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Edition No:9     March 2006         Paul Biya - Special Edition! (II)

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


Hall of Shame - Monthly newsletter

The next edition will be published on the 1st of April 2006 and shall continue to arrive on the 1st of the month thereafter. If you wish to subscribe you can reply to and write SUBSCRIBE in the subject box. Each month once the newsletter is loaded onto the site you shall receive in your email inbox, a link to take you to the newsletter.



Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. Its early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.

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From The Editors Desk

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty……. That’s what over 15,000 votes unanimously screamed in the trial last month of Paul Biya. Read below as the court now enters the sentencing phase. The Supreme Court’s, Higher Judicial Council has ruled that the Public be allowed to have input into the sentencing of this guilty criminal.

Well, its been another fascinating month for the Cameroon observer; homosexual Ministers, embezzlers arrested, the US opens a new Embassy, and all that big talk about cleaning out corruption and stolen funds being returned! We can only live in hope.

This month the newsletter is a little late……Sorry.  Besides waiting till the end of the month for the complete voting tally, and it being a short month, we have been waiting to verify some very interesting information received during the month on some of Biya’s hidden assets and also some illegal activities of SGBC bank. Unfortunately we haven’t received the necessary confirmation yet to make the information available as fact. But rest assured in the coming weeks I’m sure to receive what’s necessary and shall bring it to the newsletter. Please remember to feel free to contribute your own issues or ideas.

All the best,  Glenn

Hall of Shame Supreme Court

Hall of shame Supreme Court Emblem






Take notice that the Court shall moved on the forenoon or soon thereafter on behalf of the people of Cameroon for the following crimes against humanity, genocide and embezzlement:


(I ) The court has received an enormous amount of witness testimony from a variety of sources. These outline a wide range of crimes for which this court holds jurisdiction to hear the matter as it so chooses.

(II) The court made available to the Public (The Jury) the means for the participation of a free and fair voting procedure. Independent scrutiny has declared that no irregularities surfaced in the process and the tally of votes is a true indication of the Publics choice in this trial.

(III) At close of voting on midnight 28th January 2006, the court had received the votes as declared below;

GUILTY - 15,128 votes.


INNOCENT -  45 votes.

The Supreme court declares Paul Biya guilty of Genocide, Embezzlement & crimes against Humanity.

(IV) The Hall of Shame Supreme Court declares that the jury has returned a vote of over 99.5% in favour of the guilty verdict, then this Court declares without exception, the guilt of PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA in the crimes of genocide, embezzlement and crimes against humanity.


(I) The Higher Judicial Council of the Hall of Shame Supreme Court, has in it’s infinite wisdom declared that the punishment to be meted out to the criminal (PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA) should be put before his peers to select the just & fair sentence.

(II) The Court declares that the sentencing options listed are all agreed as acceptable punishment for the crimes committed. The court shall with no negotiation declare that all (100%) assets belonging to Paul Biya are immediately frozen and procedures put in place for the assets to be returned to the people of Cameroon.

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a) Banishment from Cameroon.

Vote A

b) Execution.

Vote B

c) Imprisonment for life.

Vote C

d) Tie him on a post at Kumba markets, rub salt on his legs and let goats lick them.

Vote D

e) Stringing him up by the balls and pierce him piece meal until all the stolen wealth is returned.

Vote E

(III)  Voting shall commence from today (updated each Monday) until the final voting tally at midnight on the 31st March 2006. The sentence shall then be passed, as declared by the Jury.





Only one vote shall register when clicking on the Sentencing button, (unless the page is refreshed between clicks). Voting must be done at the website to register.
Results - A Results - B Results - C Results - D Results - E
1418 448 1342 521 892

Voting now completed 31/03/06.



Praise File #7


Professor Cornelius Lambi Mbifung


Professor Cornelius Lambi Mbifung

Professor Cornelius Lambi Mbifung is someone to reckon with. Taking over UB under a state of emergency and military hold up decreed by the dictatorial grand mother, Dorothy Njeuma, hater of dialogue, Prof. Lambi made it clear that there were no taboo issues at UB. Dialogue, he introduced with the Student Leaders and put a full-stop to the strike and fear that had so far characterised life in UB. Then, the Convocation outlawed by Dorothy was reintroduced on Jan 28th 2006.
"Human body" Lambi once said "one can only digest food not bullets and killings that Njeuma had introduced in UB” and when proper convocation or graduation ceremony took place there was a rich package for the Anglophone populace. A University Teaching Centre will now be opened in Buea for the training of medical Doctors and by 2007, Distant learning for Nursery and Primary Schools' practicing teachers leading to a BA in Education, as obtained all over the world especially in this era of Information Technology will commence in the University of Buea. Cameroon Injustice Hall of Shame says "Kudos" Prof.


