The Hall of SHAME!

Edition No:8      February 2006         Paul Biya - Special Edition!

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


Hall of Shame - Monthly newsletter

The next edition will be published on the 1st of March 2006 and shall continue to arrive on the 1st of the month thereafter. If you wish to subscribe you can reply to and write SUBSCRIBE in the subject box. Each month once the newsletter is loaded onto the site you shall receive in your email inbox, a link to take you to the newsletter.



Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. Its early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.

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From The Editors Desk

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

Welcome to 2006, Hall of Shame style.

Many thanks to the readers who supplied testimonies into the charges against Paul Biya. The response was overwhelming and we hope for a similar response during this month as we seek further testimonies into fraudulent banking practices .(SGBC and Societe Generale, trial #2)

             There are still a few missing photos for the Shame Files. Weve decided to increase the payment for good quality photo of the remaining culprits to US $200. Imagine that, $400 waiting for a creative individual at SGBC, Limbe!  Further details in the Photographs Wanted section. Those culprits might as well send their photos and collect the money themselves. (That way, they could at least choose a flattering photo). One way or another their photos will appear in our Shame File!

            As I scan through this months edition, all I see is Paul Biya & Paul Biya!  So weve decided to call this newsletter #8 the Paul Biya - Special Edition. Yes, this is one for the collectors. I notice that Paul has been in the hot seat with pressure on him to declare his assets. I guess 23 years of collecting his billions must leave his memory a bit hazy as to what he's spent the money on? Thats where the friendly folk at H.O.S newsletter come in. Well assist Mr Biyas memory by including a list of his assets in next months newsletter. I think we know about 80% of the assets, but any caring person who doesnt want Paul to strain his mind, and thinks I may have missed something can add to the list by contacting me.


Hall of Shame Supreme Court

Hall of shame Supreme Court Emblem





Take notice that the Court shall moved on the forenoon or soon thereafter on behalf of the people of Cameroon for the following crimes against humanity, genocide and embezzlement:


(I )  The court has received an enormous amount of witness testimony from a variety of sources. These outline a wide range of crimes for which this court holds jurisdiction to hear the matter as it so chooses.

(II)  Due to the variety and volume of testimony, the court has ruled to only use the evidence that is already determined as true and also only apply the evidences that directly link Paul Biya to the crimes. The missing information containing vast human rights atrocities can be accessed through UN, Amnesty International and a variety of government reports.

(III)  The jury (any concerned citizen) is requested to carefully read the facts contained in this case before voting on the Guilty / Not Guilty buttons below. Voting figures shall be updated every 48 hours and the tally be available to be viewed at the same location.



(1) That you PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA as Cameroon's President acted ultra-vires by
 murdering in cold blood;

(a)  The former 1st Lady of Cameroon - Jean Irene Biya.
(b) Rev. Fr ANTHONY FONTEH, Principal St. Augustine College Nso.
(c)  Three Rev Sisters at Ndjoum in the South Province
(d)  Roger Motaze - a cousin to Jean Irene and ex-Aid-de-camp to the president.
ote: The murder of Irene Biya served to cover up the billions embezzled from the now defunct SCB Bank by Paul Biya. The murders of the Reverend, the Reverend Sisters at Djoum and Roger Motaze served to hide the crime of Irene Biya’s murder.
(e)  That you also killed one CHURCHILL NEBA father of twins with one Chantal Pulcherie Biya now your dear wife.

(2) That you PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA as Cameroon's President acted ultra-vires by Billions Embezzled by Paul Biya.Embezzling from the citizens of Cameroon and are responsible for the ransacking of these banking institutions;

(a)  SCB - 150 Billion FCFA
(b)  Credit Agricole - 51 Billion FCFA
(c)  Cameroon Bank - 31 Billion FCFA
(d)  Meridien-BIAO - 17 Billion FCFA
(e)  Banque Camerounaisede Development - 22 Billion FCFA
(f)  Paribas Cameroun - 8 Billion FCFA
(g) That between 1982 & 1992 you squandered 4000 Billion FCFA in oil revenues belonging to the people of Cameroon.
(h)  That between 1982 & 1983 242 Billion FCFA saved at the National Produce Marketing Board was handed to dubious institutions under Paul Biya’s instructions.
Note: The above banks were raided by the government through unsecured and unrepaid loans.

