Transcribed by Andrew Sefton, Pocklington and published here with his agreement

Copyright Andrew Sefton


Published 3 February 1855


On Sunday, January 21, at Low Mowthorpe, the wife of Mr. TOPHAM, of a daughter.

On Sunday, January 28, at Malton, the wife of Mr. Henry SMITHSON, stationer, &c., of a son.


On Monday, January 1, at Wharram Percy, Mr. Francis COOKE, of the Gills, to Miss BUTTLE, daughter of Mr. Robert BUTTLE, of Riggs Farm, near Huggate.

On Tuesday, January 30, at Malton, Mr. Henry KIMBERLEY, of Castle-Howard Inn, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Pallister, of the Black Bull Inn, Malton.


On Monday, December 18, Mr. Samuel TAYLOR, formerly of Winterton, Lincolnshire, aged 48 years.

On Saturday, January 6, at Norton, Thomas, son of Mr. John EDWARDS, Maltster, aged 14 years.

On Tuesday, January 9, at the union workhouse, Malton, Wm. OXENDALE, labourer, aged 78 years.

On Wednesday, January 10, at Knapton, Mary TINDALE, in the 84th year of her age.

On Monday, January 15, at Ampleforth, Mr. Robert WALLER, aged 73 years.

On Friday, January 19, at Malton, William BALLON, railway waggoner, aged 40 years.

On Saturday, January 20, at Norton, Margaret, wife of Mr. Joseph WRAY, shoemaker, aged 76 years.

On Sunday, January 21, at Thornton, Richard HILL, Esq., aged 68 years.

Same day, at Broughton, Mr. Matthew KELLINGTON, aged 90 years.

Same day, at Duggleby, John SIMPSON, much respected having worked for Mr. Cawood 28 years, aged 61 years.

On Monday, January 22, at Malton, Mr. Thomas JACKSON, aged 74 years.

On Wednesday, January 24, at Norton, Mr. John STEPHENSON, aged 28 years.

Same day, at Slingsby, on Thursday, Ellen DONKIN, at the advanced age of 90 years.

(I know the above line does not make sense but is transcribed as written)

On Friday, January 26, at Slingsby, Margaret KAY, aged 46 years.

On Tuesday, January 30, at Duggleby, Mr. John HOWARD, aged 64 years.

Published 3 March 1855


On Saturday, Sep 2. 1854, at Oachugs?, Aukland, New Zealand, the wife of Wm. Stuart WILD, Esq., (late of Westow,) of a daughter.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, at the parsonage, bridlington Quay, the wife of the Rev. J. THOMPSON, of a son.


On Tuesday, Feb. 6, at York, Henry Pratt GORE, Esq., Captain 6th regiment of foot, to Emma Sarah CLOUGH, youngest daughter of the late Edward Clough

TAYLOR, Esq., of Kirham Abbey.

On Tuesday, Feb. 13 at Hovingham, Mr. Wm. KIRBY, of Skirpenbeck, afarmer, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. COOKE, of Fryton.

On Saturday, Feb 24, at Brompton, Mr. Thos. Botterill, to Miss Elizabeth CRAVEN, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. CRAVEN.


On Friday, Feb 2, at Malton, Mrs. Hannah SPINK, aged 70 years.

Same day, at Malton, Mr. Wm. FAWCETT, Cabdriver, aged 63 years.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, at Sherburn, Mrs. E. HUNTRESS, aged 68 years.

On Sunday, Feb. 4, at West Heslerton, Dorothy, relict of Mr. John Robson, schoolmaster, aged 59 years.

On Monday, Feb. 5, at Wakefield, Mr. Wm. JACKSON, formerley of Malton, cornfactor, aged 71 years.

Same day, at Malton, Mr. Thos. REVIS, aged 78 years.

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, at Malton, mr. Wm. ALLAN, aged 58 years.

On Saturday, Feb. 10, at Norton, Mr. Wm. RYMER, Late of Malton, surgeon, aged 87 years.

On Sunday, Feb. 11, at her son's house, (Mr. John SPINK of North Street Leeds,) Mary, widow of Mr. Wm. SPINK, farmer, of Winteringham, aged 78 years.

On Monday, Feb. 12, at Brompton, Isabella, widow of Mr. Geo. ROBINSON, aged 83 years.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, at Appleton-le-Street, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Thomas BRIGHAM, Labouror, aged 88 years.

On Sunday, Feb. 18, at Westow, Mr. John BOTTERILL, aged 78 years.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, at Malton, Mary, widow of Mr. Wm. CAVE, aged 75 years.

On Thursday, Feb. 22, at Old Malton, Sarah, wife of Mr. Joseph WARDELL, farmer, aged 70 years.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, at Norton, Mr. Wm. BOYES, Labourer, aged 72 years.

Same day, at Malton, George, son of Mr. Wm. KILLEN, shoemaker, aged 5 years.

On Sunday, Feb. 25, at Old Malton, Wm. CUDBERTSON, Labourer, aged 63 years.

Same day, at Scampston, Ann, the wife of Mr. John HODGSON, aged 43 years.

On Wednesday, Feb 28, at Old Maton, Mr. Wm. LIGHTFOOT, aged 50 years.

Published 7 April 1855




On Saturday, March 24th, at the parish church, Kirkburn, by the Rev. Geo. ALLEN, Incumbent, Robert WISE, Esq., of Auburn Hill, to Harriett, the youngest surviving daughter of the late John TOPHAM, Esq., of High Mowthorpe.


On December 10, 1854, at Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, Capt. Abraham Parkinson KENYON, Cpt. Kenyon commenced his millitary career at Waterloo, as Cornet in the 2nd Life Guards, under his brother, Capt. James Parkinson KENYON.

On Thursday, March 1, at Broughton, Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr. John WAITE, age 80 years.

On Saturday, March 3, at Old Malton, Sarah, wife of Mr. Christopher WATERSON, aged 82 years.

Same day, at Kirby-Misperton, Mr. Francis HUDDLESTON, farmer.

On Wednesday, March 7, at her grandson's residence, (Mr. Spink, of Bessacar, near Doncaster,) Mrs. MARSHALL, widow of Mr. MARSHALL, of Langton, aged 88 years.

Same day, at Norton, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Edward SETCHFIELD, raft and timber merchant, aged 69 years.

On Thursday, March 8, at Norton Villa, after a short illness, Robt. BARTLIFF, Esq., aged 72 years.

On Saturday, March 10, at Wykeham, daughter of Mr. Nabem STOCKDALE, farmer, aged 24 years.

Same day, at Malton, Hannah CLAPHAM, dressmaker, aged 26 years.