At UB Convocation Ceremony : Lambi Announces Takeoff Of Medicine Dept.
Prof. Lambi saw in the 10th Convocation ceremony, a reconciliation tool for the university community. "This convocation clearly demonstrates that the university community has reconciled with itself on the one hand, and has brought widespread satisfaction and won the acclamation of the Cameroonian public on the other hand.

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My 2 Cents !



Ho Hum - Another Biya led anti-corruption campaign!

I wonder if anyone can be blamed for being somewhat sceptical of this latest Biya led anti-corruption crusade, (if that’s what it is). Cameroonians don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the amount of times they’ve seen this before. I’ve been following corruption in Cameroon now for 5 years which equates to at least 5 times I’ve seen it before. Who knows, maybe this time it’ll be different. The previous times the anti corruption campaigns passed no further that to be a few pathetic promises in a New Year speech. I would like to ask Mr Biya if he has ever recovered one (1) franc CFA of money stolen from Cameroon through corrupt practices? In 23 years as President of a country often rated as the most corrupt in the world, you would have to imagine that the opportunities to against these thefts must be huge. He would only have to turn and look at the person standing next to him at any time. So, amongst all this misappropriation of funds, Mr Biya is busyMr Biya , stop begging like a pauper! trying his best to present the citizens of his country as beggars. Shame on you Mr Biya, begging with one hand while stealing with the other. Thanks to your actions as Head of state, you have almost made it impossible to bring Cameroon back from the brink of disaster. It will take some very self sacrificing measures to even begin putting Cameroon on a path of recovery, and I just don’t see that you have it in you. You prefer holding the begging bowl!

 I’m certainly not against Cameroon reaching the HIPC criteria and having the debts written off. Why should Cameroonians suffer for your spending sprees and I have no sympathy for the World bank or the IMF if they wish to haphazardly hand out money.

I also don’t doubt that they have been repaid 10-fold in interest to this point anyway. I think Mr Biya is foolish enough to believe that he can continue talking the talk, he will probably still be giving presidential New year speeches from the grave. But then that wouldn’t be hard, you can just keep playing the same speech you’ve used for 23 years. But if you do ever choose to act on the behalf of the citizens of Cameroon, perhaps you can clean out the Judiciary and actually allow the citizens to face and receive justice in the courts rather than the current state sanctioned corruption, theft & lawlessness.


So Cameroon is trying to wipe out its 1400 billion FCFA external debt? How about this shocker which I just discovered on - a great website that needs more exposure? According to an article titled "the ethos of ostentatious consumption", we learn that:

"In the thirty years since independence, an estimated, 1, 610 billion CFA Francs (CFAF), roughly $5.31 billion [1995 exchange rates], have been embezzled by Cameroonian public officials and safely stashed away in European Banks. Of this amount, 650 billion CFAF, or $2.145 billion [1995 exchange rates], left the state during a four year period, 1986-1990. Putting these figures in perspective, private Cameroonian wealth abroad essentially is enough to wipe out the state's external debt."

That was in 1995 and it still holds true today. Embezzled funds can wipe out Cameroon's debt in an instant!!! If the IMF, the US and even that Biya fellow is serious, let them organize the repartriation of this money. Anything short of that will be "wool over our eyes".

Comment excerpt taken from “The Post” website - reader comment.

Law Without Boundaries:Corruption, Embezzlement, Misappropriation Of Public FundsPaul Biya without the mask, speaking with a forked tongue!
Cameroon Penal Code contains provisions to punish persons guilty of corruption and misappropriation. If Cameroon were a state governed by the rule of law, save error or omission, 90 percent of our top civil servants, managers of state corporations, customs officials, mayors, judicial officials, governors, ministers, tax officials, directors and diplomats, and so on, could have been effectively languishing in jail and their assets confiscated.

Direct Current - Stop Deluding Our Children, Mr. President
I am inviting all parents to join me to tell the President of the Republic to stop deceiving our children. His rhetoric and falsehoods are counter-productive to us as parents invested with the natural responsibility of moulding the children into upright people and citizens.


