The following is a list of some of the Cardiff based ships lost during the First and Second World Wars. It is not exhaustive, but lists many of the ships lost, with some details of the circumstances.

Allende--17.3.42-Torp & sunk 20 miles S of Cape Palmas, Liberia ov Calcutta - Freetown - UK (general cargo)-

Amicus(2)--19.12.40-Torp & sunk by Italian Sub Bagnolini 240 miles W of Blacksod Bay, Co.Mayo - all 36 crew lost-

Anglesea--24.4.17-Torp & sunk off Bishops Rock-

Appledore--9.6.17-Torp & sunk 165 miles SW of Fastnet by U70 ov Sagunto - Tees (iron ore)-

Ashleigh--23.7.17-Torp & sunk 290 miles SW of Fastnet by U54 ov Tyne - Port Said (coal)-

Barradale--17.5.42-Torp & sunk E of Martinique-

Barrwhin--29.10.42-Torp & sunk off Rockall-

Beatus(2)--18.10.40-Torp & sunk by U123 N.Atlantic 57'31N by 31'10W Convoy SC7-

Beignon--1.7.40-Torp & sunk by U30 300 miles SW of Lands End ov Freemantle - Tyne (wheat) - convoy SL38-

Bernard--15.12.17-Torp & sunk 180 miles WSW of Bishop Rock by U94-

Bertrand--6.7.18-Torp & sunk 28 miles ESE of Cape Bon by UC67-

Bonvilston--17.10.18-Torp & sunk NW of Corsedale Point-

Bradford City--16.8.17-Torp & sunk in Straits of Messina while on Govt service as Special Service Ship-

Bradford City(2)--1.11.41-Torp & sunk off Walvis Bay-

Bradfyne--22.11.40-Torp & sunk S of Rockall-

Bradglen--19.9.41-Mined & sunk in Thames Estuary-

Braunton--7.4.16-Torp & sunk SW of Beachy Head by UB29 ov Boulogne - Newport (stores)-

Canganian--17.11.16-Struck mine off Montrose-

Carmarthen--26.7.17-Torp & sunk by German submarine SE of Lizard-

Chaucer--29.7.41-Shelled & sunk by cruiser Orion in N.Atlantic-

Chulmleigh--14.9.17-Torp & sunk 10 miles WSW of Cape Salou by U64 ov Tyne - Genoa (cal, coke, iron)-

Clarissa Radcliffe--10.3.43-Torp with loss of all hands - 42'00N by 62'00W-

Coniston Water--21.7.17-Torp & sunk 70 miles NW of Butt of Lewis ov Newport - Archangel (coal)-

Cornish City--21.9.14-Shelled & sunk 245 miles from St.Paul Rocks by cruiser Karlsruhe-

Cornish City(2)--29.7.43-Torp & sunk SE of Madagascar-

Cornubia--9.9.15-Captured & sunk by gunfire 75 miles SSE of Cartagena by U39-

Cyfarthfa--11.4.17-Torp & sunk Med WSW of Carigotto Is. ov Oran - Salonica (hay & wine)-

Cymrian--25.8.17-Torp & sunk SSE of Tuskar Rock-

Dallas City--4.7.1940-Bombed & sunk SE of Portland Bill-

Darius--13.6.17-Torp & sunk 210 miles SW of Fastnet - 15 lost-

Daydawn--21.11.40-Torp & sunk by U103 off NW Ireland in convoy OB244 - ov Barry - Santiago (coal) - 2 lost-

Dayrose--14.1.42-Torp & sunk S of Cape Race Newfoundland ov St.Johns, NF - Halifax, NS - 36 lost-

Dowlais--3.12.17-Torp & sunk Med off Cape de Fer, Algeria ov Greece - Glasgow (copper ore) - 26 lost incl master-

Duchess of Cornwall--11.4.17-Torp & sunk 5 miles N of Cape Barfleur by UC26-

Dunraven--10.8.17-Torp & sunk in Bay of Biscay-

East Wales--14.10.17-Sunk by submarine gunfire SW of Daunts Rock - 3 lost-

East Wales(2)--16.12.42-Torp & sunk by U159 off Brazil on voyage to New York & Trinidad - Durban & Alexandria (coal & stores) - 16 lost-