On Thurdsay, March 15, at Malton, Mr. Henry BEVERLEY, formerly landlord of the Old Globe Inn, aged 53 years.

On Sunday, March 18, at Norton, Mr. SMITH, late a tea merchant, aged 79 years.

On Wednesday, March 31, at Cabel Street, St. Catherine's Docks, London, Mrs. Rebecca FISH, daughter of Mr. Geo. REED, late of New Malton, aged 32 years.

On Friday, March 23, at Wath mill, near Hovingham, Susannah, relict of Mr. John CRAIKE, aged 80.

On Saturday, March 24, at West Heslerton, Mr. M. NEWLOVE, aged 64 farmer, aged 84 years.

On Sunday, March 25 at Norton, Mary, wife of Mr. Thomas NICHOLSON, jockey, aged 58 years.

On Monday, March 26, at Malton, Mary, Wife of Mr. Geo. HOLLIDAY, veterinarysurgeon, aged 74 years.

***Note Although the third from last entry looks wrong, I have recorded

exactly as it is printed.

Published 5 May 1855




On November 30, 1854, at St. James's Church Sidney, New South Wales, Mr. John Willis DAVISON, late of the York Union Bank, at Malton, to Hannah, eldest daughter of William M'GUIRE, Esq., of the former place, solicitor.

On Tuesday, April 10 at Sheriff-Hutton, Mr. J.ROBINSON, butcher of Helperthorpe, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of mr. R. GIBSON, innkeeper, of Lilling.

On Saturday, April 14, at Old Malton, Mr. Wm. HORSELY, whitesmith, of Norton, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard ORD, superintendent constable.

On Thursday, April 10, at the Superintendent Registrar Office, Malton, Mr. John REED, farmer, to Miss Sarah WILKS, both of Sheriff-Hutton.

On Monday, April 23, at the Catholic Chapel, mr. Patrick Feenay, to Miss Ann RANSOM, both of New Malton.

On Thursday, April 26, at Malton, Mr. POTTER, draper and grocer, of Thornton, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. John NELSON, of Malton.

On Sunday, April 29, at the Parish Church, Old Malton, Mr. Charles HALL, saddler, to Ellen, third daughter of the late Tindall CLARK, both of New Malton.

On Monday, April 30, at St. Andrew's Church, Thornhill Square, Barnsbury, Mr. Charles F. ASH, inronmerchant, Upper Thames Street, London, to Myra Jane, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Jenkin THOMAS, of Sandford Lodge, Cheltenham.

On Tuesday, May 1, at Norton, captain John BOYES, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. James LAVERACK, innkeeper, Norton.


On Wednesday, April 4, at Cliffe House, Whitwell, Mrs. Mary WILSON, aged 71 years.

On Wednesday, April 11, at Malton, Mary Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr. Thomas ALLANSON, draper, aged 50 years.

On Sunday, April 14 at North Grimston, Mary, widow of Mr. John FREER, farmer, aged 85 years.

On Tuesday, April 17, at Ganthorpe, Ann, relict of the late Rev. Robt. FREER, of Ganthorpe, aged 81 years.

On Monday, April 23, at Malton, Mr. Geo. EXLEY, stonemason, aged 50 years.

On Wednesday, April 25, at Malton, Mr. James ELLIOT, cattle dealer, aged 55 years.

Same day, at Norton, Mr. Richard PEEK, aged 50 years.

Same day, at Snainton, William BURNETT, eldest son of William BURNETT, carrier.

Same day, at Snainton, William WYVILL, son of Mr. WYVILL, shoemaker, Filey, aged 18 months.

Published 7 July 1855


On Thursday, 7th of June, at the Baptist Chapel, Malton, the Rev. John Peddler BANE to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas SNELLING, of Durham, farmer.

On Tuesday, June 19, at Kirby-Misperton, the Rev. Richard Hugh CHOLMONDELEY, of Hodner, Salop, son of the late C. CHOLMONDELEY, Esq., of Overleigh, Cheshire, to Emily, Daughter of the late Henry Ralph BEAUMONT, Esq., of

Newby Park, Yorkshire.

On Tuesday, the 26th ult., at St. John's, Newcastle, Charles Winteringham Esq., to Miss Agnes ROBERTSON, late of the White Swan Hotel, Kelso, N.B., and niece to Mr. Richard LETBY, of York.

On Tuesday, the 28th ult., at Bethesda Chapel, Selby, by the Rev. David TEALER, the Rev. Thomas E. MOLLARD, Independent minister, Rillington, near Malton to Mary, second daughter of Mr. John CAPE, Selby.

On Wednesday, July 4, at Birdsall, Mr. Henry FOSTER, farmer, Settrington, to Susan, youngest daughter of Mr. N. MACDONALD, Armadale, Isle of Sky.


On Sunday, June 10, at the house of Mr. Wm. KIRK, Market Place, Malton, Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John LEEFE, Canal House, aged39 years.

On Monday, June 11, at Malton, frances, wife of Mr. FOSTER, hatter, aged 40 years.

On Wednesday, June 13, at Norton, Mr. Francis ROBSON, aged 67.

On Wednesday, June 13, at Crambeback, suddenly, Mr. Thos. SKELTON, for twenty years faithful servant to Mr. John HARDCASTLE, of Old Malton, aged 54 years.

On Friday, June 15, at Malton, Mary, wife of Mr. Matthew BANKES, painter, aged 26 years.

On Thursday, June 21, at the Union House, Malton, Mr. John WARD, aged 72.

On Sunday, July 1, At Malton, William CARR, machine maker, aged 76 years.

On Sunday, July 1, at Malton, Mr. Henry OLDHAM, aged 42 years.

On Monday, July 2, at Old Malton, Ann, daughter of Mr. James CLARKSON, aged 6 years,

On Thursday, July 5, George MITCHELL, miller aged 46 years, late foreman with Messrs. Hurtleys', Malton.

Published 14 July 1855


On Saturday, July 7, At West Heslertton, Mr. James ELLA? of Scagglethorpe, to Miss Hannah BROWN, of the former place.


On Saturday, July 7, at Wharram-le-street, Mr. Robert PICKERING, aged 73 years.

