Mr Sheffield 21 May 1801 for saving life of a bather

Mr Wix 21 May 1801 for saving life of a bather

T Bromley 19 October 1802

Captain Miles Hann of North Shields 3 Nov 1804 for rescue of 15 seamen

Eric Bates, Mate of an American Vessel, 19 July 1809 for rescue of people run down on the Thames

J Sowter 19 July 1810 for saving the lives of two drowning children near Lambeth Bridge

Mr Harper 15 Jan 1831 for saving the life of a child named Knife at Greenwich

Lt Waugh (HMS Kent) 15 Jan 1831 for saving the life of a Midshipman who had fallen overboard near Plymouth

Hopkins Eustace 15 Jan 1831 for saving the life of James Elphinstone of the Lady MacNaghton

Francis Higginson chief mate of the Lion Revenue Cutter for saving William Thorning at Salcombe Harbour 20 Dec 1832

Don Philip Dumaresq (Junior Mate of HMS Onyx) for saving the life of William Carter 23 Jan 1832 off Sheerness

F W Mant (mate of HMS Ocean) for saving the life of William Fisher, drummer, who fell overboard near Sheerness 14 Feb 1832

Daniel Magrath, carpenter, Limerick Bridge, for saving Mary Dempsey aged 13 from drowning in the river 1833 (second time he had saved someone from drowning)

Mr Cook, labourer of Oxford, for saving two persons and attempting to save Mr Penney of St.Johns College 1833

G Johnston (Mate of HMS Mastiff) for saving George Farley, seaman, at Napoli 21 June 1831 & William Corbie in May 1832 at Portsmouth harbour.

Lt John Barnes RN for saving Mr Nelthorn at Lumps Fort near Portsmouth harbour Oct 1832

William Frederick Owen 1 Sep 1832 for saving a boy who had fallen from the chain pier at Brighton

Lt Davies of the Coastguard station near Rye for saving one of the crew of the Dartmouth wrecked on 10 Nov 1832

Lt John Finlayson (Comander of the steam packet City of Bristol) who had saved 6 people at various times 1833

Cap Lillicrap RN for inventing a lifesaving device 1833

Lord A Lennox for saving the life of a man in Aug 1833 by jumping from the deck of the James Watt steamer near Scarborough

Capt Aldridge RN 1834

Lt Liardett RN 1834

Lt Leigh RN 1834

Mr Elliott RN 1834

Capt Hyland EICS 1834

Mr Hunt 1834

Mr Richmond 1834

Mr Sumner 1834

W Field 1834

J Baldock 1834

T Forbes 1834

T Jacks 1834

Colin Dunlop 1834

P Newell 1834

Pierre Henin 1834

Lt Baker of the Moncrief Guard Station for saving the crew of the Kingston 20 Nov 1834

John Peale, bosuns mate, RN, for saving Lt Baker and two of his men and the ships carpenter at Pernambuco 1834/5

Mr Carroll Midshipman (aged 15) for saving the life of the son of Sir Howard Douglas in Vourla Bay 1834/5

Col Gilbert for saving John Towersy from drowning in Lake Pitfield 1834/5

Mrs J Savory for saving the life of Andrews at Little Hampton 1834/5

John Ray for saving several of the crew of a vessel wrecked off Tenby 1834/5

R S Cole 1834/5

John Felsted (a lad of Greenwich Hospital) 1834/5

Lt Keys for saving the lives of 10 persons as a result of which he was unfit for service 1834/5

Captain Brodie EICS attempting to save Ensign Bromwick seized by a shark whilst bathing at Madras (Cap Brodie died of his injuries) 1835

Martinez Van Der Hum for saving 11 crew of a barque off Holland 1835

Captain Polhill for saving a young woman who had thrown herself into the lake 1835

Edward William Hull for saving 14 of those thrown onto the rocks from the wreck of the Killarney Jan 1837

Mr F.H.Stevens (HMS Rodney) for saving the life of a seaman thrown overboard whilst cruising near Barcelona Aug 1838

William Darling & his daughter Grace Horsley Darling for saving 9 persons from the wreck of the Forfarshire 1838

Arthur Cummings, Mate of HMS Hastings saving the ships carpenter and a seaman 1839

Owen Jones, Coastguard Service, and his crew for relief of the crew of a French vessel wrecked off the coast of Ireland 1839

Lt Francis Higginson for saving the life of a boy at Dover 1839

Alfred Green for jumping from the Comet, Gravesend steamer, and saving two men in the Thames 1839

William Jennings & George Jones for saving the lives of their parish bretheren


Captain T Aldridge RN for saving the life of a seaman 1841 (second time he has done it)

Captain William Blane, Life Guards, for leaping into the Thames and trying to save a drowning person 1841

Captain A W Sleigh KTS Assistant Commander of Manchester Police for saving 21 lives during the inundation of the River Irwell 1841

Mr Kinnaird for saving the life of a sailor at Lea during a severe gale 1841

Capt Stanley RN for saving the life of a boy who had fallen through the ice on the Surrey Canal 1841

Mr Christopher (Mate of HMS Blonde) for saving the life of a seaman at Cape of Good Hope in 1837 (Award in 1841)

William Downes for saving 5 lives 1841

Dennis Sennit. Private soldier, for saving the life of a baby off New Holland 1841

Francis Anglesey, seaman, leaped from the deck of HMS Lyra off Puerto Rico and saved an old man who had fallen overboard 1841

Tom Osmond & William Guy, an african boy, for jumping overboard to save the life of Mr Wilmett Clark of HMS Albert 7 Oct 1841 off Murje, on the bank of the Niger river.