“Begging won't make a future for Africa.” ~Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

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Photographs Wanted ($200 US each)

We are still missing a few “Shame File” photos. In the interest of seeing that none of these crooks escape under the Hall of Shame radar, we decided to double the incentive to (US $200). Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) is still in Kumba for some lucky photographer. The last I knew, the SGBC Manager & Assistant Manager were both at the Limbe SGBC branch. As for the Chief of Territorial Surveillance in Buea, he is a large Bayangi man and was there in 2002 / 2003 (Governors Office building). He can be identified by Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng of Buea Judicial Police. Further helpful information on these “Shame File Fugitives” locations can be requested by contacting me at the address below. Photos must be of similar quality to those used in previous shame files. Good luck with the snapping. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $200 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only by myself. Photos can be forwarded to

Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?

Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.

SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Justice J. F. Fonkwe - Fako Appeals Court Judge. Buea

Barrister Mbi – Solomon Chambers, Kumba.

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)


NEWS - March 2006

"Le Front" Publishes the "Hit Parade of Billionaire Civil Servants" in Cameroon

Hit Parade of Billionaire Civil Servants.Le Front, a biweekly French-language newspaper, has published what it describes as the ""Hit Parade of Billionaire Civil Servants" in Cameroon in its February 9, 2006 issue (no. 065). According to the newspaper, the names, banks, and accounts of the civil servants involved were revealed by "American financial networks" who have traced the bulk of the accounts to banks in Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Switzerland and Monaco. Le Front claims to have obtained the list from “most reliable sources at the very top of the Cameroonian State.”

According to the paper, it is publishing the list in order to bring back the focus on issue of corruption in high places which was placed on the backburner thanks to the list of homosexuals that was “maliciously” served to the public as a distraction.

It is worth noting that Le Front also publishes the names of 17 “rigorous and incorruptible/honest” top government officials "by order of merit".

According to the BBC, "copies of Le Front sold out quickly on Friday morning, as everyone was keen to see the millionaire list, which has become the talk of the country".

So is this another bloody chapter in what increasingly appears to be a "war of clans" currently taking place within the Biya regime where rivals are destroying each other by proxy, or is the list for real? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Scribbles from the Den has obtained a PDF version of the much-sought after issue no. 065 of "Le Front". Read the report accompanying the lists to decide if this is another hoax or the real deal.
(Article courtesy of
Click here to print or download Le Front in PDF format (473 kb)

Anti-Corruption Net Catches 15 Big Fish
There are speculations amongst journalistic circles that a cabinet reshuffle is imminent because some of those targeted for arrest are ministers who may have to be sacked before being thrown behind bars.

Biya's Anti-Corruption Drive: The Great Clean-up... Or Wool Over Our Eyes?
As Cameroonians watch the drama unfold with a mixture of skepticism and hope, questions still remain about the extent of the ongoing campaign. Will it end with a few symbolic arrests and trials – as in the past - or is a revolution at hand – as the government media claims?

Uncertainty Still Clouds Cameroon's Debt Relief BidDouala Port - The worlds most corrupt port.
There is still uncertainty whether Cameroon will reach the Completion Point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative, HIPC-I in June. After a two-week review of the country's economic performance, the International Monetary Fund, IMF, mission simply stated that Cameroon has prospects of reaching the debt relief target.

The Corrupt Still Run Govt - Haman Garga
I have proof that there are still many Ministers in government who are highly corrupt because I am working with the NGO Bonne Conscience, which is following up the issue of corruption in our country.

Cameroon: Corrupt Practices In High Places
The turnover of every Biya government is about 6 months. What this means concretely is that persons appointed ministers are given a very short time and the license to steal before they are kicked out again.

PM Cautious Of HIPC Completion Point
The PM cautioned the people against harbouring too much expectation on the Completion Point. He said Cameroonians would only feel the impact of the HIPC if the money is retained Kondengui prison, Yaounde.for proper use.

Motion Of No Confidence Dogs Government
Cameroonians hope that the government thieves will rent rooms at the Five Star Kondengui Royal Hotel and stay there for a long time; and that the Head of State, will not stop at arresting only. But that the 'thieves' will be prosecuted, jailed and the monies they have salted in foreign accounts repatriated back into the country to support development.

CPDM Disowns Thieving Officials
The ruling Cameron People's Democratic Movement, CPDM, has disassociated itself from the corrupt practices of some of its officials that were arrested last week.

