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Lithuanian Link Exchange

Western leaders with the Boss of Russian terrorists. Yalta 1945



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Belorussia (Cherven Massacre):

  • Cherven (Cerven) on the map.

  • From the APPEAL of the Representatives of the Baltic 'Nations to the General Assembly of the United Nations: "About 2,000 Lithuanians from various prisons in Lithuania, mostly from Vilnius, were driven before the retreating Red Army into the interior of Russia. In Minsk these prisoners were joined by about 4,000 Poles and White-Russians from Polish and White-Russian prisons. On the way from Minsk to Mohilev in July 1941, in the woods of Chervene, the prisoners were mowed down with machine-guns by the escorting Soviet guards. Among the murdered were: the Deputy Prime Minister of Lithuania K. Bizauskas, and the Ministers of State S. Rusteika, J. Caplikas, and B. Giedraitis. However, a few eye-witnesses of the mass murder at Chervene remained alive under the piles of corpses. These, if need be, can make their statements under oath. The incident has been described in documented books, written by eye-witnesses of the murder: "Lithuania Under the Sickle and Hammer" (Cleveland, Ohio) by Colonel J. Petruitis, and "Mirties Kolona" (March of Death), Chicago, 111., by Antanas Tolis."

  • ELTA No. 260 (1970), Saturday Issue, 20 June 1998 "LITHUANIANS TO PAY HOMAGE TO VICTIMS OF BOLSHEVIKS Vilnius, June 19 (ELTA) - A commemoration is to be held on Saturday near the Belarussian Chervene township, which had been a site of innocent people's massacre in 1941 June. The organisers of Chervene commemoration were Lithuanian population's genocide and resistance investigation centre, and Vilnius municipality. Vice-director of above-said centre Petras Girdzijauskas told ELTA the former political prisoners, deportees, relatives of those killed, and patriots would travel by buses on June 20 to Chervene to pay homage to the victims, as they did annually since restoration of Lithuanian independence. The available facts show that, with breaking out of World War II, a few thousand prisoners of Minsk jail were driven farther from the city and shot dead. Among them there were some 300 persons taken here from Lithuania's Kaunas prison -- these were mainly Lithuanian officers, scientists, and other intellectuals. Some of them managed to escape to tell the world about the crime executed by Bolsheviks. A survivor, Colonel Jonas Petruitis described the experienced horror in his book "How they shot us dead" which was soon translated into several foreign languages. Several monuments have been erected in the massacre site, sixty kilometres away from Minsk."

  • ABM -- Cherven Massacre by Soviet NKVD (1941). Article: March Held at Cherven to Commemorate the Victims of a Stalinist Massacre. BelaPAN, No. 116; Sunday, June 27, 1999.

  • "Ihumen way". Photos of "Zhalbiny" - annual mourning ceremonies with the delegations from Lithuania, Poland and other countries that are organized on the place of the biggest execution on June 26.

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