DEATH OF ADMIRAL SIR CHAS. EKINS, G.C.B. - We have to record the death of Admiral Sir Chas. Ekins, G.C.B. The venerable admiral died on Monday week at the extreme age of 87 years, having been born in 1768. He was son of the Rev. Dr. Ekins, Bishop of Dromore, and entered the navy in early youth. The gallant deceased was midshipman of the Berwick in Admiral Sir Hyde Parker's action which followed in 1782, when he was wounded. When commander of the Trent he assisted at the capture of Surinam; and at the attack upon Algiers by Lord Exmouth in 1814? he was in command of the Superb, 78, and was again wounded. He soon after received the order of Wilhelm of the Netherlands, and in 1831 was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, and in

April 1852, was nominated a Grand Cross of that most honourable order. The late Sir Charles had enjoyed a good service pension since June, 1848, which now becomes at the disposal of the First Lord of the Admiralty. He was the

author of "Naval Battles Reviewed". His commission bore date as follows:-

Lieutenant, Oct 20, 1799; commander, June 18 1795; captain, Dec. 22, 1796; rear-admiral, August 12, 1819; vice-admiral, July 22, 1830; and admiral, Nov. 23, 1841.

Published 28 July 1855


On Monday, July 23, at Malton, Mr. Henry HARRINGTON, to Miss Mary Ann NEILS.

Same day, Mr. Mark Dunning, of Guisbro', to Miss Mary Fletcher, of New Malton.

On Wednesday, July 25, at Knapton, by the Rev. John MASON, Isaac HICK, of Scampston, to Miss Ann LOVELL, of Knapton.


On Saturday, July 21, Catherine, infant daughter of Mr. W. SNOW, Draper, Butcher-corner, Malton.

On Sunday, July 22, at Norton, Mary Alice, daughter of Mr. Oliver Jackson, aged 13 years.

On Thursday, July 25, at Habton, very suddenly, Ann, the wife of Mr. F. HILL, aged 73 years.

At Baxton-howe, after a lingering illness, Henry, the youngest son of Mr. Wm. WAITE, farmer, aged 18 years.

Published 4 August 1855


At Slingsby, on Tuesday the 31st ult., by the Rev. Charles HARDWICK, M.A., Fellow of St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge, Thomas WALKER, jun.,Esq., solicitor, Malton, to Mary Jane, second daughter of the Rev. William WALKER, M.A., Rector of Slingsby and Chaplain to the Earl of Carlisle.

On Wednesday, August 1, at Slingsby, the Rev. Henry John WALKER, B.A., third son of the Rev. Wm. WALKER, M.A. rector of Slingsby, to Sarah Jane, only daughter of Wm. PLOWS, Esq., of Fulford, near York.


At Cxleys's House, Leavening, on Sunday last, July 29th, Mr. Marmaduke SIMPSON, late of Birdsall, aged 51 years, Mr. SIMPSON was well known and highly respected among a large circle of friends, to whom his dealth will be a source of general grief.

On Tuesday, the 10th day of April last, at Melbourne, aged 32 years, William Cusons NAWTON, nephew of Mr. Geo. SMITH, solicitor, Ampleforth.

On Tuesday, the 24th July, in London, age 42 years, Robert Smith, last surviving son of the late John SMITH, ESQ., of Newburgh Park, and nephew of Mr. Geo. SMITH, solicitor, Ampleforth.

At Masboro', near Rotherham, on the 25th ult., the Rev. William CATTON, late Independent minister at Flockton, aged 61 years. Deceased was a native of the village of Acklam, and for may years well known in Malton.

Published 11 August 1855


On Saturday, July 28, the wife of Mr. ARUNDELL, tailor, Wheelgate, of a daughter.

On Monday, July 30, the wife of Mr. WRANGHAM, spirit merchant, Yorkersgate, of a son.

On Wednesday, August 1, the wife of Mr. John RUSTON, Castlegate of a daughter.

On Thursday, August 2, the wife of Mr. William WILSON, apinter, Norton, of a daughter.

On Sunday, August 5, the wife of Mr. James BIELBY, of twins, both boys.

On Monday, August 6, the wife of Henry JACKSON, Esq., of a son.

On Tuesday, August 7, Mrs. RIDLEY, Amotherby, of a son.

On Thursday, August 9, the wife of Mr. WILSON, Union Inn, Norton, of a son.

Same day, Mrs. Geo. HICKES, Hutton, of a son.


On Tuesday, July 24, at Retford, Notts. John C WISE, Esq., land agent &c., of Norton, to Miss GIBBISON, of the former place.

On Tuesday, the 7th inst., at the church of St. Cuthbert, York, Mr. Richard PEARSON, of Goodramgate, wine and spirit merchant, to Miss LABRON, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Wm. LABRON, jun., tobacco manufacturer; both of York.

On Tuesday, August 7, Mr. W. King, cornfactor, Malton, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Pickard, saddler, Micklegate, York.

On Wednesday last, at Birstal, near Bradford, Mr. Joseph BARNS, clerk and cashier to Messrs. Smith and Knight, contractors, to Miss DUCK, daughter of the late Mr. DUCK, surgeon of Helmsley.


On Saturday, July 28, at the Union House, Malton, Mr. George BOTTERILL, aged 77 years.

Same day, at New Malton, Mr. Joseph Hope SPENCER, tailor, much respected, aged 79 years.

On Sunday, August 5, at Topcliffe, Mr. Longbottom BARRACLOUGH, aged 44 years.

On Monday, August 6, at Ryton, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Guy RAINES, farmer, aged 19 years.

Same day, at Stittenham, near Castle Howard, Malton, after a short illness, in his 16th year, William BROWN, only son of Mr. Johnathon BROWN, farmer, and grazier, deeply lamented.

Published 18 August 1855


At West Heslerton, on the 12th inst., the wife of Mr. Wm. HODGSON, post-master, of a daughter.


At St. Mary's Old Malton, on Saturday, the 11th inst., by the Tev. G.A. FIRTH, Mr. Henry KITCHING, to Mrs. Charlotte WELBAK, both of Old Malton.


On Wednesday, the 15th inst., in the 59th year of his age, the Rev. William WALKER, M.A., Rector of Slingsby and Chaplain to the Earl of Carlisle.

At New Malton, on the 5th inst., Mr. John Hope SPENCER, tailor, much respected, aged 79 years.

At Wharram-le-Street, on the 12th inst., James Baker, son of George HARRISON, Esq., in the 10th year of his age.

At Ryton, near Malton, on the 12th instant, Mr. Thomas STONEHOUSE, farmer, aged 78.

At New Malton, on the 12th inst. Ann Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas HOLTBY, grocer.

Same day, at the Union Workhouse, Mrs. Jane JONES, aged 59 years.

At Crambe, on the 8th inst., after a long and painful illness, Thomas, only son of James ARMITAGE, aged 30 years. His end was peace.


Published 25 August 1855


On the 14th inst., Mrs. Johnathon NORMANTON of a daughter.

On the 18th inst., Mrs. WARDELL, Newbiggin, of a son.

On the 19th, Mrs. John STEEL, Sweep-lane, of a son.