CAMAIR Sale Begins
How come CAMAIR is on sale and the CAMAIR garage sale - Items from 25 cents.Cameroonian media is not commenting on this? How can you announce the privatisation of a company on the 27th of January 2006 and you intend to close the sale in February 13 2006? Apart from being a secret deal, that is to tell the world that Cameroon is the property of certain individuals. (Readers comment)

Retrenched CAMAIR Workers Protest Unpaid Dues
It is not understood how the Minister could have openly announced that money had been allocated to pay up the retrenched workers, and over six months later, only part of that money had actually been disbursed.

United States, Cameroon Sign Open-Skies Aviation Agreement
Open-Skies agreements permit unrestricted air service by the airlines of both sides between and beyond the other’s territory, without restrictions on how often the carriers can fly, the prices they charge, or the kind of aircraft they use

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Human Rights Issues


It was a chilling afternoon in Brussels. Southern Cameroonians and members of the Southern Cameroons National Council Belgium branch braved the rains and went out demonstrating in front of the United nations Office in Brussels SCNC demonstrators outside United Nations office, Belgium. 10/02/06
Demonstration started at 14.00pm and lasted till 15.00pm, with prayers for the repose of the soul of late PP Nwenti and other fallen heros.
Singing and cultural occupied the event with banners and placards with messages like,“ Free Southern Cameroons, Southern Cameroonians are stateless, Free all Southern Cameroons’ prisoners, where was the UN at the Foumban conference ,Why is the UN sleeping while Southern Cameroons suffer? Etc etc
At 2.30pm a Delegation of the SCNC led by Morfaw Rene was received by the deputy director of the United Nations in Belgium, Mr Pierre Harle. In receiving a memorandum from the SCNC the deputy director said he would do well to transmit the memo to the UN scribe that same day. He said he was particularly versed with Southern Cameroons issue and prayed that. He regretted the death of PP Nwenti and other Southern Cameroons activist and said, the UN can not afford to have another blood bath in Africa .
In return we told him, “because the UN was part of the problem it must be part of the solution.”
(Click below to read the full petition to U.N Sec General - Kofi Annan.)




The Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) and the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) in partnership with the Southern Cameroons Interim Government-In-Exile, invites all Southern Cameroonians and friends of the Southern Cameroons to a demonstration on the 11th of February at No. 10 Downing Street in London.
This demonstration is to highlight the role of Britain in the continuous brutal colonization of the Southern Cameroons by France, masquerading as la République du Cameroun.

Today, the bruised and tormented people of the former UN trust territory of the Southern Cameroons under UK administration hold a peaceful demonstration at Downing Street. We do so to call attention to the historical wrong that was done to the Southern Cameroons, when the UK transferred the territory to the French-controlled State of Cameroun Republic.
(Click on the above link to read the complete petition)

Southern Cameroons: 45 Lost Years
The political systems that have been imposed on the Southern Cameroons since the first independence have, by and large, been oppressive and exploitative. The more these systems have been unpopular with the people of the Southern Cameroons, the more the agents of the system have used ruthless methods and brute force to keep their victims down and out.

Language as a Tool for Exclusion: Reflections on Cameroon's National Bilingualism Day
Over the years, English-speaking students in ASMAC just like other higher education institutions in Yaoundé receive lectures almost exclusively in French. Some English-speaking students have described this situation as 'deplorable'. Yes, that is the real Cameroon where the English language and English-speaking Cameroonians are treated like inconvenient stepchildren who are barely tolerated.

SCNC Coordinator's Death Linked To Torture
Hon. Nkweti, a former Parliamentarian in the West Cameroon House of Assembly, died in a hospital in Kutaba, on Monday, January 30. Confirming this to The Post, Pauline Venowoh Nkweti, wife of the deceased, said he developed swellings on his feet and body while in detention and had never recovered from them.Prisoners in New Bell Prison - Douala She attributed this to the very inhuman conditions under which he was detained. He died after spending three weeks in hospital.

CAMEROON: Tuberculosis and AIDS soaring in prisons
Twelve people live in the tiny cell which adjoins a row of latrines, their meagre possessions hanging on nails on the grime-blackened wall. No matter that some are sick with a highly contagious disease, the prison is packed and there is not a single spare space to quarantine TB sufferers.


“Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

State Counsel Convocation. How to spend the weekend in a Cameroonian Jail Cell!

