[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

RMA = Royal Marines Artillery

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Ships in Port 1881

Vessel:	"HMS Clyde" (Royal Navy)
at Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
William (Sir Bart) WISEMAN
                   	M	35 	M	Wymering, Hampshire, England	Commander
William (Mr) HARCUS	M	42 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	Gunner
Richard KEEPING   	W	43 	M	Wyke Regis, Dorset, England	Ships Corporal 1st Cl:
Frank DYER	        U	28 	M	Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England	Armourer
Charles COOPER	        M	27 	M	Brighton, Sussex, England	Leading Seaman
William W. BATES	U	25 	M	London, Middlesex, England	A.B.
John WORTON	        U	24 	M	Luton, Bedford, England 	A.B.
William E. SMITH	U	21 	M	London, Middlesex, England	A.B.
James E. GOLDSMITH	U	24 	M	Woolwich, Kent, England 	A.B.
James L. DUFFY	        U	24 	M	Bristol                    	A.B.
William BARTLETT	U	24 	M	Gravesend, Kent, England	A.B.
Thomas NEWMAN	        U	23 	M	Brentford, Middlesex, England	A.B.
Robert QUINN	        U	25 	M	Scotland                     	A.B.
William STUBBINGS	U	24 	M	Boreham, Essex, England 	Carpenter's Crew
James H. DODD	        U	22 	M	London, Middlesex, England	Carpenter's Crew
Benjamin B. R. MARSHALL	U	21 	M	Brighton, Sussex, England	A.B.
Maria HARCUS	        M	32 	F	Southsea, Hampshire, England
Maria HARCUS	 	         8 	F	Stamshaw, Hampshire, England
William HARCUS	 	         2 	M	Scotland
Thomas HARCUS	 	         1 	M	Scotland
Leila Clyde HARCUS	   	2 m	F	Scotland
Robert HUMPHREYS	M	47 	M	Ireland                      	Fleet Surgeon
Frederick A. KEOGH	M	45 	M	London, Middlesex, England      Paymaster
Henry HAYNES	        M	36 	M	Manchester, Lancashire, England	Writer
James SMITH	        M	37 	M	Scotland                     	Chief Gunner's Mate
Robert ALCOCK	        M	45 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Chief Gunner's Mate
James SAUNDERS	        M	42 	M	Agdestone, Isle of Wight, Hamps	Gunner's Mate
John BOURNE	        M	30 	M	Ashford, Kent, England         	Boatswain Mate
Arthur GODDARD	        W	28 	M	London, Middlesex, England	Ships Corporal 1st Cl:
William WOOD	        M	33 	M	Nafferton, York, England	Ships Corporal 1st Cl:
John QUINN	        M	28 	M	Frittenden, Kent, England	Ships Corporal 1st Cl:
Frederick SHAW	        U	26 	M	Halifax, York, England    	Sick Berth Attendant
William MC GUISO	M	34 	M	Scotland                     	Leading Seaman
Robert SEVEWRIGHT	M	43 	M	Scotland                    	A.B.
George GOODBUNO   	M	30 	M	Birchington, Kent, England	Warrant Officers Cook

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