(3) That you PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA as Cameroon's President acted ultra-vires by
Raiding Cameroon's natural resources for his own personal enrichment:

(a) That Paul Biya illegally gave the former French President Gistard D’stang and his son the illegal logging concession to a 42,000sq km area of rainforest. (25% of Cameroon’s rainforest).
(b)  That Paul Biya’s son also holds a vast logging concession.
(c)  That Paul Biya is responsible for the torture and death of thousands of Anglophones in the Northwest & Southwest provinces who wish to secede from the Republic of Cameroon. Human right abuses are well documented internationally, though the brutality continues unchecked.
Note: Once illegal shipments of rainforest logs reach French territory, the load is deemed legal by French law, and thus Cameroon’s rainforest are being stripped to little or no benefit of the citizens.

Shipload Of Illegal Cameroon Timber Found In France
Green Peace attributes this to the weaknesses of the French as well as the European Union legislation.According to Green Peace, every week, ships loaded with timber from illegal sources in Africa, South America and South East Asia land in France.

The Biya Military Regime, a Tradition of Corruption
One of the last biggest tropical forest reserves on earth is being completely decimated in Cameroon.


As the Court pleases.

Guilty Trial #1 - 1st February 06.  Defendant - Paul Biya Not Guilty
Final Results
(28/2/06) Guilty Vote Count – 15128
  Final Results
(28/2/06) Not Guilty Vote Count – 045

Only one vote shall register when clicking on the Guilty/Not Guilty button, (unless the page is refreshed between clicks). Voting must be done at the website to register.

Voting shall close at midnight on the 28th February 2006.

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Hall Of Shame Supreme Court - Rules

1)   We accept unsworn testimony from fictitious witnesses (as per Fako Appeal Court). It is not necessary to identify yourself to supply testimony in any of our court matters.

2)   We present testimonies to the public, who shall then be able to click on a Guilty / Not Guilty facility after reading the testimonies.

3)   Hall of Shame Supreme Court shall accept the verdict of the public, whereby we shall penalize the persons, if found guilty, according to their crimes.

4)   Court dates and defendants names shall be listed at least 3 months in advance, thus allowing ample time for testimonies to be received from all parties.

5)   The verdict of the public shall be final.

Supreme Court - Case # 2

Defendant: Societe Generale & SGBC Bank.
Banking institutions in Cameroon & France.

Charges: Theft, Conspiracy and Fraud

Hearing Date: 1st March.
All testimonies to be made public on this day.

Ruling & Sentencing Date: 1st April
Ruling and sentence to be delivered, as per public jury.

Collection of Testimonies: The Hall of Shame Supreme Court requests that testimonies are to be received by February 15th. All testimonies shall be accepted and the witnesses shall remain totally anonymous. Any testimony covering matters outside the main charges shall be accepted and incorporated into the information made public on the hearing date.

Testimonies to be sent to:


Trial #2 - 1st March 06.  Defendant - Societe Generale
Trial #2
Trial #3 - 1st April 06.  Defendant - Ketuanze Jacob.
Trial #3
Trial#4 - 1st May 06  Defendant - Justice Lebong Morfaw Chibili
Trial #4


Praise File #6


Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle


Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle.

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle is an indefatigable campaigner for peace ,harmony, tranquillity and has a canny mantle for a united North West Province. If there is any member of Cameroon’s National Election Observatory that supervised free, fair and transparent election without a stain on his reputation, Ntumfor Halle, also North West Fons Union Ambassador and Spokesperson is that one person.
Prior to Cameroon Presidential polls, this courageous fine brain treaded where even angels could not dare. He caused ballot boxes to be removed from Fon’s palaces including the one in the Lion’s den in Balikumbat.

Traditional rulers should do politics but without infringing on people’s rights. Reason why he condemns in strong terms traditional rulers who take sides in politics and even compel their subjects to join them through coercion, duress, force or outright gruesome murders to frighten them vote for their own candidates when subjects have theirs.
His God fearing nature, humility and respect to all and sundry ;his anti smear campaign, anti corruption, bad governance, human rights abuses, condemnation of dictatorial regimes and an unquenchable flair for the development of Cameroon and his Province of origin puts him at odd with many a politicians who appreciate his popularity with an increasing nervous hallucination.

