Ships in Port 1881 - Hampshire Part 5


Vessel:	"Edward & Mary"
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
Robert HODDER     	M	35 	M	Lyme Regis, Dorset, England	Master
William CLARKE	        M	59 	M	Lyme Regis, Dorset, England	Mate

Vessel:	"Alouette"
Wm. Geo. ROSE	 	        37 	M	Whitby, York, England     	Master
George STUBBERFIED	M	40 	M	London, Middlesex, England	Mate

Vessel:	"Scorpion"
Walter Francis BAYNES	M	57 	M	Macao British Subject, China	Owner No Profession
Walter Milton BAYNES	U	26 	M	London, Middlesex, England	No Profession
Henry THATCHER	        M	61 	M	Hastings, Sussex, England	Seaman
William BARDENS 	M	29 	M	Bristol                   	Seaman

Vessel:	"Dream"
Charles Robert CHAPMAN	W	61 	M	St Marys Extra, Hampshire, Eng	Master Mariner

Vessel:	"Mable"
Samuel COOK      	U	26 	M	Brightlingsea (Sus)        	Mate
Bowdell GEORGE   	M	23 	M	Brightlingsea (Sus)        	A B
Lewis BRYANT	        U	22 	M	Brightlingsea (Sus)        	A B
Henry BAKER	        U	25 	M	Brightlingsea (Sus)        	A B
Walter DOVE	        M	23 	M	Brightlingsea (Sus)        	A B

Vessel:	"Bloodhound"
William BLUNEN    	M	47 	M	Bursledon, Hampshire, England	Mariner

Vessel:	"Vivid"
Robert ADAMS      	U	26 	M	Belfast                  	Able Seaman

Vessel:	"Scotsman"
Arthur BRAGGER     	O	17 	M	Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Boy

Vessel:	"Samoena"
William COLLINGTON	M	39 	M	Poole, Dorset, England     	Mate
George HARLAND	        M	44 	M	Poole, Dorset, England     	Seaman

Vessel:	"3 Brothers"
Charles DAISH      	M	36 	M	Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Master
George DAISH	        U	27 	M	Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Mate

Vessel:	"William & Mary"
Henry TOOGOOD     	M	44 	M	St Helens, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Master
Edward TOOGOOD	        U	21 	M	St Helens, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Mate

Vessel:	"Black Prince"
Dixon RICHARDSON	M	32 	M	Ramsdale, York, England 	Master
Edward S. HARRISON	M	51 	M	Robin Hood Bay, York, England	Mate
John Me. E. MOHR	U	25 	M	Hamburg (F), Germany       	Cook
Edward HUGHES	        U	25 	M	Llanelly, Carmarthen, Wales	A B Seaman
Alexanera URGHART	U	19 	M	Lundes, Scotland        	Ordinary
John HUNTER	        U	17 	M	North Shields, Northumberland	Ordinary
William HUNTER	        U	18 	M	North Shields, Northumberland	Apprentice
John George VUNT	U	17 	M	North Shields, Northumberland	Apprentice
John BRIG	        U	18 	M	Aberdeen, Scotland        	Apprentice

Vessel:	"Rosedale"
George MEIKLE   	M	52 	M	Leven, Fife, Scotland     	Master
Mary MEIKLE	        M	42 	F	Leven, Fife, Scotland      	Masters Wife
John MEIKLE	           	4 	M	At Sea                  	Masters Son
John ANDERSON     	U	26 	M	Wylenrgh (Rus) (BS) (F), Finland Mariner

Vessel:	"Sibyl"
Willm. LON	        M	50 	M	Stananger? NBS, Norway    	Master
Edward LON	         	12 	M	Hants, Hampshire, England	Masters Son
Emily LON	        M	40 	F	Oxford  , Oxford, England	Masters Wife
Ada HOBBS	        O	11 w	F	Bournemouth, Hampshire, England	Nurse Child

Vessel:	"Dracaina"
Samuel FOGWELL     	M	43 	M	Brigham, Devon, England 	Master Mariner

