this parrot sold is disease free. Buyer has 3 days(72 hours) from the delivery date and time to have the parrot examined by an Avian Veterinarian. If found to have a disease as determined by the examining Avian Veterinarian. Buyer will receive another parrot just like it or one of equal value. If one is not available, I (seller) will refund the full purchase price of the parrot only. We do not refund any other expense the buyer may have on this parrot, nor do I seller) refund having the parrot examined by a Avian Veterinarian. In order to receive a refund, buyer must return the parrot to seller with the parrot's closed leg band still on this parrot's leg that has the same number on it as listed above in this guarantee. Also with a report from the Avian Veterinarian stating the disease. The parrot must be returned to seller within 3 days(72 hours) from date and time of delivery are buyer looses their refund. If buyer did not have this parrot examined by a Avian Veterinarian and did not contact me(seller) within 72 hours from the delivery date and time, buyer looses their refund. If the parrot dies within 72 hours from the delivery date and time. Buyer must have the dead parrot examine by an Avian Veterinarian to determine the cause of death. If the Avian Veterinarian determines that cause of death was from a disease the parrot had before the buyer took delivery, I the seller will refund the buyer the full purchase price of the parrot only. I the seller will also pay(only if the parrot dies) for having the dead parrot examined for cause of death, only if cause of death was determined to have had a disease already before buyer took delivery. A report must be giving to me(seller) from the examining Avian Veterinarian stating the cause of death. I the seller, do not guarantee the purchase of unwean baby parrots. Buyer assumes all responsibilities and risks of the continued hand-feeding and weaning of the parrot, including possible death of the parrot.

Buyer took delivery of the parrot on: Date:________________ Time:______________

Purchase price of this parrot:__________________

Buyers signature:_______________________

Sellers signature:_______________________

This guarantee is for disease related only and for weaned parrots only.

1999, Donna Donato
Guarantee May Not Be Copied