            EXAMPLE. When Ntumfor Nico initiated North West Development Forum after successfully electrifying and building a magnificent Fon’s Palace during his tenure as a Village Development Association President, NW Government Ministers and some political gasbags became so frightened that they quickly hijacked this million dollar idea and adulterated it as North West Development Partnership incorporating only CPDM supporters and militants as members.
udos to Ntumfor because NWP, Cameroon’s Political capital-birth place of Biya`s ruling CPDM and main opposition SDF party of Fru Ndi-is now in one piece- without tribal skirmishes and electoral violence, thanks to Ntumfor Nico`s reconciliation prowess most especially given that his reconciliation out of the court angered some venal judicial and legal gurus who thought and saw an opportunity to make money from poor North Westerners. Today, Ntumfor is Chairman of All African Conference of Church’s transitional team and prays to God everyday for the betterment of NW and Cameroon.

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My 2 Cents !



Cameroon - A sinking ship?

With all the current discussion on achieving debt relief at the moment, it set me wondering what actual benefit could the Cameroon public expect to receive? We seem to be bombarded in Australia at the moment with commercials showing starving African children and asking for money to feed and educate them. Whilst I have the utmost sympathy for the suffering, I dont see any real solution in this begging mentality designed to pluck at ones conscience. (I know these ploys embarrass Africans, The hidden results of Corrupt African Leadership.but it empties the viewers pockets and thats good for someones business.) Why not instead of using photos of starving and emancipated children, use images of Africas leaders showing the luxurious lifestyles with palaces and aircraft with gold fittings while the children starve outside the palace walls? I think you might see a very different reaction by the sympathetic in Western countries as to how to deal with the matter! 

What happened to all that razzamatazz last year with the Bandaid concert? So much time and energy, so much good intent has fallen to the wayside and Africa is back to business as usual. It seems like some magical slight-of-hand trick that has everyone looking in the wrong direction. Perhaps if half the money finding its way out of African countries and into foreign bank accounts were used to invest in infrastructure, health, education and employment, many of the woes now suffered might slowly disappear. If we scrutinize the Cameroon government, how on earth can one expect that debt relief will assist the citizens? The government is determined to embezzle the money and hide it in foreign bank accounts. Those banks holding embezzled sums of money (billions) in false bank accounts or in the name of Africas dictators should bear the brunt of the publics anger at the dismal situation of some African countries. Why are people starving and dying for lack of food or health facilities, while swollen accounts sit in foreign banks? In Australian banks, the movement of money, of $10,000 Aud (US $7000) and above are tracked by the government for taxation purposes and the origin of the funds needs to be explained. So, how is it possible that African ministers and their children are opening and operating accounts with unexplained millions? Perhaps if it were difficult to stash this money in some overseas bank, some money might find its way to being invested in the country from which it was stolen. Maybe you cant stop the thieves, but if some means were found that public money taken overseas was accounted for, it would force the money to be invested at home, to which at least the public might see something in employment, better hospitals or an improved economy.

            My personal feelings are that those Governments, Banks and Investors in corrupt regimes who want to go and play with those dictators, must own their part in the death and misery they cause. The IMF was foolish to lend the money to the Biya government. If they want to fund palaces, overseas chalets, planes and Biyas extravagant lifestyle, then so be it! The resources that they knew Cameroon possessed and were collateral do not belong to Biya. They are the property of the citizens of Cameroon. The IMF needs to collect its money from Biyas bank accounts in France! They should knock on Societe Generales door, who seem Does Captain Biya intend going down with the ship or will he be hiding in the raft with the women and children?to be involved in fraudulent activities between Cameroon and France. The IMF should not even be thinking to make Cameroonians suffer even more for their greedy business decisions. The day when banks become accountable for their actions, Africas problems will be half solved. If some action isnt taken now, where will Cameroon be in twenty years? Its oil reserves exhausted in American & French vehicles, no remaining rainforest - that was shipped to France by 2010, and those blood sucking leeches who drained the country will be sitting in Europe with their shrinking bank accounts. Cameroonians need to claim what belongs to them before there is nothing to recover.

(I wonder if that was four cents worth? The above commentary in no way refers to the suffering caused through natural disaster, just the man made disasters.) Below is a Cameroonian giving his two cents.



What is your total?              Bravo Paul!

How many people die on bad roads in Cameroon every year?
How many people die because they could not even get to the hospital?
How many people die because, they got to the hospital but no medicine, no equipment and even no doctor?
How many people die of joblessness, misery, no hopes etc?
How many take up the profession of prostitution, banditry etc as the only option and eventually die?

Think of how much money that has been siphoned by the CEO of the butchery (Cameroon) and his few friends that ought to have been used to create jobs, repair roads, build more hospitals, equip them etc.

If you have ever lost a family member because of any of the above, rest assured that, he or she was murdered. Use this formula to calculate: Total number of people Murdered by the CEO = Total number of people who died every year – 10% from natural causes X 23 years. What is your total?