Eastern City--9.4.16-sunk by submarine gunfire off Ushant on voyage to St.Nazaire - Bristol Channel-

Edernian--20.8.17-Torpedoed & sunk SE of Southwold - 14 lost-

Emma--20.4.17-Torp & sunk 200 miles SSW of Fastnet by U50-

Empire Sky--14.11.42-Torp & sunk by U625 - all hands lost-

Ennistown--26.3.17-sunk by enemy action-

Escrick--17.8.18-Torp & sunk 360 miles NNW of Cape Finisterre on voyage to La Rochelle - Montreal (ballast)-

Ethel Duncan--18.10.16-Torp & sunk off Noop Head, Orkney-

Ethel Radcliffe--17.4.41-Torp by E Boat off East Anglia - beached (see below)-

Ethel Radcliffe--14.5.41-Bombed after beaching on Yarmouth Sands - total loss-

Euston--25.10.17-Torp & sunk 35 W of Cape Matapan-

Everleigh--6.2.45-Torp & sunk English Channel by U101 on voyage to London - Barry Roads & New York (ballast)-

Exford--14.7.17-Torp & sunk 180 miles SW of Ushant by U48 ov New York - Cherbourg (steel & oats)-

Fallodon--28.12.17-Torp & sunk 12 miles SSE of St.Catherines Point ov Le Havre - Clyde (ballast)-

Farringford--11.1.16-Captured and sunk by German Auxiliary Cruiser Mowe 44.00N by 12.25W-

Filleigh--18.4.45-Torp & sunk North Sea by U245 ov London - Antwerp (military cargo) - 6 lost-

Fiscus--20.12.17-Torp & sunk 10 miles NNE of Cape Ivi - 1 lost-

Fiscus(2)--18.10.40-Torp & sunk by U100 120 miles W od Barra Is. Convoy SC7 - master & 37 crew lost -

Flimston--18.12.16-Captured & sunk by submarine 21 miles NE of Ushant-

Fresno City--5.11.40-Shelled & sunk by Admiral Scheer ov Montreal- Sydney-Oban Convoy HX84-

Fresno City(2)--12.4.43-Torp & sunk in mid Atlantic-

Goodleigh--2.12.40-Torp & sunk by U52 convoy HX90 - ov New Westminster & Bermuda - London (lumber & spelter) - 1 lost-

Great City--19.6.17-Torp off Scillies but saved - 4 lives lost-

Grelhead--2.12.41-Torp & sunk 2 miles N of Punta Negri, Morocco by U 562 (iron ore) - 35 lost + 6 gunners-

Grelrosa--28.1.41-Bombed & sunk off NW Ireland ov New York & Halifax, NS - Tyne (wheat) - 5 lost-

Hadleigh--16.3.43-Torp & sunk by U77 NW of Oran ov Algeria - Gibraltar (ballast) -

Helmspey--11.2.43-Torp & sunk off Port Elizabeth - 4 lost-

Honiton--30.8.15-Mined in the Thames ov Buenos Aires - Hull (linseed & maize) -

Horngarth--11.3.17-Captured & sunk by raider Seeadler-

Houston City--21.10.40-mined & sunk ne East Oaze-

Iddesleigh--17.8.44-Torp off Sword Beach, Normandy ov Hull & Southend - Normandy (stores)-

Indian City--12.3.15-Torp & sunk off Scilly Isles ov Galceston-Le Havre (grain)-

Iolo--11.10.16-sunk by submarine 153 miles N of Vardo, Norway-

Iolo(2)--17.2.17-Torp & sunk 42 miles SW of Fastnet-

Italiana--14.9.16-Sunk by German submarine 36.00N by 16.50E-

Jane Radcliffe--28.11.17-Torp & sunk 2 miles SW of Antimilo, Greece-

Jersey --23.4.42-Mined & sunk off Suez-

Jersey City--24.5.17-Torp & sunk 35 miles Nw of Flaanen Isles off Scotland-

Jersey City(2)--31.7.40-Torp & sunk NW of Malins Head-

Justitia--22.11.40-Torp & sunk off NW Ireland by U100 - convoy SC11 - 13 lost-

Kervegan--9.2.41-Reported in distress & capsizing 43'48N by 61'33W - master and all crew thought lost

