1881 Mariners, Falmouth, Cornwall


HARRIES Levi          m    55    Fishguard, Pemb          Master MS
HARRIES David         m    34    Dina's Cross, Pemb       Mate MS
GRIFFITHS Thomas      w    26    St. David's Pemb         AB MS
OWENS William George  u    16    Dina's Cross, Pemb       OS MS
HARRIES Elizabeth     m    49    Dina's Cross, Pemb       Master's wife

Vessel "HANNAH "

EVANS James           m    51    Tenby, Pemb              Master MS
EVANS George          m    20    Cardigan, Pemb           Mate MS
McCANCH Duncan        u    21    White Haven, Cumber      AB MS
REES George           u    19    Angle, Pemb              OS MS

Vessel "URANIA "

JENKINS David         m    47    Aberayron,Card           Master MS
ROWLANDS Henry        u    46    Aberystwith, Card        Mate MS
REES Evan             u    49    Fishguard, Pemb          AB MS
JENKINS David Thomas  u    17    Aberayron, Card          OS MS
JENKINS John          u    15    Aberayron,Card           Boy MS

Vessel "AUNT MARY "

FOLLAND Robert        m    45    Plymouth, Dev            Master F'Man
FRANCIS John          m    60    Plymouth, Dev            Mate MS
STEVENS William       m    46    Plymouth, Dev            AB MS
DAVIS John            u    17    Plymouth, Dev            Boy MS

1881 Mariners, Falmouth, Corn

Vessel "PET "

CATCHPOLE George      m    34    Kessingland, Suff        Master F'Man
DURRANT William       m    39    kessingland, Suff        AB F'Man
TAILOR James          m    25    Wrentham Suff            AB F'Man
CURTIS Charles        u    24    Kessingland, Suff        AB F'Man
BREABBEN William      u    20    Covehith, Suff           AB F'Man
KENT George           u    22    Covehith, Suff           AB F'Man
KENT Henery           u    20    Covehith, Suff           AB F'Man
FARROW George         u    19    Kessingland, Suff        AB F'Man
WORFORD William       u    12    Pakefield, Suff          AB F'Man

Vessel "BLUE BELL"

CUTTER Charles        m    35    Hockham, Norf            Master F'Man
UTTING Elijh          u    25    Kessingland, Suff        Mate F'Man
UTTING Edward         m    27    Kessingland, Suff        Share F'Man AB
COTTON Frederick      u    18    Beccles, Suff            Share F'Man OS
FORSTER George        u    16    Benacre, Suff            Share F'Man OS
EASTAUGH Charles      u    17    Wenhasten, Suff          Share F'Man OS
SHARMAN Arthur        u    18    Gisleham, Suff           Share F'Man OS
BLACK George          u    16    Benacre, Suff            Share F'Man OS
HORNE William         u    15    Wrentham, Suff           Boy OS
CUTTER William        u    10    Kessingland, Suff        Boy Os Plusuer(?)


OLIVER James John     u    21    Manaccan, Corn           AB MS


OWEN John             m    29    Bangor, Caernar          Master MS
PRICE William         u    22    Pembrey, Carmar          Mate MS
LEWIS Thomas          u    20    Pembrey, Carmar          AB MS
GRIFFITHS Thomas      u    21    Pembrey, Carmar          OS MS
EVENS Ellis           u    16    Portmadoc, Caernar       Cook MS

Vessel " EXCEL "

TETTRSELL Thomas      m    60    Brighton, Suss           Master F'Man
FOX Henry             m    40    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
BASSETT William       m    30    Brighton, Suss           AB MS
SPICER Henry          m    26    Brighton, Suss           AB MS
BROOK John            --   16    Brighton, Suss           OS MS

Vessel "MONITOR "

UTTING George Wrath   u    22    Kessingland, Suff        Master MS
HARVEY William        m    49    Sartley, Suff            Mate MS
MITCHELLS Isaac       u    21    Kessingland, Suff        AB MS
WALFORD Joseph        u    29    Rushmere, Suff           AB MS
HOLBROOK George       u    18    kessingland, Suff        AB MS
BROWN Benjamin        u    23    Kirby Kane, Norf         AB MS
RIVETT Arthur         u    19    Hulver, Suff             OS MS
BALLS Arthur          u    25    Kirby Cane, Suff         OS MS
DURRANT Barzillia     u    17    Kessingland, Suff        OS MS


THOMAS John           m    35    Caernarvon               Master MS
ROBERTS Henry         m    29    Nevin, Caernar           Mate MS
LEWIS William         w    48    Bangor, Caernar          AB MS
AVES Frank            m    25    London                   AB MS
ALEN Thomas           u    16    Holyhead, Anglesey       Cook MS
THOMAS Annie          m    26    Bangor, Caernar          Master's wife


HARMAN Paker          w    37    Brighton, Suss           Master F'Man
GUNN George           m    32    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
DANN George           u    22    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
PENTECOST William     m    26    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
JUPP John             m    23    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
WARD Harrey           u    26    Brighton, Suss           AB F'Man
BARNARD Charles       u    17    Brighton, Suss           Boy F'Man

Vessel "AU REVOIR"

ADAMS Daniel Colby    m    41    Pakefield, Suff          Master F'Man
THOMSON Samuel        u    27    Pakefield, Suff          AB F'Man
ADAMS Robert          u    47    Pakefield, Suff          AB F'Man
TOOKE William         m    24    Bury St. Mary, Norf      OS F'Man
DURRANT Gabriel       u    18    Kirtley, Suff            OS F'Man
LONG William          u    17    Carlton, Suff            OS F'MAn
BRIGGS Arthur         u    16    Carlton, Suff            OS F'Man
SEARLE Thomas         u    18    Carlton, Suff            OS F'Man
COLLETT Robert        u    17    St. Andrews, Suff        OS F'Man
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