I’ve read several Human Rights reports on Cameroon and one reoccurring theme is citizens being detained on Fridays, thus suffering a weekend in the cells before any chance of release can be arranged. I thought I would share with you my own near experience of this abuse. The above convocation is signed by the notoriously corrupt Magistrate, Ketuanze Jacob. Luckily a friend arranged that I attended this meeting with a lawyer. Three pages of charges made against me on this day, disappeared shortly after from this office (Limbe State Counsel). While this attempt to have me locked up and deported didn’t succeed, it was two days later that I was accosted by soldiers with rifles at SGBC, denying me entry to the bank and accusing me of attempted murder…..   This was just the beginning. Fourteen months later, it almost seemed normal to incinerate the vehicle at the US Embassy in Yaounde.  Glenn.

“Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

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As Kohtem Murder Trial Opens:Fon Doh, 11 Others DockedMurdered - John Kohtem
Three judges handled the matter .The courtroom was full to capacity. If found guilty, Fon Doh and fellow suspects, could serve jail terms of between six and 20 years each, following Section 278 of the Penal Code with no option of a fine.

After Gunfire in Balikumbat: Court Told "Fon Doh Missed Assassination Attempt"
But Fon Doh's lawyer declined to push forward his request which many believed was made only as a means of discrediting Kohtem's sympathizers. A majority wondered in muttered voices how shooting could go on for four hours without any casualty being registered. "Why were gendarmes who have a brigade in Balikumbat not invited for assistance?" They asked.

Kohtem Murder:Witness Fears For Life As Trial Accelerates
One of the key witnesses in the trial of Fon Doh and 11 others implicated in the murder of late Kohtem has cried out that he may not live to give his testimony. James Tega, who spoke to The Post over the weekend, said he and fellow witnesses are under constant threats of elimination from Fon Doh and supporters.

A Review of Notable Political Rumors from CameroonChantal Biya
It was also rumoured that Chantal Vigouroux had been a prostitute as bar attendant, and that her twin boys had been conceived with a taxi-driver boyfriend from Bafut in the North West Province, who was shot dead by the traffic police after the wedding and the children’s birth certificates doctored to preserve presidential prestige.




Available through Hall of Shame Is our latest anti-corruption awareness tool.

This fine product shall be made available in time for Christmas and is the perfect gift to sensitize the children to the corruption issue plaguing Cameroon.



Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!
Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!


This great gift idea shall be made available for only two dollars ($2), with the first hundred purchasers receiving a free accessory to complement your Dictator Doll.  Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back and hear it speak some of the most popular Dictator expressions!


Each doll will have you in stitches as it repeats things like:

a)  I will chop your money.
b)  My Swiss bank account number is 165439876533419.
c)  Bribe or kill your opponents.
d)  I am a liar, thief & a cheat.
e)  My plane has gold fittings.
f)  Vive La France.


The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorised, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!
The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorized, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!

Dictator Doll Voodoo Needles.
Superior Brand - Dictator Doll Voodoo Needles. Only $1 per pair.

  For an extra one dollar ($1) you can order a pair of six inch (6) needles, and thus change your Dictator Doll into a Voodoo Doll. Imagine the hours of fun the children will have skewering their life-like Dictator Doll, to their hearts content.

Guaranteed - another 100% quality product from the people at “Hall of Shame”.

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Dear Mr Ambassador


Ambassador to Cameroon, Neils Marquardt.



Ambassador to Cameroon, Neils Marquardt,


Dear Ambassador Marquardt,

Please accept my congratulations on the recent opening of your new Embassy complex in Yaounde. I certainly can understand that there were some security issues surrounding the previous premises. I was a little disappointed not to receive an invitation to the opening ceremony, as I would have gladly prepared a barbeque for everyone to feast as a small “House warming” gift to make up for my past indiscretion.

OBarbeque at the old can only hope that half of what we read about US pressure on the Cameroon government in this latest push against corruption, is true. In a recent interview with the Post news, (Interview) you mention the promising future prospects in Cameroon for US investors if current corruption can be dealt a deadly blow. There are many American companies already operating in Cameroon as we speak, operating under the current levels of corruption and this begs me to ask you a few questions regarding how these investors fare and what benefit they bring to Cameroonians.

1) Can you name one current American run business in Cameroon that does not participate in the grubby business of corruption as a means to exist, while actually making a profit for the investors? What investment practices will you be advising US investors?

