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Carson City Photo Gallery 1

Private Grumman Albatross

This plane has been sitting in the same spot for some time now. This birds have had a great time making nests and using it as a toilet on the otherside of the plane. Notice the old US Air Force titles that use to be on the forward fuselauge. (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)

Private Grumman Albatross

This plane seem to be in better shape that the one above and is also in the process of being restored. I wonder how the plane will end up being painted and who it will be sold to? (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)

Ex Chalk's Grumman Albatross

Yet another ex Chalk's that has landing in the western United States. N120FB (7243) looks like she will be sitting here a while before her fate will be decided. (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)