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All records are guaranteed 100%. Grading is conservative. Order with confidence. If you have any questions feel free to email me 24 hours a day.
  1. ABC-Para~Anthony/Sophomores~Get Back to You~VG~$8.00
  2. ABC-Para~J.Bennett/Sparkletones~Black Slacks~VG~$5.00
  3. ABC-Para~Jimmy Velvet/group~To the Aisle~VG+~$20.00
  4. ABC-Para~Danny and the Juniors~Dottie~VG+~$12.00
  5. Academy~Tommy Vann and Echoes~Too Young~VG+~$15.00
  6. Aladdin~The Charmers~He's Gone/Oh! Yes~VG+~$40.00
  7. Apt~Sam Early~Greatest of them All~xol~dj~M-~$20.00
  8. Apt~Davey Jones/grp~Come on & Love Me~Sol~VG+~$15.00
  9. Apt~Elegants~Goodnight/Please Believe Me~VG+~$30.00
  10. Arc~Bel-Aires~Hope and Pray/Space Walk~VG~$25.00
  11. Argo~Pastels~You Don't Love Me Anymore~VG~$20.00
  12. Arliss~K. Hammel/grp~Sittin' Alphabetic'ly~VG+~$100.
  13. Atco~Skyliners~I'd Die/Since I Fell for You~VG~$30.00
  14. Atco~Coasters~Down in Mexico~Turtle Dovin'~VG+~$20.00
  15. Atco~The Time Tones~Pretty, Pretty Girl~VG+~$25.00
  16. Audicon~Passions~This is My Love~red label~VG+~$8.00
  17. Ava~Charades~Please be My Love Tonight~VG++~$25.00
  18. Bacon Fat~Imaginations~I Want a Girl~M-~$15.00
  19. Bambi~Mood Makers~Dolores/Dream~xol~VG~$40.00
  20. Baton~Rivileers~A Thousand Stars~M-~$30.00
  21. Beam~Messengers~This is How I Feel~M-$20.00
  22. Beltone~Jive Five~These Golden Rings~VG++~$25.00
  23. Beltone~Jive Five~What Time is it?~VG+~$8.00
  24. Bethlehem~T. Allen/Twilighters~It Hurts Me So~M-~$30.
  25. Bigtop~S.Turner/Twisters~Sweet Annie Laurie~VG++~$25.
  26. Black Crest~Antones~You are the One~M-~$10.00
  27. Blast~Excellents~Coney Island Baby~M-~$12.00
  28. Boss~Bosstones~Moptity Mope~yellow label~StVG++~$10.
  29. Brent~Killers~Everyone has Someone~M-~$65.00
  30. Bruce~Harp-Tones~My Memories of You~2nd~VG~$50.00
  31. Bumble Bee~Little Joe/Morrocos~Bubble Gum~M-~$20.00
  32. Cadence~E.Hodges/grp~Bandit of Dreams~dj~VG+~$20.00
  33. Calico~Skyliners~Pennies from Heaven~sol~VG++~$10.00
  34. Cameo~Exceptions~Down by the Ocean~M-~$20.00
  35. Capitol~Five Keys~Ling, Ting, Tong~VG+~$25.00
  36. Capri~Mistics~Memories/Without Love~dj~VG+~$20.00
  37. Casa Grande~Tune Weavers~There Stands Love~M-~$35.00
  38. Catamount~Savoys~Vision of Love~Grn Wax~M-~$8.00
  39. Challenge~Electras~See it in My eyes~dj~M-~$15.00
  40. Champ~Cineramas~Life can be Beautiful~M-~$30.00

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