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B&Q DIY, Power Tools: Shop Online at B&Q UK for Affordable, Quality Power Tools

UK DIY Shopping at B&Q Online: B&Q DIY is not only the number one UK DIY retailer, but also the largest DIY retailer in Europe and the third largest in the world, with more than 65 stores opened internationally, including B&Q Yangpu, in Shanghai, China, which is now the largest B&Q DIY store in the world.

With a store in virtually every town or city in the UK, B&Q DIY is an integral part of hundreds of UK towns and communities throughout the country - and now an integral part of UK DIY shopping on the Web. In fact we would say indispensable!

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Whether your UK DIY needs are as simple as painting supplies or patio doors, or as demanding as the finest Bosch drills, top of the line Black and Decker equipment, paving slabs or even taps or designer bathroom blinds … you can do it if you B&Q it! The leading UK DIY retailer, B&Q, is just one click away!

There are, of course, other UK DIY retailers - such as Wickes DIY store, Jewsons DIY, Focus DIY, or even DIY sections in some of the leading UK department stores - but whilst these stores do offer good DIY products, the range of products tends to be far less than at B&Q Online DIY store.

At time of writing, June 2004, Jewson's DIY store does, in fact, have a very informative website, but does not currently appear to offer online DIY shopping.

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