At the parish church of Louth, Lincolnshire, by the Rev., Mr. MANTLE, on Saturday last, the 18th inst., Mr. Joseph COULSON, son of the late Mr. COULSON, of Thornthorp House, to Miss YOULE, daughter of L.H. YOULE, Esq., of Louth


At Gembling, on the 19th inst., Richard, son of George HARRISON, Esq., of Wharram-le-Street, in the 20th year of his age.

At Crambe, near Malton, on the 8th inst., Thomas, only son of Mr. James ARMITAGE, aged 30.

On Sunday, August 12th, at Settrington, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Wm. DALE, aged 55 years.

On Monday last, at Westow Grange, near Malton, at the residence of her father, Anne, the wife of Mr. John GIBBINS, of Settle, aged 35.

The premier Viscount of the English peerage, Viscount HEREFORD, died on Saturday last, aged 56. He was rector of Little Hereford. He is succeeded by his son Robert, aged 12.

On Saturday last, in his 56th year, his Grace the Duke of MANCHESTER. He is succeeded in the dukedom by his eldest son, Viscount MANDEVILLE, M.P. for Huntingdonshire. the late Duke was a supporter of Lord Derby.

On Wednesday, August 22nd, at Thirsk, Ann, wife of Mr. John FISHER, draper.

Published 1 September 1855


August 24, at Copmanthorpe, Mr. John WALTON, of that place, to Ann, eldest daughter of John FOSTER. Esq., of Langton, near Malton.


Aug. 22nd, at Slingsby, Rachael, daughter of Mr. Charles HARDWICK, aged 28 years.

Aug. 24th, at Swinton, Mr. Johnathon WRIGHT, aged 77 years.

Aug. 25th, James SKELTON, of Old Malton, aged 9.

28th, same place, Mr. Robert SKELTON, shoemaker, aged 72 years.

Thirsk, died on Thursday, 30th inst., Mr. John ELLIOT, of the Four Horse Shoes.

Same day, after three days' illness, Francis, son of Mr. Francis GREENLEY, aged 7 years.

On Wednesday 29th inst., at Sunderland, the Rev. J. BANE, of Norton, Baptist Minister, aged 65 years. Deceased left Malton on Saturday last, with the excursion train, but unable to return home on Monday. He has been pastor at

the Baptist congregation at Malton about 3 years. He was much respected, and his sudden death is regretted.

Published 8 September 1855


August 30, at Settrington, Mrs. Arnett, of a son.

Same day, at Malton, Mrs. MAC'MANUS, of a daughter.

August 31, at Newsham, Mrs. BROWN, of a son.

September 1, at Coneysthorpe, Mrs. D. MORLEY, of a son.

September 2, at Norton, the wife of Mr. W. HORSLEY, draper, of a son.

September 3, at Norton, the wife of Mr. S. WALLGATE of a son.

September 4, at Malton, the wife of Mr. F. JENISON, tailor, of a daughter.


Sept. 1, at Norton, by the Rev. E. DAY, Mr. W. MONKMAN, of Norton, joiner to Miss Mary Ann BROWN of Hutton Buscel.


Sept. 2 at Malton, Richard HIND, aged 41.

Sept. 3, at Old Malton, Ann KITCHEN, servant at the Abbey, aged 21 years.

Sept. 4, at Malton, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. ANDERSON, gunsmith, aged 19.

Sept. 6, at Old Malton, after two days' illness, Maria, daughter, and John, the son of Mr. Reuben YATES, of Old Malton, aged 3 and 2 years.

Published 15 September 1855


Sept. 5, at Brigham, by the father of the bride, the Rev. B.S. KENNEDY, curate of Slaidburn, in this county, to Jane STANLEY, only daughter of the Rev. John WORDSWORTH, vicar of Brigham, and grand daughter of the late Wm. WORDSWORTH, poet-laureate.

Sept. 9, at Old Malton, Mr. Robt. BOTTERILL, farmer, to Miss Mary BLADES, Cattle Market, Malton.

Sept. 11, at Malton, Mr. John WOODMANSEY, grocer, to Miss Mary jane NELSON.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, at South Kilvington, by Rev. COATLEY, Mr. James RUDDOCK, antiquarian, of Pickering, to Miss Ellen WILSON, of Kilvington.


Killed in the trenches before Sebastopol, on the 22nd August, George, son of Mr. Joseph BOULTON, of Norton, and nephew of Mr. John Boulton, auctioneer, of this town, aged 21.

August 30, drowned whilst bathing in the sea, and attempting to save the life of a schoolfellow, at Heversham, Westmoreland, aged 18, George, eldest

son of the Rev. J. COWELL, incumbent, of Lydgate, Saddleworth.

Sept. 6, at Whitby, aged 56, Ann, wife of Mr. John Wear, ironmonger.

Same day, at Richmond, Ralph ABDELL aged 74. The Abdells have officiated as parish clerks at Richmond for the last 150 years.

Sept. 9, at Habton, Rachel, daughter of Mr. W. CARR, aged 17 years. Her brother, W. CARR, died at Gosport, last week.

Same day, at Gilling, Elizabeth AREY, at the advanced age of 86. Deceased was one of that singular body of professing christians known by the name of "Joanna Baptists;" the society of this profession, existing in this place a

few years ago, now nearly extinct.

Sept. 10, at Malton, Edward Dalton, aged 26.

Sept. 11, at the Union House, Malton, Mr. Wm. HORNER, aged 85 years.

Published 22 September 1855


On Friday, Sept. 21st, at Swinton, Grange, near Malton, the wife of Mr. Wm. FEWSTER of a son and heir.


Sept. 15, at Gilling, Helen, daughter of Mr. Hezekiah COATES, aged 18 months.

Same day, at Amotherby, Sarah Anne, daughter of Mr. G. SHEPHERD, tailor, aged 2 years.

Sept. 17, at Amotherby, Ann, wife of Mr. John SHEPHERD, tailor, aged 63 years.

Sept. 18, at Thirsk, after a short illness, John Sootheran, aged 2 years and 7 months, only son of Mr. T. YEATES, grocer.