Crew List and details

King City--24.8.40-Shelled & sunk by raider Atlantis N of Rodriguez Is.- 6 crew killed-

Lady Glanely--2.12.40-Torp & sunk by U101 convoy HX90 - ov Vancouver & Bermuda - London (lumber & spelter) - 1 lost-

Leeds City--6.5.18-Torp & sunk in North Channel off Stranraer ov Portland, Maine - Manchester (wheat)-

Llanarth--27.6.40-Torp & sunk off Lands End-

Llanashe--17.2.43-Torp off Port Elizabeth - 34'00S by 28'30W-

Llancarfan--16.5.18-Torp & sunk 370 miles E by N of San Miguel, Azores-

Llancarfan(2)--30.5.43-bombed & sunk 2 miles south of St.Vincent -

Llandilo--2.11.42-Torp south of St.Helena 27'03S by 02.59W-

Llandrindod--18.5.17-Torp & sunk 165 miles NW by N of Fastnet-

Llandudno--1.8.17-Capured & sunk 110 miles SW of Porqueolles Is, Gulf of Lyons-

Llanfair--11.8.40-Torp & sunk 54'48N by 13'46W-

Llangorse---Torp & sunk 48 miles WSW of Cape Matapan-

Llanishen--9.8.17-Torp & beached 8 miles N by E of Cape de Crews, Gulf of Lyons-

Llanishen(2)--23.8.40-bombed & sunk SE of Wick 58'17N by 2.27W-

Llanover--12.5.42-Torp in North Atlantic - 52'50N by 29.04W-

Llanwern--26.2.41-Bombed by aircraft SW coast of Ireland 54'67N by 17'06W-

Maywood--30.9.16-Mined & sunk off Le Havre-

Merioneth--3.6.17-Captured and sunk by German submarine 100 miles N by W of Tromso-

Nailsea Court--10.3.43-Torp & sunk S of Iceland - 45 lost-

Nailsea Lass--24.2.41-Torp & sunk 60 miles W of Fastnet - 5 lost-

Nailsea Manor--10.10.41-Torp & sunk near Cape Verde Is - all saved-

Nailsea Meadow--11.5.43-Torp & sunk off East London - 2 lost-

New Westminster City--3.4.42-Bombed & sunk Murmansk-

Ocean Vanguard--13.9.42-Torp & sunk by U515 70 miles E of Trinidad - 10 crew & 1 gunner lost-

Olive--22.7.16-Captured & sunk 10 miles NNW of Cape Corbelin by U39-

Orminster--25.8.44-Torp & sunk by submarine U480 NW of Cap d'Antifer - 6 crew lost-

Paddington--21.7.17-Torp & sunk 250 miles W of Fastnet-

Patagonia--15.9.15-Torp & sunk 10.5 miles NE of Odessa-

Pengeep--.6.41-Seized by Vichy French at Casablanca & renamed St.Jacqueline - regained 1942-

Penhale--18.5.17-Torp & sunk 72 miles NNW of Tearaght Is., Co.Kerry by U46-

Penhallow--1.6.18-Torp & sunk 52 miles NW of Cape Caxine, Algeria by UB48-

Penistone--11.10.18-Torp & sunk 145 miles SW by S of Nantucket-

Penolver--19.10.43-Mined & sunk near St.Johns, Newfoundland - 27 lost-

Penrose--3.9.42-Torp & sunk 3 miles from Cape Sines - 2 lost-

Pensilva--19.11.39-Torp & sunk in Bay of Biscay -

Penvearn--1.3.18-Torp & sunk 15 miles NW of South Stack Rock, Holyhead by U105-

Polbrae--4.5.18-Torp & sunk by U60 off Sharpnose Pt., N.Devon -

Pontypridd--11.6.42-Torp & sunk E of Newfoundland ov Immingham - Father Point - Sydney (ballast) - convoy ONS100-

Prince Rupert City--2.6.41-Bombed & sunk NE of Cape Wrath-

Quebec City--19.9.42-Torp & sunk N of Ascension Island-

Queen City--21.12.42-Torp & sunk E of Para, Brazil-

Ripley--12.12.41-Torp & sunk by submarine U161 00.35S by 32.17W - all 41 crew saved-