Comment excerpt taken from “The Post” website - reader comment.


Quarter of a million people face food shortages in north
Under Paul Biya's regime of corruption, impunity and frauds, Cameroon has become poorer than it was in the 1950's during colonial occupation.

Africa's Sorrows.
Yet the more African leaders receive aid the more they steal them and the less they rely on their taxpayers, and the less they are accountable to their people because they are loyal only to their foreign bank accounts and those who sponsor them. They squander aid money at will since the donors know, and usually get what they want; mining concessions, free access to markets for their finished products, dumping rights and so on.


Photographs Wanted ($200 US each)

We are still missing a few “Shame File” photos. In the interest of seeing that none of these crooks escape under the Hall of Shame radar, we decided to double the incentive to (US $200). Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) is still in Kumba for some lucky photographer. The last I knew, the SGBC Manager & Assistant Manager were both at the Limbe SGBC branch. As for the Chief of Territorial Surveillance in Buea, he is a large Bayangi man and was there in 2002 / 2003 (Governors Office building). He can be identified by Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng of Buea Judicial Police. Further helpful information on these “Shame File Fugitives” locations can be requested by contacting me at the address below. Photos must be of similar quality to those used in previous shame files. Good luck with the snapping. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $200 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only by myself. Photos can be forwarded to

Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?

Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.

SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Justice J. F. Fonkwe - Fako Appeals Court Judge. Buea

Barrister Mbi – Solomon Chambers, Kumba.

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)


NEWS - February 2006

IMF Begins Scanning Cameroon's Triennial Programme
“The Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Observatory, disclosed recently that a circa 50 percent of the state budget goes into private pockets every year through various acts of corruption..."  The budget for the fiscal year 2006 is above CFA FRS 1000 BILLION. If about 50% of this amount is syphoned every year it gives us an idea of how the national economy is suffering in the hands of these superb leechers.

Cameroon's HIPC Completion Point In Sight - World Bank Official
This is a joke. Please the Worldbank, IMF should not continue to loan our corrupt gov'ts money. If they do, then they do not really care about the poor masses because this money will go into the pockets of the current corrupt government officials. I can't believe they are about to say Cameroon has met their WB HIPC commitment.

US Ambassador Condemns 'Cosmetic' Anti-Corruption Measures* Wants Stolen Wealth Confiscated
If this man is serious, let him ask the French puppet, "Mon Cher Paul[Biya]," if he or his late wife ever returnedThe Stolen Wealth. the life-savings of their citizens they stole from the bank (BEAC???), as was reported by its former manager in Jeune Afrique Economie after he fled and gained asylum in Canada. They ruined the lives of families and sent many people to an early grave.

Biya Challenged To Declare Assets
The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has been called upon to bow to the provisions of article 66 of the country's constitution and declare his assets.
Some Civil Society activists made the call during a press conference the National Anti-Corruption Observatory organized at the Yaounde City Council hall on January 17.

Sacrificing Cameroonians For Debt Relief
As if to further dampen the hopes of Cameroonians, economic murderers continue to strike in 2005. Billions of FCFA belonging to customers were lost to embezzlers at the Post Office Savings Bank.  Many customers are losing hope of ever getting back the money they toiled tirelessly to save. Despite government's pledge to fight corruption and discourage the embezzlement of public funds, most of the faces behind the Post Office Savings Bank thievery are still enjoying impunity.



Human Rights Issues


Silent Genocide And The Cost Of Liberation
Learned barrister-at-law and defence counsel at the UN Tribunal for Rwanda based in Arusha, Tanzania, Charles Achaleke Taku, has always pointed at various actions by the Yaounde regime against Southern Cameroonians that could qualify as genocide, which is one of the most serious offences in international law.
The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Sir Nigel Rodney, who did an investigation on torture in Cameroon in 1999, reported that the practice is widespread in Cameroon and found evidence that Southern Cameroonians (or Anglophones) are particularly targeted.

CTE Workers On The Streets Again
Workers of the Cameroon Tea Estate, CTE, in Tole, Buea, were out in the streets on Wednesday,CTE workers with placards calling on the authorities to save their souls. January 18, with placards calling on the authorities to save their souls.
Niba, who has worked with the CDC, now CTE, for 26 years, complained that since 1976, his salary had been deducted as Social Insurance savings. Virtually weeping, Niba said his eight children no longer go to school because he has no money. "I am speaking with tears in my eyes. All my eight children cannot go to school. I do not work any longer. We are worn out.