DEATH OF DR. GILLY, OF NORHAM - Dr GILLY one of the canons of Durham last week in the 67th year of his age. The death of this liberal and enlightened divine is deeply lamented by all classes, more especially by the peasantry of North Northumberland. Dr. Gilly was the first person who sought to ameliorate the condition of the agricultural labourers in North Northumberland by calling the attention of landholders and the general public to the then miserable state of the cottage dwellings generally found upon the estates in this district; and his benevolent suggestions have since been carried out with much spirit by the Duke of Northumberland and other large landowners. Dr. Gilly was also favourably known as the biographer of Felix Neff, the apostolic paster of the French Vaudois, and as a writer of

several works on the Waldenses, a people to whom he was zealously attached, and to whose claims on the sympathy of the English Protestants he was the first to draw attention. He was the means of raising a large subscription on their behalf, by which a college and library at La Tour, in Piedmont, was founded and maintained. Up to the time of his last sickness Dr. Gilly was engaged raishing money for the extension of education among this interesting community. The canonry of Durham, which is of the annual value of about 1,800 l., will not, we beleive, be filled up. The living at Norham, which is of the value of 529 l. a year, is in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Durham.

Published 6 October 1854


At Calcutta, East Indies, on the 6th August last, Joseph WALMSLEY, Esq., engineer, to Eliza Hannah, third daughter of the late Mr. Wm. ROBINSON, of Thormanby, near Thirsk.

At Kilburn, on the 29th September, by the Rev. M. WELBURN, Mr. William COB,to Miss Elizabeth BROWN, both of Kilburn.

Same day, at Barton-le-Street, by the Rev. Jas.GABB, Mr. Thos. COATES, to Miss Emma BRADLEY, both of Coneysthorpe.


At Kilburn, on the 19th of September, Mr. Geo. BURTON, widower, aged 75, much respected.

At Ampleforth, Oct. 3rd, Mrs. F. MASON, aged 60 years. Her loss will be severely felt by the Wesleyan body, and the poor of the place.

Published 13 October 1855


On Saturday, Oct 6, the wife of Mr. STABLER, Wheelgate, Grocer, of a son.


On the 16th Dec., 1854, on his passage to Australia, James, eldest son of W.C. COPPERTHWAITE, Esq., the Lodge, Malton.

On the 26th May, at Melbourne, Major-General Sir R. NICKLE, commander of the forces in New South Wales.

In this town, on Friday last, the 6th inst., aged 38, Mary, wife of Mr. Matthew SPENCER, of the Old Talbut Inn.

On the 4th inst. at the Malton Union Workhouse, aged 9, Thomas, son of the late Thomas KIRBY.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, at New Malton, John, son of John MASON, aged 7 years.

On Monday, Oct. 8, Ann, widow of Richard BARKER, stonemason, aged 73 years.

Same day, at Thirst, William MASTERMAN, son of Mr. Ingham, carrier.

On Sunday, the 30yh ult., at Inverinate, Lochalsh, N.B., from falling over the cliff into the sea, Lavinia Mary, wife of Alexander MATHESON, Esq., M.P. and sister to the late Lord Beaumont, of Carlton Hall, near Selby.

Recently, at Scarborough, aged 64, Celia WILCOCKS, an esteemed and useful minister amongst the Society of Friends.

On the 8th ult., in the Redan, aged 24, Corporal William HARGRAVE, of the Royal Fusiliers, eldest son of the late Mr. Henry HARGRAVE, saddle-tree maker and timber merchant, Bondgate, Ripon.

On Tuesday, the 2nd inst., at Kingstown, aged 100, Henry RICHARDSON, Esq., the oldest solicitor on record. He was also a notary public proctor and stockbroker, and retained he faculties to the last, having visited his office within five days of his death.

Published 3 November 1855


On Thursday week, Oct. 25, at the Old church, Scarboro', Mr. Wm. Tasker HART, auctioneer, second son of Mr. HART, of Hart's Terrace, York, to Miss Jane PIERSON, of Scarboro'.

On Sunday last, at St. Mary's church, Old Malton, Mr. Charles DRAKE, to Anne, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Tindall CLARKE, all of New Malton.

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, at St. Mary's church, Old Malton, by the Rev. G.A. FIRTH, Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, of Doncaster, to Miss Elizabeth THOMPSON, of Old Malton.

Same day, at the Catholic chapel, Malton, by the Rev. T. MIDDLEHURST, Mr.John Martin COATES, to Miss OLDFIELD, both of Coneysthorpe.


On the 31st of August last, at the Cape of Good Hope, Captain Jeremiah Kemp LEEFE, late of Canal House, Norton, aged 37 years.

On Saturday, Oct. 20, at Raisthorpe, the infant son of Henry JEWISON, Esq., aged 3 months.

Same day, at Old Malton, Mary, daughter of Mr. Edward RUSTON, aged 1 year.

On Friday, Oct. 26, at New Malton, Sarah, wife of Mr. James HODGSON, aged 46 years.

On Sunday, Oct. 28, at Swinton, John, son of Mr. Wm. RACE, aged 4 years.

Same day, at Mirfield, Mr. Benjamin WALKER, maltster, much respected.

On Monday, Oct. 29, at Swinton, Emiline, daughter of Mr. Wm. RACE, aged 1 year.

Same day, at Appleton-le-street, James, son of Mr. Wm. FARNDALE, aged 4 years.

On Wednesday last, Oct. 31, Mrs. Hannah WILLIAMSON, relict of the late Moses WILLIAMSON, Esq., of this town, aged 61 years.

Published 10 November 1855


At Norton, on the 2nd inst., the wife of Mr. J.J. BRAY, of a son.

At Swinton, on the 1st inst., Mrs. Wm. MORLEY, of a son; at the same place,

on the 5th, Mrs. Geo. CLARK, of a son.


On Wednesday, the 31st ult., at the parish church, Settrington, Mr. Waters ROBINSON, gardener, Leavening, to Frances, third daughter of Mr. Thos. WARDELL, butcher, of the former place.

On Thursday, the 1st inst., in London, by the Rev., W.H. GURNEY, Col. Sir Thomas TROUBRIDGE, Bart., C.B., one of her Majesty's aides-de-camp, to Louisa Jane, daughter of Daniel GURNEY, Esq., of North Runcton, Norfolk, and the late Lady Harriet GURNEY.

On Wednesday, the 31st utl., at Acklam, by the Rev., T.H.BARTON, Mr. Isaac MOORING, of Boston Spa, Bramham, to Ann, daughter of the late Mr. Paul COLBY, farmer, Leavening.


On Friday, the 26th ult., at sea, aged 40, Isaac GIBSON?, of Hull, chief engineer of the steamer, Isle of Thanet, wrecked off Yarmouth during the late gale.

On the 7th ult., at Montreal, Canada, aged 68, Kenneth CAMERON, Esq., assistant commissary-general; after a public service in various parts of the world of nearly half a century.

On the 15th Sept., at Detroit, Michigan, U.S., aged 55, Mr. Croyser, WATERS, shoemaker, formerly of Bridlington Quay, and son of the late John WATERS Esq., comptroller of the customs at the latter place.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, Mary DAVISON, eldest daughter of Mr. David DAVISON, farmer, Nawton, aged 14 years.

