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music music music

here you are, its my music page!! yes i love music. its my passion, my pleasure, my pain. hm that sounded good! anyway my favorite types of music are PUNK AND SKA!! they kick so much ass!! i also enjoy alternative, 80's music, and sometimes even rap. i guess i would have to include hip-hop in there since i love the beastie boys, but i dont like any other hip-hop besides them.

i guess i would have to say my favorite group is MxPx. i love them to death and the day i finally get to see them will probably be one of the best of my life. mike herrera is just a brilliant man *not to mention mighty good-looking* with an amazing voice and a magnificent mind from which he writes lyrics that touch my heart in ways nothing else does. as you can see i really like him, but he doesnt deserve all the credit, tom and yuri deserve some too. tom is the guitarist, and yuri is the drummer. if you have never heard them, go to the mxpx website and listen to some of their music, all of their songs are there in real audio.

my next musical love is hayden. he isnt very well known in the states, but i suppose he is fairly popular in canada. he is canadian and he also has a brilliant mind. his lyrics are deeply personal to him but also very easy for others to relate to. his voice was once described as *eddie vedder with strep* its a raspy scratchy voice, but its also beautiful. if you have some time, visit this hayden page, there you can find his lyrics and some songs so you can experience him.

another one of my favorites is dave navarro. not only do i love his musical talent *he's amazing with those fingers* but he is a FINE piece of art work. i guess there isnt really much for me to say about him, he plays guitar, if you wanna look at him *i love to!!* go to dave navarro is god i believe that site will fulfill your need for dave navarro pics.

well i guess that is all i shall be putting up on my music page for now, if you have any suggestions, email em to me baby! later

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