Ruel--21.8.15-Captured & sunk 45 miles SW of Bishop Rock by U38 - 1 lost-

Runswick--18.4.18-Torp & sunk 3 miles N of Trevose Head ov from Newport (coal)-

Sacramento Valley--6.6.41-Torp & sunk W of Cape Verde Islands-

Salvus(2)--4.4.41-Bombed & sunk in North Sea off Cromer-

Santa Clara Valley--23.4.41-Bombed & sunk Nauplia Bay-

Sanwen--29.9.17-Torp & sunk N of Cape Bear - 2 lost-

Saracen--26 12.17-Mined & sunk Brest -

Sarah Radcliffe---Sunk by submarine 170 miles SW of Ushant-

Satrap--9.2.16-disappeared on route Barry to Navy base in North-

Shakespear--5.1.41-Torp & sunk by submarine 18.05N by 21.10W-

Snowdonian--31.7.17-Captured & sunk by U155 SE of Azores-

South Wales--24.6.17-Torp & sunk 128 miles W of Bishops Rock - 2 lost-

St.Andrews--13.6.17-Torp & sunk 4 miles from Cape Sparivento, Italy ov Karachi - Marseilles (grain) - 3 crew lost-

St.Elwyn--28.11.40-Torp & sunk by submarine U 103 E of Bishops Rock - 29 crew lost-

St.Essylt--4.7.43-Torpedoed & sunk by submarine U375 W of Algiers-

St.Glen--6.9.40-bombed & sunk by aircraft off E coast of Scotland-

St.Helena--12.4.41-Torpedoed & sunk by submarine U124 SW of Freetown - 38 crew all saved-

St.Lindsay--5.6.41-Lost without trace with all her 43 crew - German sources suggest torpedoed 14.6.41 51N by 30W-

St.Margaret--27.2.43-Torpedoed & sunk by submarine U66 27.38N by 43,23W - 3 crew lost & Master taken prisoner-

St.Merriel--2.1.43-bombed & sunk by aircraft in Bone Harbour-

St.Usk--20.9.43-Torpedoed & sunk by submarine U161 SE of Bahia-

Statira--2.8.40-Bombed & sunk 38 miles N of Stornoway-

Stokesley(2)--24.4.40-Mined & sunk near Nore Light, Thames Estuary-

Swindon--23.7.16-sunk by submarine 63 miles NE by N of Cape Carson, Algeria-

Tacoma City--13.3.41-Mined & sunk Formby Channel , Mersey-

Tempus--19.4.17-Torp & sunk 130 miles NW by W from Fastnet - 1 lost-

Thomas Walton--3.12.39-Torpedoed & sunk by U boat 67.52N by 14.28E-

Torridge--6.9.16-Captured & sunk by bombs 40 miles SSE of Start Point by UB29 ov Genoa - Tyne (ballast)-

Torrington--8.4.17-Torp & sunk 150 miles SW of Scillies by U55 ov Savona - Barry Roads (ballast) - 34 lost-

Vancouver City--14.9.39-Torp & sunk NW of Lands End-

Vera Radcliffe--30.3.44-Used as a blockship in Normandy landings-

Vernon City--28.6.43-Torp & sunk in S.Atlantic-

Victoria City--2.12.40-Torp & sunk N of Ireland - all 43 crew lost-

Washington--3.5.17-Torp & sunk in Rapallo Bay, off Genoa-

Wellington--16.9.18-Torp & sunk 175 miles NW of Cape Vilano Spain by U54 ov Tyne - Port Said (coal)-

West Wales--21.1.18-Torp & sunk 140 miles S of Malta - 2 lost-

West Wales(2)--29.1.41-Torp & sunk by U94 off NW Ireland - ov New York & Halifax, NS - Newport (steel) - 16 lost - Convoy SC19-

Wilamette Valley--26.9.40-Torp & sunk in S.W.Approaches -

Windsor--21.10.15-Sunk by submarine gunfire 70 miles SW of Lizard-

Winkleigh--8.9.39-Torp & sunk by U48 500 miles W of Brest ov Vancouver - Manchester (lumber & grain) -

Abbreviations: ov = on voyage

sub = submarine

torp = torpedoed

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