Vessel:	"Telegraph S"
William REDMOND 	M	58 	M	Poole, Dorset, England     	Master
William REDMOND 	U	15 	M	Poole, Dorset, England     	Painter (Passenger)

Vessel:	"Mary"
Joseph William MAJOR	U	21 	M	Eling Totton             	Master
William ALLEN	        M	60 	M	                           	Mate

Vessel:	"Orion"
George Philpot MINTER	M	56 	M	County Sandwick, Kent, England	Master
Henry CHEATER	        U	30 	M	Southampton, Hampshire, England	Mate
George MORGAN	        U	16 	M	Southampton, Hampshire, England	First Voyage To Sea

Vessel:	"Friends"
Herbert BAGGS     	U	16 	M	Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Mate

Vessel:	"Para"
George NIPPIRD    	M	61 	M	White Chapel, Middlesex, Eng    Ship Keeper H Dock

Vessel:	"Teuton"
Willm. Oswald DIVER	M	26 	M	Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, England	4th Officer
George BARNET	        M	32 	M	Little Hampton, Hampshire, Eng	Ship Keeper (H Dock)

Vessel:	"Louise"
William Geo. JURD	U	27 	M	Jersey, Channel Islands 	Mate

Vessel:	"Fannie"
Henry HOLLOWAY     	M	32 	M	Poole, Dorset, England     	Charge Of Specie

Vessel:	"Fannie"
Edwin PALMER       	M	40 	M	Berkshire, England        	Fireman
William ANDERSON	M	39 	M	Hampshire, England        	Fireman
Thomas HICKLEN    	M	29 	M	Hampshire, England        	Fireman
Mark MINTRAM	        M	53 	M	Fawley, Hampshire, England	Fireman
Andrew MEARES	        M	43 	M	Hampshire, England        	Fireman
Charles ROSE	        M	29 	M	Wish Grimshaw, Wiltshire, Eng	Fireman
Charles SMITH	        M	36 	M	Canterbury, Kent, England	Coal Trimmer (Labr)
William Huch EDGE	M	38 	M	Bitterne, Hampshire, England	Chief Steward
Alexander MC LACHLAN	M	39 	M	Greenock                  	2nd Steward
William Hy. Beckford MOLLAND
                   	U	22 	M	Hampshire, England         	3rd Steward
Albert MONK       	U	18 	M	Hampshire, England        	4th Steward
Edward SWEETINGHAM	M	30 	M	London, Middlesex, England	Fore Cabin Steward
Edward STROUD      	U	15 	M	Hampshire, England        	Cabin Boy
Edwin CHAUMIN	        M	43 	M	Bishop Sutton, Hampshire, Eng	Cook
Sarah PETTY	        M	43 	F	Hampshire, England        	Stewardess	
Robert Charles MABB	M	46 	M	Weymouth, Dorset, England	Master
James HARRIS	        M	53 	M	Southwark, Middlesex, England	Chief Mate
Joseph William KERNAN	M	34 	M	Canterbury, Kent, England	2nd Mate
Henry METTERS	        M	40 	M	Jersey, Channel Islands 	Carpenter
Josep. VEAL	        M	46 	M	Hampshire, England       	Seaman
Joseph Charles CHISNALL	M	26 	M	Harwich, Essex, England 	Seaman
John CAICKMORE    	M	34 	M	Hampshire, England        	Seaman
William WILLIAMS	U	31 	M	Guernsey, Channel Islands 	Seaman
George STEELE	        M	25 	M	Hampshire, England        	Seaman
George CHARLES	        M	37 	M	Weymouth, Dorset, England	Seaman
William ((George)) STONE ((REYNOLDS))	
                        M	26 	M	Hampshire, England        	Seaman
Ephraim CLEMENTS	M	44 	M	Rustington, Sussex, England	Seaman
Benjamin URAY	        U	18 	M	Hampshire, England        	Ships Boy
Henry SNOWDON	        M	33 	M	Rotherhithe, Kent, England	Chief Engineer
Thomas PALMER	        M	53 	M	Birmingham, Warwick, England	2nd Engineer
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