Herewith a list of Southern Cameroonians, victims of illegal detentions, arrests, torture, summary executions and assassinations orchestrated by the Biya regime against Southern Cameroonians since 1990.

The World Bank And Its Misguided Policies In Cameroon
The World Bank claims that the advancement of broadly defined human rights is not possible without development. Development of course is the bank's business.Yet large amounts of money continue to flow to governments that systematically abuse human rights and have shown little commitment to alleviating poverty or protecting the natural resources on which a majority of people in developing countries depend.

The mass grave in the Bois des Singes & The «Bépanda Nine»
Reactions from all over the place are now being felt in Cameroon, because of the on-going extrajudicial executions and mysterious disappearances, including those of nine young men from Bépanda. So much so, that President Paul Biya is now having to do something about it.


“Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

State Counsel Convocation. How to spend the weekend in a Cameroonian Jail Cell!

I’ve read several Human Rights reports on Cameroon and one reoccurring theme is citizens being detained on Fridays, thus suffering a weekend in the cells before any chance of release can be arranged. I thought I would share with you my own near experience of this abuse. The above convocation is signed by the notoriously corrupt Magistrate, Ketuanze Jacob. Luckily a friend arranged that I attended this meeting with a lawyer. Three pages of charges made against me on this day, disappeared shortly after from this office (Limbe State Counsel). While this attempt to have me locked up and deported didn’t succeed, it was two days later that I was accosted by soldiers with rifles at SGBC, denying me entry to the bank and accusing me of attempted murder…..   This was just the beginning. Fourteen months later, it almost seemed normal to incinerate the vehicle at the US Embassy in Yaounde.  Glenn.

“Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

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Fon Doh Will Stand Trial
The ruling, delivered on Wednesday, January 11, in Ndop, by Justice Paul Mwambo Evande, declared that testimonies from 23 witnesses indicated that Fon Doh and 11 suspects in detention took part in murdering Kohtem. Consequently, they have a case to answer.

Filming corruption in Cameroon.  (BBC)
The logging road in question belonged to no ordinary logging company, however. In a country that has recently been designated the most corrupt in the world, it may be no surprise that the owner is the president's son.

Murderer – Fon Doh



President Biya finally accepts one of
the Australians petitions.


Paul Biya receives another petition from his greatest Australian Fan!

What is the President thinking?

a)   How dare anyone ask for justice in my country!

b)   What country is Australia in?

c)   What language is this? What does blood sucking leech mean?

d)   If only I could get my hands on the Australian, I would book him a room at Kondengui and see he gets a thorough foot massage with a bamboo rod.

e)   I hate visiting this country. I wish I were back in my French homeland with my brothers.

f)    Will someone get me a bloody drink!






Organizers: SCYL, SCNC, in partnership with the Interim Government (IG)Cameroonians within Europe will march on Downing Street on February 11th.

Date of action: 11 February 2006
Time of protest action: 14.00 – 17.00 GMT


Purpose of protest action:

 For the freedom of Southern Cameroons political prisoners of conscience being held in La Republique's torture chambers.

 To force the Government of Her Majesty Kingdom to leave up to its responsibility and failures on the Southern Cameroons quest for self-determination.

 To request the Blair's Government to bring pressure to bear on the Yaoundé junta in halting its act of impunity, human rights abuses and the illegal detentions, torture and extra-judicial killings of SCYL and SCNC activists.

It should be noted that since the UK betrayed the Southern Cameroons in favour of the French, this geographical entity (S.C) has known nothing but slavery, exploitation and underdevelopment. The Yaoundé junta has not only squeezed live out of the Southern Cameroons in terms of resources, the have moved well beyond to make us nothing short of second class citizens and beggars.

In this light, the London protest is deemed one of our last civilized DIPLOMATIC moves before we make a final onslaught to free ourselves.

The Flag of Southern Cameroons.

Secretariat of the Secretary General SCYL

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Secretary General of the SCYL will personally be leading Southern
Cameroonians within Europe for the march on Downing Street on February 11th
2006.The Secretary General is in consultation with the Metropolitan Police
of London on the conduct of this historic action.

Every Southern Cameroonian should seize this unique opportunity to make
their voices heard in the corridors of power of the country that betrayed
our forward thrust to independence.

Administrative and Political Secretary

Southern Cameroons Center, Germany

Victor Che

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Dear H.E. Paul Biya



President Biya says Public funds are embezzled, it should be recalled, at the expense of the nation. I want to say very solemnly today: This must stop.