2) The Judiciary in Cameroon excels in corrupt activities and ploys to dupe investors. Under present circumstances this leaves Cameroon as a lawless society under the guidance of a government that has worked freely for over 20 years relieving the country of its wealth. Can you, with any conscience invite investors into Cameroon, where there is no independent judiciary and the courts are known as the most shameful and corrupt in the world?

3) What position does the US take regarding the human right atrocities and sufferings meted out by Paul Biya and his government on the people of Southern Cameroons? Equally, as you have spoken out against the corruption, do you plan to speak out against the governments abuses and killings carried out against these citizens?

4) What benefit will the US/Cameroon - Open Sky agreement bring Cameroonians, given that Camair is a failed and derelict airline that is not welcome at many airports due to C.A.A. Restrictions and air safety rules?

Warmest Regards,  Glenn Wilson


PS: Please do not take the comment about the barbeque to seriously, its just a bit of a joke - sort of. This is the type of sense of humour you must warn your investors to bring to Cameroon, because theyre going to need it!


Why The US Supports Fight Against Corruption In Cameroon
We are not, as taxpayers from the United States, going to put money in any country in which we think that there is a chance that the money we give or loan or invest, is not going to be safeguarded against embezzlement or theft.

United States, Cameroon Sign Open-Skies Aviation Agreement
Open-Skies agreements permit unrestricted air service by the airlines of both sides between and beyond the other’s territory, without restrictions on how often the carriers can fly, the prices they charge, or the kind of aircraft they useThe inauguration of the new $ 54 million (about FCFA 27 billion) US Embassy complex in Bastos, Yaounde

Americans Say They Are Here To Stay
Speaking during the inauguration of the new $ 54 million (about FCFA 27 billion) US Embassy complex in Bastos, Yaounde. Dr. Frazer (US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs) first indicated America's permanent interest in Cameroon during a press conference minutes before the official start of the inauguration ceremony that was attended by President Paul Biya.


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Investor’s Corner


Reforming The Cameroon Judicial System And Corruption
This egoistic system of governance is partially responsible or accountable for the vices we are entangled with today, such as corruption, embezzlement, misappropriation of state funds, cash flight, and swindling, human right abuse, promulgation of laws with defects which have given rise to a judicial system that is highly unpredictable and unreliable.

General Manager Admits Corruption In Customs
The General Manager of the Directorate General of Customs, Antoine Manga Massina, has admitted that corruption is rocking the sector. Massina added that fraud, smuggling, and dealing in contraband are a major headache too, in the Customs administration.

Caution!World Bank Official Highlights Cameroon's Investment Hostility
A senior visiting World Bank official has stated that Cameroon is not attracting enough foreign investment because of the country's harsh investment climate.

High Taxes Kill Investments And Jobs
Cameroon's economy is in decline. The knock-on effect for the ordinary man has meant reduced expenditure, a drastic cut on the disposable income and reduced levels of investment and trade. The country is facing many pressing problems from the inequalities between the rich and the poor, unemployment, education issues, the AIDS crisis, corruption and graft.

HIPC-I Completion Point Is Not Panacea - Hubert KamgangFraud
Cameroon's foremost economic critic Hubert Kamgang has stated that debt cancellation will never help Cameroon so long as its economy remains at the beck and call of its colonial master - France. "Even if all of Cameroon's debts are cancelled, the country will not move an inch because of the poor neo-colonial economy prevailing in the country," he said.
Corruption in Cameroon: A State of the Art.
The sheer number of Cameroonian children who have fled from this horrendous situation under Mr. Biya and are in “voluntary exile” in the Diaspora is incredible.


Next Months Newsletter.

There has been a promise that “Hall of Shame” shall be receiving the photo of the Solomon Chamber Barrister - Kumba (Mr Mbi) and also I believe I shall be sent a photo of the SGBC Bank manager. Once we receive the bank managers photo we shall proceed with the trial of Societe Generale. But next month it looks like we’ll be offering up a very interesting “Shame File” from Solomon Chambers.

Next month months feature articles:

 Biya and his Generals! Who’s really pulling the strings?

Plots to silence SCNC activists!



How Banks In Cameroon Frustrate Clients.
Until government intervenes directly to make things better for the public, the latter will continue to writhe in the frustration of unscrupulous "bank" managers and their colleagues.


Take care,  Glenn

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