[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

RMA = Royal Marines Artillery

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Ships in Port 1881

Vessel:	"HMS Unicorn" (Royal Navy)
at Dundee, Forfar, Scotland
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
William H. PETTIT	M	42 	M	Sittingbourne, Kent, England	Gunner Royal Navy
Frank STONE        	M	37 	M	Gillingham, Dorset, England	Petty Officer ICL:
Joseph GARDE	        M	34 	M	Ireland                 	Petty Officer ICL:
George HUTCHINS   	U	23 	M	Acton, Middlesex, England	Able Seaman
John RUSSELL	        U	25 	M	London Walworth, Middlesex, Eng	Able Seaman
George HENRY	        U	26 	M	Paisley, Scotland           	Able Seaman
George CANTRELL	        U	29 	M	Wetton, Stafford, England	Able Seaman
William SISK	        U	23 	M	Ireland                 	Able Seaman
Elizabeth Ann PETTITT	M	45 	F	London Bermondsey, Middlesex	Gunner's wife
Mary Ann PETTITT	U	15 	F	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England  Gunner's daughter
Lizzie PETTITT	 	         9 	F	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Gunner's daughter
Elizabeth Alice PETTITT	    	 7 	F	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Gunner's daughter
Orford S. CAMERON	M	44 	M	Hampshire, England            	Commander
William RICHARDSON	U	53 	M	Bellhaven, East Lothian, Scot	Fleet Surgeon
Alfred H. MARTIN	M	52 	M	Sidmouth, Devon, England	Paymaster
William ANDREWS      	M	39 	M	Anthony, Cornwall, England	Chf. Grs. Mate
Henry SPRY	        M	39 	M	Ashwater, Devon, England	Chf. Grs. Mate
George H. HANSFORD	M	39 	M	Powerstock, Dorset, England	Chf. Grs. Mate
Patrick CULLEN	        M	39 	M	Newry, Armah, Ireland           Ship's Corpl.
Griffiths R. JONES	M	29 	M	Liverpool, Lancashire, England	Ship's Corpl.
John COOKSON	        M	33 	M	Kendal, Westmorland, England	Cap. F. Top.
Charles HOLDING   	M	27 	M	Maldon, Essex, England        	Cox. Launch
John A. TUPPIN	        U	31 	M	Fareham, Hampshire, England	Armourer
Charles DRISCOLL	M	43 	M	Maker, Millbrook, Cornwall, Eng	Armourer
Aaron ATKINS	        U	32 	M	Minster, Sheppey, Sheerness	Sick Berth. Attendant
Richard FORD	        U	23 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	Writer
John ROBERTSON	        M	35 	M	Pitlochrie, Perth, Scotland	Carp. Crew
Robert DOW	        U	23 	M	Dundee, Forfar., Scotland	W.O. Cook
William SHEPPARD	U	23 	M	London Blackfriars,, Middlesex	A.B.
Thomas H. COUGHTSEY	U	23 	M	Chapham, Surrey, England	A.B.
William FURNEAUX	U	27 	M	Landport, Hampshire, England	A.B.
William WHEATLEY	U	22 	M	Chelsea, Middlesex, England	A.B.
Edward A. FORD         	U	26 	M	St. Marys, Cardiff, Glamorgan	Able Seaman

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