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Dee's Page

welcome to the wonderfully exciting world of dee. for those of you who dont know glad your here. for those of you who do know me, why are you wasting your time reading about me? anyway, um..i dont know what else to say right here so uhhhmmmmmm..........yeah. :)

wanna hear about my boring existence?
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want to see some people who tickle my pickle?
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how about a goth quote?
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amazingly, i have some friends
i will talk about them here

in case you didnt know i like music a lot.
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i like to write.
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need to get something off of your chest?
looking for some good clean fun?
contact me here

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things i like (in no particular order)

some links that amuse me

dave navarro is god
go ask alice
a great empire records page
ethan embry on the web
sister rossetta
chicks suck
THE BEST body modification site