Sir Walter Riddel, Bart, for saving the life of a woman who had fallen into the Mill head 26 December 1843

Jean S Gasvert (French seaman on French Navy ship Cuvier) for saving the life of a Mr Turner who had fallen into the river off Blackwall 1844

Frederick Burd son of Rev G Burd of Cound Lodge nr Shrewsbury and to Henry Wood Sandford son of Rev W Sandford of Newport, Salop for savingb the lives of three ladies and a gamekeeper from drowning under a sheet of water on the estate of J C B Borough late High Sheriff of Salop 1845

R Dew (Mate of HMS Collingwood) for saving the life of Hon Mr Walpole at Spithead 1846

Le Capitaine Lefoure for saving the life of an English seaman off the coast of Normandy 1846

William Chapman, Corporal 85th Regt, for saving the lives of James Hobson & Hippolita, a man of colour, who were upset in a canoe off Port Charlotte, Cape St.Vincent 1846

George Matthews (age 15) for saving the life of a sailor who fell from the stern of the Princess Royal steamer 1846

Mr Bernard for saving the lives of two brothers who were bathing in the River Colne Essex 1846

P Dancourt for saving John Scanlan from drowning at Lea, Co.Cork 1845

W Tont of the Russian Corvette Princess of Warsaw for saving a life from drowning 1846

William Haviland, timekeeper at the engine factory of Messrs Penn & Co. Greenwich for saving two from drowning in the Thames at East Greenwich July 1846 (he was also recorded as having saved the life of a passenger on a packet off the Nore 2 Sep 1832)

Commander Finch for having plunged through the porthole to save a sailor of HMS Naiad at Portsmouth July 1846 (Award1847)

George Clifford for saving an elderly gent thrown into the river from the Waverley steamer at Cadogan Pier, Chelsea 1847

Frank Astley (brother of Lord Hastings & Lord Leicester) for trying to save Foster, his servant, from drowning at Holkham beach 1847

Pierre Victor Trotel, French sailor, for jumping 20 feet into the water of the Firth of Forth to save a young woman from drowning at Leith 1847

Edward Green, a student at Oxford, for saving a fellow student from the River Isis.1847

Mr Mitchell for saving a boy of 8 or 9 from drowning in front of the Duke's Head, Putney 1847 (second life saved by him)

Lt Fisher (whilst mate of HMS Crocodile) for rescuing one of the crew in the Cove of Cork in Nov 1845 (award1847)

Lt Newman RN & the Coastguards at Dover for saving the crew of the wreck of the pilot boat New Flora off Dungeness 1847

John Wright, bathing machine attendant at Brighton in saving a gent who had got out of his depth 1847

Miss Julia Hesketh for rescue of her friend carried out to sea near Black Gang Chine Isle of Wight 1848

William Lucey for rescuing a boy from the Thames 1848

J Granger & J Hyslop (both of HMS Acorn) for saving a person who jumped overboard suffering from delirium in the Madras Roads 1848

Mr McCann for general services 1848

M Chiron and his son who sailed out to rescue 6 officers of the 5th Regt whose boat had overturned 1848

Capt Milner of the 5th Regt who swam ashore 2 miles to get help for M Chiron (above) 1848

S Sims Captain of the Waterman steamboat No 12 for rescue of Mr Noble and his child 1848

Hon W B De Blaquiere for saving a boy in a dock basin 1848

J Robinson (HMS Sealark) for saving from drowning a man who had cut his own throat and jumped overboard 1848

J Field (seaman on HMS President) for saving three shipmates 1848

T Auston for saving 5 lives over a period 1848

Rev J L Roberts BA for saving the life of Mr E C Impey 1850

John Huggins (HMS Scourge) for saving the life of a little boy who had fallen into the sea at Trinidad, despite the presence of sharks. 1850

Thomas H Telbows for saving the life of Mr Blore near Windsor 1850

William Horton (age 15) for saving the lives of three persons during a fortnight in Halifax, Nova Scotia 1850

Master Frank Powell for saving the life of a school fellow 1850

Captain Purdy (ship Infanta) for saving 169 lives from the ship Cushla Machree 1850 - Liverpool Award

P Russell for saving Mary Farrell from drowning near Mullingar 1850

George Gray for saving a boy named Wheatley 1850 (having previously saved 9 others)

Lt E Wylde (HMS Garland) for saving Richard Gibbons 1850

Matthew Lee for saving Mary Sheltis 1850

Miss Harriet Atkinson for swimming to the rescue of her pupil Elizabeth Hudson 1850

James Jones for saving Captain H Hopper 1850

James Humber for saving 3 people at Oxford 1850

Richard Moore, Lock Keeper on the Grand Surrey Canal, for saving lives on 8 occasions 1851

Joseph Gray, Thomas Hamble, Master Henry Folks for saving his brother Master Edward Smith 1851

Captain Binstead RN for saving a child from a stream 1851

Miss Mary Kane & Miss Kate Kane for saving a bathing woman in Ireland


Guner & Driver John Gray RA who saved the life of Private Vane 55th 1852

William Wilson Anstey for saving his father W Jekyll Anstey in London Dock 1852

T H Julian & Wilson Boyd for saving Thomas Stevens at Plymouth 1852

Whaley Wickham for saving an infant from the River Frome 1852

Lt C Scudamore Stanhope (HMS Asia) for saving seaman Cubbins 1852

P Doner, Resident Engineer , Boyne Navigation for saving Private Kennedy 9th Rgt 1852

W H Richards BA, Jesus Coll, Cambs for saving John Ludbury who had fallen from the pier at Portsmouth 1852

W C Angove (4th officer of the Bentinck) for saving Rebecca Hicks at Southampton Docks 1852

Charles Burgess, Railway Guard for saving John Pemberton, engine driver on S Coast Rly 1852

Thos J Oddy for saving Mr Vicary at Brighton 1852