Mr President, some questions for you to answer:

1) You have a luxurious palace in Mvomeka with a private golf course and air strip. Can you tell us where you got the money from?

2) You once publicly called yourself a successful and you have many plantations in the South province and Edea. Again, where did you get the money?

3) Your wife Chantal Biya does not have a profession and has no private business. Yet she spends lavishly on charitable projects. Can you order an audit into CERAC and Foundation Chantal Biya?

4) Your son Frank Biya, runs one of the most successful forest exploitation companies in Cameroon,  Ingenierie Forestiere which the WWF asked the Cameroon government to investigate for illegal logging. What has become of this?

5) Your constitution says public officials must declare their assets. We are still waiting for you to do this.

6) The General manager of the then Cameroon Bank, Messi Messi fled to Canada in 1989 and said publicly that you and your wife (Jean Irene) ruined the bank by taking out huge sums as loans, which you never repaid. Up to this day, you have sealed your lips on this issue!

7) You build a government school (Les Cocinelles de Palais) in the Unity Palace which your children and those of your friends attend while there are government schools just outside your gate (Ecoles Publiques de Etoudi and Ecole Bilingue dEmana) which are in deplorable conditions.

Listen Biya, you do not have the moral authority to fight corruption. The Englishman says: He who lives in glass houses cannot throw stones. It is popular knowledge that you are a dishonest man and have used Cameroons resources to enrich yourself and your family beyond peoples wildest dreams. You cannot then turn around and tell the policeman on the street, the headmaster, the principal in our schools, our treasurers to stop this habit. I have seen a SONEL worker in Bamenda take a bribe from someone who was illegally diverting electricity. He did it openly in the house in front of little children and did not even attempt to hide. He clearly said that Biya is up there stealing his own share and I am just following the pattern he has set for us.

Mr President, corruption in Cameroon can only be solved by your immediate resignation together with those of your cohorts. We Cameroonians are generous and can protect you from prosecution for any crimes in office. Only then can Cameroon start on a new leaf with a new leader who at least has the confidence of the people. But do you Biya have enough courage to liberate yourself from materialism first and then Cameroon?

God bless you Paul Biya and best wishes for the New Year.

This comment was posted on Jan 1, culled from the Post News article,
New Year 2006: President Biya Addresses the Nation




Investor’s Corner

CAMEROON: New anti-corruption drive leaves many sceptical
"When I complained that there were too many state servants who have been amassing wealth from state coffers, I was told to show proof,” the former minister - who later ran against Biya in the 2004 presidential election - said on a state-run radio talk show.
“When I showed proof by forwarding 32 names to the head of state, nothing was done, these peopleAnother duped investors post Cameroon experience! were never sanctioned, and I had to resign.”

Cameroon Police Top World Corruption Chart
The 2005 world barometer of most corrupt institutions shows that the Cameroon police force is the most corrupt institution in the world.
While the police occupied the first position in Cameroon, and in the world, they are closely followed by customs, the judiciary and the Cameroon administration.

FCFA 17 Billion Scandal At FEICOM: Justice Minister Feigns Ignorance
The Vice Prime Minister in charge of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Amadou Ali, says he is not aware of the audit that puts the former General Manager of the Special Council Support Fund, FEICOM, Emmanuel-Gerard Ondo Ndong at the centre of a 17 billion embezzlement scandal in the outfit.

Corruption in Cameroon
In Cameroon, corruption has become a way of life that has taken hold of the very fabric of the society. Little wonder that the country has twice emerged the most corrupt in the world!



Next Months Newsletter.

Well, I hope Paul enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed crossing paths with his judiciary. Anyone wishing to give any input into some of next months issues should feel free. Well be putting a comprehensive list of Pauls assets together for public viewing next month.  Also the votes shall be tallied, verdict given and sentence passed in Paul’s Hall of Shame Supreme Court trial. It looks like it’s going to be another big month for Paul in the next newsletter. But then, who could imagine someone more deserving?

Its strange to think that five years ago, Paul & I didnt have a clue who each other was, and now  were like old friends. Even our wives have something in “common”!  But thats just our little secret, eh Paul!


Well also be taking SGBC & Societe Generale to task in next months Hall of Shame Supreme Court. So get those banking stories in by the 20th Feb.

Plus the usual hodge podge of the unusual and unbelievable that makes up Hall of Shame. Till next month.

Take care,  Glenn

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