On the 7th inst., at Uncleby, Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, aged 80 years.

On Thursday last, the 8th inst., Joseph Nellis JAMES, son of A. JAMES, dyer, of Malton, aged 14 years.

Published 17 November 1855


On the 10th inst., the wife of Mr. David WATSON, blacksmith, Norton of a son.

On the 11th inst., at New Malton, the wife of Mr. Wm. COUR, of a son.


At St. Paul's Catherdral, Calcutta, on the 20th Sept., Wm. CLARK, Esq., C.E. formerly of Malton and Hull, to Frances Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Richard DRAKE, Esq., Brompton, Middlesex.

On the 12th int., at St. Leonard's Church, Malton, by the Rev. W. CARTER,

Mr. John HALLENBY, clerk, goods department, to Miss Jane ABBEY, both of New Malton.

Same day, at the Catholic Chapel, Malton, Mr. Wm. DIXON, to Frances, daughter of Mr. Thos. SIMPSON, tailor, both of Malton.

On Wednesday, the 14th inst., at St. Mary's, Bishophill, Mr. T.B. HUDSON, of Clementhorpe, York, to Kate, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Richard WORTINDIA?, of Huttons Ambo, Malton.

Same day, at Birdsall, Mr. R. TERRY, confectioner, York, to Miss Harriet ATKINSON, of Stamford Bridge, near York.


On Monday, the 5th inst., at Malton, Mr. John WILLIAMS, traveller, aged 28 years.

On Tuesday, the 6th inst., at Northallerton, aged 60, Grace, wife of Mr. Thomas SAYER.

On Wednesday, the 7th inst., at Kirbymoorside, aged 27, Mr. Francis RICKABY.

On Sunday, the 11th inst., at Ryton, Mr. Jonathon JACKSON, aged 79 years.

Same day, at Swinton, Hannah, daughter of Mr. Thomas TROWSDALE, aged 4 years.

On Monday, the 12th inst., at Amotherby, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John CRAVEN, cordwainer, aged 68 years.

On Wednesday, the 14th inst., Mr. Wm. BOWES, of Bolton, near Pocklington, aged 80 years, much respected.

Published 24 November 1855


On Tuesday, Nov. 6th, at Norton, the wife of Mr. Wm. BROWN, of a son.

On Sunday, Nov. 11th, at Malton, the wife of Mr. WALKER, tailor, of a daughter.

On Monday, Nov. 12th, at Malton, Mrs. Mary POSTILL, of a daughter.

On Wednesday, Nov. 21st, at Scarboro' the wife of Mr. John BRADLEY, currier and leather cutter, of a daughter.

On Thursday, Nov. 22nd, at Malton, the wife of Mr. Wm. EASTERBY of a daughter.


On Saturday, the 17th inst., Sarah, wife of Mr. Thomas COOPER, of Wetwang, aged 49.

Same day, Jane, daughter of Mr. William THORNTON of New Malton, aged 2 years.

On Monday, the 19th inst., Marmaduke, son of Mr. Thomas HARPER of Amotherby, aged 2 years.

On Wednesday the 21st inst., Major-General Frederick MARKHAM, C.B. Deceased commanded the second Division of the British army at the last attack on the Redan. He arrived in this country from the Crimea on the 24th of the last month.

Published 1 December 1855


On Friday, Nov. 23, at New Malton, the wife of Mr. Wm. HODGSON, of a son.

On Monday, Nov. 26th, at Norton, the wife of Mr, David TIDD of a son.

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, at Heslerton Rectory, Madame de JASMUND, of a daughter.


On the 24th, at Norton, by the Rev. E. DAY, Mr. William LACY, to Miss Mary MAGSON, both of Norton.

On the 7th, at Kamiesch, Crimea, by the Rev. J.W. CLARKE, chaplain H.M.S. Hannibal, Mons. Jean B. GARBIGLIS, merchant, of Pignerol, in Piedmont, to Mdlle. Felicie DORMIER, of St. Croix, canton de Vaud Switzerland. The

service (in French) was performed according to the ritual of the Church of England.


At Scarboro', on the 20th Nov., highly respected, Mr. Michael OWSTON, watchmaker, aged 62.

On the 21st, at Norton, Mary, wife of Mr. Robert GIBSON, iron founder, late of Malton, aged 64.

At Appleton-le-street, on the 23rd Nov., Henry, son of Mr. William KIRBY, farmer aged 9 years.

On the same day, at Amotherby, Hannah, daughter of Mr. Thomas HARPER, aged 4 years.

At Norton, on the 27th Nov., Mr. Thomas CHARTER, cordwainer, aged 42 years.

On Tuesday, Nov. 27th, at Thirkleby Barugh, near Thirsk, Mr. Leonard MANFIELD, aged 43 years.

On 5th Nov., at Constantinople, aged 15 years and 11 months, John third son of Mr. Matthew TINLEY, of Whitby, shipowner. Deceased was an apprentice on board the brig "Silistria" of Whitby, and was one of the three who died of


On the 29th Oct., at Beyrout, the Lady Emmeline Stuart WORTLEY, relict of the late Hon. Charles Stuart WORTLEY (second son of the first Baron Wharncliff), and daughter of the present Duke of Rutland.

Published 8 December 1855


On Friday, Nov. 30, at Old Malton, Mrs CLARKSON, of a daughter.

On Sunday, Dec. 2, at Broughton, Mrs. HEWICK, of a son.

On Monday, Dec. 3, at Old Malton, the wife of Mr. Frank SLATER, jun., of a son.

On Tuesday, Dec 4, at Norton, Mrs. HICK, of a son.

On Wednesday, the 4th inst., at Norton Grange, the wife of Ilirat WALKER, Esq., of a son.


On Wednesday, the 28th ult., at St. James's, Picadilly, London, the Marquis of Westminster, to the Hon. Miss MONTAGUE, daughter of Lord ROKEBY.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, at York, Mr. Wm. BOGGITT, of Hutton, near Malton, to Miss Ann Newby, of Normanby.

On Saturday, the 1st inst., at Sinnington, by the Rev. W. PARKER, Mr. Edward E. RICHARDSON, tailor and draper, Normanby, to Miss SCOTT, Marton.

On Saturday Dec. 1, at St. Mary's, Old Malton, by the Rev. J. WALKER, Mr. A. GRAHAM, boot and shoemaker, to Miss Margaret LAYTON, both of Old Malton.

On Saturday last, at the Bar Church, Scarboro', Mr. John JOHNSON of West Ayton, to Miss Rachel Elliott, of the Esplanade, Scarboro'.

