[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Vessel:	"Lively" at Sheerness, Kent, England
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
George TYLER      	M	37 	M	Stoke Dameral, Devon, England   	Engineer In Charge (Commdg Officer)
Wm. BLACKFORD	        M	42 	M	Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire	Senior Mate
William HARRISON	M	39 	M	Frieston, Lincoln, England      	Second Mate
William DONOVAN 	M	30 	M	Ireland                          	Second Mate
Charles PAYNTER 	U	28 	M	Cheltingham, Gloucester, England	Boatswain Mate
John NOPS	        U	27 	M	Clare, Suffolk, England           	Quarter Master
Robert DOUGLAS	        U	25 	M	Scotland                         	Quarter Master
John CURRIE	        M	35 	M	Scotland                          	Gunners Mate
James INGRAM	        U	26 	M	London, Middlesex, England         	Quarter Master
John STANFORD	        M	39 	M	Salisbury, Wiltshire, England      	Leading Stoker
William SHEATH	        U	40 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England     	Leading Stoker
Robert PARKES	        U	49 	M	Walsall, Stafford, England         	Leading Stoker
Joseph BURCH	        M	34 	M	Southampton, Hampshire, England 	Engine Room Artificer
Joseph BEDWARD	        M	38 	M	Birmingham, Stafford, England     	Engine Room Artificer
John CORKHILL	        M	41 	M	Douglas, Isle of Man, England     	Ships Cook
William HINGSTON	U	26 	M	Ashprington, Devon, England     	Leading Seaman
William HAYES     	M	28 	M	St Pethertor, Somerset, England 	Able Seaman
Charles MAY	        U	19 	M	Keynsham, Somerset, England       	Able Seaman
William BLAIR	        U	24 	M	Cawsand, Cornwall, England       	Able Seaman
Edward CHURCH	        U	23 	M	Westbury, Somerset, England      	Able Seaman
John COLLIER	        M	26 	M	Seaton, Devon, England          	Able Seaman
William TROOP	        U	24 	M	Aldershot, Dorset, England      	Ordinary Seaman
William LANGMAID	U	22 	M	Fowey, Cornwall, England        	Able Seaman
John THORNE	        U	19 	M	Devonport, Devon, England         	Domestic
Thomas KEHOE	        U	24 	M	Ireland                          	Leading Seaman
Paul BROWN	        U	22 	M	 (British Sub), France            	Able Seaman
Henry DAVIS	        U	22 	M	Stoke Damirell, Devon, England     	Able Seaman
John HUNT	        M	24 	M	Quithurche, Cornwall, England     	Able Seaman
Stephen MIDDLETON	U	21 	M	Deal, Kent, England               	Able Seaman
John FRANCIS	        U	26 	M	Deadham, Essex, England           	Able Seaman
Thomas SCROXTON 	U	18 	M	Sheerness, Kent, England          	Domestic
Peter TRIGIDGO	        M	24 	M	Falmouth, Cornwall, England       	Leading Seaman
Patrick MORIARTY	M	28 	M	Ireland                          	Able Seaman
Samuel BAKER	        U	21 	M	Ireland                          	Able Seaman
Charles LEWIS	        U	21 	M	Leamington, Warwick, England      	Able Seaman
Thomas IRONS      	U	33 	M	Westminster, Middlesex, England 	Shipwright
Walter CLARKE     	U	25 	M	Twickenham, Middlesex, England    	Carpenters Crew
George JONES	        U	20 	M	Nottingham, Nottingham, England 	Ordinary Seaman
John DYER	        U	27 	M	Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England Stoker
Ruben WILLSMORE 	M	24 	M	Colchester, Essex, England         	Stoker
Patrick MCCARTHY	U	32 	M	Ireland                           	Stoker
Charles ROBSON	        U	40 	M	Liverpool, Lancashire, England     	Stoker
Henry GAUL	        U	22 	M	Chatham, Kent, England           	Stoker
Walter JONES	        U	27 	M	Bromsgrove, Worcester, England    	Stoker
George TRITTON	        U	23 	M	New Brompton, Kent, England      	Stoker
William LLEWELLYN	U	21 	M	Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales    	Stoker
John KNIGHT	        U	25 	M	 (NK), Surrey, England          	Stoker
Cornealis BARRY 	U	24 	M	Sheerness, Kent, England        	Wardroom Cook
Alfred CHAPMAN   	U	20 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales       	Domestic
George CAPE	        M	24 	M	Paddington, Middlesex, England     	Captains Cook
Thomas DICKSON    	U	36 	M	Scotland                         	Sergeant R M
William HALLOWS 	U	38 	M	Norwich, Norfolk, England        	Private R M
Albert LANHAM     	M	27 	M	Carshalton, Surrey, England      	Private R M
Henry GREEN	        U	22 	M	Earsham, Norfolk, England       	Private R M
Timothy O'CONNELL	M	36 	M	Ireland                          	Private R M
John BAVAJE       	U	32 	M	Liskeard, Cornwall, England       	Stoker
Fredrick GARDNER	U	21 	M	London, Middlesex, England         	Ordinary Seaman
Charles LE STRANGE	U	34 	M	London, London, Middlesex, England      Lieutenant & Commander
Wm. ALLEN	        M	40 	M	Fruston, Lincoln, England          	Chief Officer
Jos.Wm. ALLEN	        M	27 	M	Weymouth, Dorset, England         	Engineer
James CARREE	        U	36 	M	Ballemullen, Ireland              	... Mate
William R.E. SCOTT	U	34 	M	Portsmouth ((Ballemullen)), Ireland	Ships Steward
George HOBBS	        M	38 	M	Jersey, Channel Islands         	Carpenters Mate
William BOLTON    	M	33 	M	Milton, Hampshire, England        	Captains Coxn
Charles B. BROWN	U	37 	M	Scotland                         	Yeoman Signals
Charles ALLISON 	U	29 	M	Sheerness, Kent, England           	Wardroom Stewd
William BROWN	        M	29 	M	Titchfield, Hampshire, England     	Leading Stoker
William HENLY	        U	21 	M	Bristol, Somerset, England      	Ordinary Seaman
George WOON	        U	24 	M	Falmouth, Cornwall, England       	Leading Seaman
John THORNE	        U	19 	M	Devonport, Devon, England       	Domestic
Thomas WILDE	        U	24 	M	Gillingham, Kent, England        	Stoker
Alfred SMITH	        U	29 	M	St Leonards Bromley, Middlesex, Eng     Stoker
William MEAGRE    	U	25 	M	Chatham, Kent, England           	Stoker
Jesse MOORE	        M	21 	M	Chatham, Kent, England            	Stoker
George LEAR	        M	38 	M	East Wickham, Kent, England        	Private R M
George LEPPARD	        U	29 	M	London, Surrey, England          	Private R M
Henry EDILL	        M	51 	M	Windsor                         	Captains Steward

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