Free Ipod, Flat screen, & Desktop Pc

Sign under me and i will give you a site like this

email me your info and i will send you the address, login and pass to site



The three sites (,, & are owned by Gratis, which has been listed on the Better Business Bureau for the past several years.

 Once you do this, you get a free iPod, flat screen & or desktop pc in the mail (assuming your referrers are all legitimate, and that you are the only account with your address. Only one account is allowed per household, or else their profits would take a hit). The new 20GB iPod they have on there is worth $300.

They have affiliates with high profile sites. AOL, GM, etc, do not advertise with every scammer on the block, since it would be bad for business. They have been registered with the BBB for several years.

You can back out of the advertisers deal before their trial periods end and still get your iPod for free. Yes, a credit card is required for all of the deals except for the AOL offers which can be done with a bank account if you wish. As long as you with drawl interest from any of the offers before their respective trial periods end, your card will never be charged one penny.

The, blockbuster, ifone, and offer will give you an instant credit/referral and can be canceled easily before the trial period ends. The same goes for the AOL offer and with AOL you don't need a credit card. No charges will go on your card if you cancel before the trial ends.

Nfone is the best one, after you sign up they send you a $10 gift card from and then cancel it. Nfone offer is up in early mornings. I have tried ancestory, nfone, blockbuster,, & AOL. They are very easy to cancel, just call them up and Nfone you don't even have to cancel, just don't use the service and they will never charge you.




This is how to cancel and the numbers to call.

1. AOL Broadband Completion Time: Usually 1 business day to complete (longest reported is 3 days) Requires credit card for verification (no payment made). Free offer lasts 45 days - cancel anytime within the 45 days. To Cancel: Call the irritating AOL sales people at 1 800 827 6364. They will try to make it hard for you to cancel, when will they learn that NO means NO?

2. AOL with MusicNet Completion Time: Usually 1 business day to complete (fastest reported is 2 hours, longest is 9 days) Free trial of AOL's 9.0 service plus Free Unlimited Music Downloads from MusicNet for 30 Days. To Cancel: Call the irritating AOL sales people at 1 800 827 6364

3. VideoProfessor Completion Time: Fastest Reported is instant completion Quote: "Fill form and pay $6.95 shipping. Requires a valid credit card. You will be credited immediately!" Small Print: "After your 10-day free trial, if you decide to keep the complete set, we'll conveniently bill your credit card just $69.95. Or simply call our customer care number at 1-800-525-7763 if you decide to return any one of the lessons" To Cancel: Call 1-800-525-7763. You can also return everything within 10 days for a full Shipping and Processing refund.

4. GM Card Completion Time: Unknown Get approved for a GM credit card. To Cancel:

5. Columbia House DVD Completion Time: Quote: "Register for the offer. You will be credited within 2-4 days." Cancel within 10 days or you're stuck with a 2 year subscription (requires you to buy 5 full price DVDs!) Small Print: "You get 5 DVDs for 49˘ each with Free Shipping! As a Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 more movies in the next 2 years at regular Club prices (currently as low as $19.95 plus shipping and processing). Your introductory package is sent on a 10-day trial basis and includes complete details and your Membership Agreement. If you are not completely satisfied, to cancel your membership just return that package at our expense within 10 days, and we will credit your account." To Cancel: no details known

6. Nexiderm Completion Time: Quote: "Sign-up for the free 14 day trial and pay shipping and handling. You will receive credit within 1-3 days." Small Print: Pay $5.95 for shipping of your free trial. If you don't cancel and return the unused portion of your trial within the first month you will be charged $54.90 for every following month until you cancel. To Cancel: no details known

7. Real Rhapsody Completion Time: 1 business day. Quote: "Sign up for a 14 day free trial. You will be credited in 1-2 days." Rhapsody is an 'on-demand' music service - it lets you stream the music from the internet or pay $0.79 per song to burn to a CD. Can be canceled using the Rhapsody software itself, so there's no need to sweet-talk an unfortunate sales person like when canceling the AOL offer. Small Print: To avoid the monthly US$9.95 RealRhapsody membership fee after your trial has expired, just call to cancel any time within the 14 day trial period. To Cancel: Use the Rhapsody software (not yet tested, but the My Account settings in the menu seem to allow canceling your subscription) or call 1-800-444-8011. There's a visual guide on using the software to cancel HERE

8. Miracle Burn Completion Time: Unknown Sign up for this 14 day free trial and get charged $5.95 for shipping for one weeks worth of MiracleBurn weight loss supplement. If you don't cancel within 14 days you'll be charged $39.95 (for 1 bottle) a month for it. To Cancel: no details known

9. BMG Music Service Completion Time: Unknown No details available To Cancel: no details known

10. PetCare RX Completion Time: Unknown No details available To Cancel: no details known

11. Trim Life Completion Time: Unknown 14 day trial of this weight loss formula. You get a weeks worth of free samples and are charged $5.95 for shipping. Cancel within 14 days or get charged $58.90 per month! To Cancel: no details known

 12. Feel Serenity Completion Time: Unknown 30 day free trial supply of Serenity™ (a happy pill of lithium and orotate, more than likely just a placebo). Cancel within 30 days or be charged $39.99 a month. To Cancel: e-mail or call 1-800-515-1070

.13. Completion Time: Instant 14 day free trial. This offer will appear as complete in seconds! To Cancel: Call Ancestry at 1-800-262-3787 at least two days before the renewal date for the cancellation to be effective.