On Saturday last, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Scarboro', Mr. George HOPPER, farmer, Long Marston, near York, to miss Jane BRADELEY, of Rillington.

On Sunday last, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Scarboro', Mr. Wm. NOBLE, fisherman, to Mrs. Mary Ann NIGHTINGALE, both of that place.

On Monday the 3d inst., at the Parish Church, Settringham, by the Rev. R. SHAWCROSS, curate, Mr. William WRIGHT, farmer, Thornton, to Sarah, fifth daughter of the late Mr. William THOMPSON, farmer, Crosscliffe.


At Northallerton, on Wednesday, the 28th ult., much respected, Mr. John CLOSE, joiner, aged 77, also at the same place, on the 3rd inst., Mr. John ELWOOD, shoemaker, aged 57 years.

On the 28th ult., aged 77, at Appleton-le-street, near Malton, Mr. Thos. CLARKSON.

On the 28th ult., aged 79, Ann, widow of Mr. John LAWN, Merchant's-row, Scarboro'.

On Thursday week, at Scarboro', aged 42, Miss Betsy NEW,


On Thursday week, at Scarboro', aged 30, Mary, widow of Mr. J. BENTLEY, plasterer.

On Thursday week, at Scarboro', in her 3rd year, Ann Isabella, daughter of Mr. Wm. SMITH, linen draper.

On Friday last at Western House, Brighton, in her 80th year, Lady Hotham, of Great Finbourough Hall, Suffolk, and Hereford House, Brompton.

At Osmotherby, on Sunday, the 2nd inst., Sarah Ann, aged 24, daughter of the late Thomas YEOMAN, linen manufacturer, Osmotherby.

On Monday, the 3rd inst., at Pickering, aged 74, Mr. Thomas STORRY, of that place; deeply lamented by his family and large circle of friends.

On Thursday, the 29th ult., Mr. John WILLIAMS, of Bronwylfa, formerly M.P. for Macclesfield.

On Tuesday, the 27th ult., at his residence, Cathedral Close, Lincoln, aged 80, Thomas BUNYAN, Esq., formerely coroner for the city and county of Lincoln; - a lineal descendant of Thomas Bunyan, eldest son of the immortal

author of the PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. The deceased gentleman was the last male descendant of John Bunyan.

On Thursday, the 22nd ult., Mrs. Willoughby MOORE, lady superintendent of the officers' hospital, Scutari, and widow of Col. Willoughby MOORE, who perished in the Europe, rather than forsake the burning ship so long as any of his men were on board.

Published 15 December 1855


On the 24th ult., at Norton, the wife of Mr. Geo. SUNLEY, painter, of two daughters.

On the 6th inst., at Norton, the wife of Mr. James DIXON, tailor, of a daughter.

On the 8th inst., at Appleton, Mrs. John MONKMAN, of a son,

On the 10th inst., at Broughton, Mrs. Thomas HEWITT, of a son.

On Wednesday, the 12th in st., at Duggleby, Mrs. HESELTINE, of a son.


On the 6th inst., at the parish church, Crambe, near Malton, the Rev. John ANDREW, M.A., of Whitby, to Emma, youngest daughter of the Rev. Henry PENDALL (or FENDALL), vicar of Crambe.

At Bridlington Quay, on Saturday the 6th inst., at the parish church by the Rev., J. THOMPSON, Mr. Geo. SIMPSON, to Lucy Ann, daughter of the late Mr. Richard LONG, both of Hunmanby.

At Amotherby, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. P.C. CLEAVER, Mr. Henry MORTITT, of Salton, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas COATES, of Swinton.


At Slingsby, on Friday, Nov. 28th, in the 73rd year of her age, Sarah, wife of Mr. Thomas BURTON, shoemaker, highly respected by all her neighbours.

At Swinton, on the 3rd inst., Joseph, son of Mr. Richard WAITE, shoemaker, aged 2 months.

At the Union House Malton, Mr. John GOLDSBOROUGH, cordwainer, aged 72 years.

At Sowerby, near Thirsk, On Saturday the 8th inst., Mr. William WEST, jun., aged 49 years.

On Tuesday, the 11th inst., at Duggleby, Ellen, widow of Mr. John RICHMAN, aged 78.

Same day, aged 22, Henry, youngest son of Mr. Henry Clark, roper, Sowerby near Thirsk.

Same day, aged 54, Martha wife of Mr. Thomas HARROP, of the Old General Inn, Duckinfield.

At the parsonage, Malton, on Thursday the 13th instant, Charles Francis, youngest son of T.W. RIVIS, Esq., of Newstead House, near Malton, aged 8 years.

Published 22 December 1855


On Monday, Dec. 3, Mrs. George WILSON, Old Malton, of a son and daughter.

Same day, Mrs. Francis SLATER, Old Malton, of a son.

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, Mrs. John JEFFERSON, Old Malton, of a daughter.

On Sunday, Dec. 16, Mrs. William ARNOTT of a daughter.

On Thursday, Dec. 13., Mrs. STOCKDALE, Swinton, of a son.

On Friday, Dec. 14, Mrs. AVISON, Amotherby, of a son.

On Tuesday, Dec. 18 Mrs. Seth TINSLEY, Norton, of a daughter.

On Thursday, dec. 20, Mrs. WATSON, New Row, Old Malton, of a son.


On Thursday, the 13th inst., at the parish church, Acklam, by the Rev. T.H. BARTON, Mr. Robert HUDSON, farmer, &c., Leavening, to Miss Hannah COLBY, second daughter of the late Mr. Paul COLBY, of Leavening.

On Sunday, the 16th inst., at St. Hilda's Roman Catholic chapel, Whitby, by the Rev. George KEASLEY, Mr. Thomas Harland REDMAN, painter, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Newby DUCK, bootmaker, all of that place.

Same day, at Norton, near Malton, by the Rev. E. DAY, Mr. Isaac MIDDLETON, to Miss Martha MITCHELL, both of Norton.

On Tuesday last, the 18th inst., at St. Leonard's church, New Malton, by the Rev. W. CARTER, rector of Slingsby, Mr. John HECKLEY, Mount Pleasant, near Welburn, to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas SMITH, refreshment rooms,



On the 10th inst., at her residence, Thomas-street, Ardwick Green,Manchester, after five days' illness of bronchitis, Hannah, the beloved wife of Mr. Joseph MORLEY, maltster, late of Norton, near Malton, and formerley of Garforth, near Selby.

On Tuesday, the 11th inst., in Monkgate, York, aged 67, Mary, relict of the Rev. Daniel LEASER? Wesleyan minister.

