HMS Alberta 1881



[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Ships in Port 1881

"H M S Alberta" at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
William ATKINS    	M	38 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Quarter Master
J. HICKISH	        U	25 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Signal Man
Wm. BASS	        U	24 	M	Ramsgate, Kent, England 	A B
R. ASHTON	        U	23 	M	Rye, Sussex, England           	A B
H. HARRISON	        M	23 	M	Bristol, Gloucester, England	A B
Saml. CARTER	        M	40 	M	Fratton Portsmo, Hampshire, Eng	Stoker
Wm. GENNEY	        M	33 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	Stoker
Alfred BALLISTON	W	57 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	Staff Captain
James CARLISLE	        M	48 	M	Woolwich, Kent, England 	Chief Engineer
R. COOPER	        M	41 	M	Hunmanby, York, England 	Engineer
W.E. BLACKBURN	        U	37 	M	Melbourne, Australia         	Engineer
D. DRISCOLL	        M	36 	M	Cork County Baltimore, Ireland	Chief Boatswain Mate
R. OSBORNE	        M	36 	M	Shaftesbury, Dorset, England	 Chief Carpenters Mate
J. BUTLER	        M	46 	M	Pibworthy, Gloucester, England	Ships Cook
A. MANNING	        M	31 	M	Bristol, Somerset, England	Quarter Master
J. LOCKYEAR	        M	37 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	Leading Stoker
J. WOODS	        M	30 	M	Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Eng	Keeper Of The Barge
J. HOCKING	        M	29 	M	Ballarat, Australia         	Leading Seaman
W. NORRIS	        M	29 	M	Shaftesbury, Dorset, England	Leading Seaman
Charles WHITE	        M	28 	M	Bersted, Sussex, England	Leading Seaman
Henry HOOPER	        U	29 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Leading Seaman
Wm. CATTERILL	        M	22 	M	Durham, Durham, England 	A B
James ALDRED	        M	28 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	A B
Wm. TEEL	        M	22 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	A B
Edward MEWETT	        M	23 	M	Down County Orlick Hill, Ireland A B
Charles ASHTON      	U	24 	M	Greenwich, Kent, England	A B
James HANEY	        M	30 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Stoker
William FLEET	        M	39 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Stoker
B. CRESDIE	        M	30 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	Stoker
Thos. PERRY	        M	29 	M	Southampton, Hampshire, England	Stoker
Wm. POOK	        M	33 	M	Gosport, Hampshire, England	Stoker
Hy. WOODFORD	        M	38 	M	Botley, Hampshire, England	Stoker
H. CLAXTON	        M	28 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Keeper Of The Apartments
James WEST	        M	36 	M	Alton, Hampshire, England	Marine (Servant)
Thomas MILLS	        U	22 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Engineers Servant
James FLEET	        U	16 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Captains Servant

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