On Wednesday, the 12th inst., at Scarborough, much respected, Mr. Charles WELCH, Wesleyan local preacher.

On Friday, the 14th inst., at his house, Eaton-square London, in his 73rd year, Colonel C,D. Waldo SIBTHORP, for nearly 30 years M.P. for the city of Lincoln.

Same day, aged 7 years, Elizabeth, and on Saturday, the 15th inst. aged 4 years. Mary, only children of Mr. James THOMPSON, farmer, Old Malton.

On Saturday, the 15th inst, at New-Malton, aged 48, Mr. William ROBINSON tailor.

On Sunday, the 16th inst., at New Malton, aged 5 years, Edwin, son of William HARRISON, joiner.

On Tuesday, the 18th inst., at his house, in London, in his 93rd year, Samuel ROGERS, Esq.

At Rocheford, aged 110, George NELSON, a native of the colony of St. Domingo, and one of the pensioners of the civil hospice of Rocheford. Up to the age of 80 had served in the French navy, and until the age of 102 he maintained himself by his own exertions; but then the loss of sight drove him into hospital. Excepting sight, he retained all his faculties to the last.

On Sunday, the 18th instant, at Norton, Jane PATRICK, aged 32.

Published 29 December 1855

n.b. Quality of this edition is very poor, treat with caution any entry with a question mark.


On Tuesday, the 18th inst., the wife of Mr. Wm. SIMPSON, miller, of a daughter.

On Monday, Dec 23, Mrs FLETCHER, of Ryton of a daughter.

Same day, Mrs COATES, Coneysthorpe, of a daughter.

Same day, Mrs FLETCHER, Primitiveplace, Norton, of a son.

Same day, at Malton, Mrs. LIGHTOWLER, Burnby's yard, of a son.


On Friday, the 11th inst., at Falkirk?, by the Rev. J. B. GRAHAM, vicar, the Rev. Godfrey Pigott CORDEAUX, M.A. of Worcester College, Oxford, and incumbent of St. Leonard's New Malton, to Sarah, only daughter of Robert HAYLAND, Esq., of Brierley, Barnsley.

On Sunday, the 16th inst., at St. Hilda's Roman Catholic chapel, Whitby, by the Rev. Geo. KERSLEY?, Mr. Thomas Harland REDMAN, painter, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Newby DUCK, bootmaker, all of that place.

On Tuesday, the 18th inst., at St. Mary's Scarboro', by the Rev. J. G?????, Mr. John BOWSE, to Miss SIMPSON, both of Kirby Moorside.

Same day, at Northallerton, Mr. Wm. THOMPSON, to Miss Ann DOWNES?, of South Otterington.

On Wednesday, the 19th inst., at St. Michael-le-Belfrey's, York, Mr. Edward MEEK?, butcher, Dalton?, near Thirsk, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr.HECKLER, York.

On Sunday, the 23rd inst., at Norton, by the Rev. E. DAY, Mr. John METCALFE,to Miss Mary HUDSON, both of Norton.

On Monday, the 24th inst., at the church of St. Crux, Pavement, York, by the Rev. Joseph CROSBY, Mr. LANE, of London, to Mary Ann VARLEY, niece to Mr. Thos. F. FEATHERSTONE, York.

Same day, at St. Cuthbert's church York, by the Rev. H. NEWTON, Mr. John WARD, baker, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Geo. FORTH, tobacconist, York,

Same day, at St. John's chapel, Sleights, near Whitby, by the Rev. Thos. WALKER, Mr. William CHAPMAN, joiner, to Elizabeth, eldes daughter of Mr. Jas. BRAIM, fellmonger, Sleights Bridge.

Same day, at the parish church of Helmsley, Mr. Charles HARDCASTLE, son of Mr. John HARDCASTLE, general dealer, York, to Hannah, second daughter of Mr. Nathaniel BETTS, draper, &c., Helmsley.

Same day, at St. Mary's, Old Malton, Mr. George WILSON, miller, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Mt. Tindall CLARKE, of this town.

Same day, at Amotherby, by the Rev. C.P. CLEAVER?, Mr. Robt. JACKSON, of Hutton-le-Hole, to Miss Sarah Ann, eldest daughter og the late Jeremiah Coultas, farmer, Swinton.

Same day, Mr. Enoa? ECCLES, of Amotherby, to Miss Jane, AINSLEY, of Marton.

On Tuesday last, at St. Sampson's church, York, by the Rev. T. BAYLY, rector, Mr. Edmond W. BRIGGS, lace manufacturer, Nottingham, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Mr. Henry J. RAYSON, York.

Same day, at Leeds parish church, by the Rev. A. BOLLAND, Mr. Benjamin Cooper CLAPHAM, of Leeds, to Ann Margaret, daughter of John CARTWRIGHT of Ripon.

Same day at Amotherby, Mr. John James ROBSON, of Malton, to Miss Sarah Ann Shepherd, of Amotherby.

Same day, at Kilvington, Mr. John WARE, factor, to Miss Elizabeth JORDON?, both of that place.

Same day, at Thirsk, Mr. David WILSON, grocer, to Mrs. FARNHILL, both of Thirsk.


On Tuesday, the 18th inst., at Easingwold, aged 74?, Mr. William LAMB, formerly of Kelmer Grange.

On Wednesday, the 19th inst., aged 47, Mr. Thomas W. WILEY, formerly a chemist at Easingwold.

Same day, at Driffield, aged 74, Mr. Thos. TURNER, of that place.

Interred in Zion chapel burial ground, Northallerton, robert, son of Mr. Thomas GUTHRIE, carrier, Northallerton, aged 18.

On Thursday, the 20th inst., at Thrintoft, near Northallerton, Mary, wife of Mr. James STEPHENSON, and only daughter of Mr. CHIPCHASE, of that place

On the 24th inst., at Norton Mr. Thomas ROBSON, aged 31 years.

Same day, at Amotherby, Hannah Freer, youngest daughter of Mr. John BRADSHAW, farmer aged 6 years.

Same day, at Norton, the infant daughter of Mr. James DIXON, tailor.

On Wednesday, the 26th inst., at Slingsby in the 64th year of her age, Hannah, relict of the late Thomas SMITH, joiner, &c.

Same day, at Thirkleby, Mr. William COOPER, inn-keeper, aged 63 years, very much respected.

On Thursday, the 27th inst., at Norton, aged 24, Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. STEPHENSON, shoemaker.

Same day, at Malton, Charles, son of Mr. William WRANGHAM, aged 3 months.

On Friday, the 28th inst., at Burythorpe House, Elizabeth infant daughter of William PRESTON Esq.