The Hall of SHAME!

Edition No:10     April 2006         Paul Biya - Special Edition (III)

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


Hall of Shame - Monthly newsletter

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Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. Its early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.



From The Editors Desk

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

                                    Another very strange month has passed. As they say, “fact is often stranger than fiction”, and I for one don’t have the imagination to dream this stuff up. During the course of the month a strange thing happened. I received from the manufacturer, a prototype of the "Dictator Doll" I advertised in last months newsletter.Biya suffered stomach cramps while in Equatorial Guinea! (See advertisement at the bottom of this page) The doll looked very life-like and the image of Biya was excellent. For some reason, I'm not sure why, but I used some needles I had nearby and pierced the stomach region of the doll several times. It even seemed like a very silly thing to do at the time. I thought nothing more of it until I began reading reports on the web a couple of days later saying that the President was taken to hospital with stomach cramps or abdominal pains. I was dumfounded when I read the reports. Could I believe in Voodoo, that something like this can happen or is it purely coincidence?  If it is coincidence, it's almost to spooky to believe.

Later, I did read another report that Biya is still in Europe suffering from food poisoning he got while in Equatorial Guinea. That he is in really bad shape and belching up all that stolen money he’s eaten!

We also have the final voting on the sentence to be carried out in the final phase of the trial of Paul Biya. Many thanks to the thousands of you who voted throughout the trial, I think we can all feel encouraged that finally “Justice shall Prevail”. A special thanks to all who actively participated in this landmark case, showing that the small people do have a voice and are entitled to be heard. We have done the hard work and now is the time to pass the matter over to a power much higher than ourselves.

I also noticed a new and informative website with excellent links to the various groups involved in the struggle for Southern Cameroon’s independence. Take a few moments to see what is available at the Independent Gazette .

All the best,  Glenn

CAMEROON: Biya suffers malaise in Equatorial Guinea
YAOUNDE, 16 Mar 2006 (IRIN) - Cameroon’s President Paul Biya suffered a malaise on Wednesday in Equatorial Guinea while attending a summit of central African leaders, his office said on Thursday.

Hall of Shame Supreme Court

Hall of shame Supreme Court Emblem






Take notice that the Court shall moved on the forenoon or soon thereafter on behalf of the people of Cameroon for the following crimes against humanity, genocide and embezzlement:


(I) The Higher Judicial Council of the Hall of Shame Supreme Court declares that the punishment to be served on the criminal ( PAUL BARTHELEMY BIYA) has been decided through a just & fair vote of his peers.

(II) This Court declares that the punishment, to be implemented immediately is as declared in article (III). The court shall with no negotiation declare that all (100%) assets belonging to Paul Biya are immediately frozen and procedures put in place for the assets to be returned to the people of Cameroon.

a) Banishment from Cameroon.

Votes -  1418

b) Execution.

Votes -  448

c) Imprisonment for life.

Votes - 1342

d) Tie him on a post at Kumba markets, rub salt on his legs and let goats lick them.

Votes - 521

e) Stringing him up by the balls and pierce him piece meal until all the stolen wealth is returned.

Votes - 892

(III) Banishment and Imprisonment for life in a foreign country.

(IV)  An Arrest warrant has now been issued by this court for the detainment of Paul Biya. The court is seeking to deport the prisoner to Belgium, where proceedings can begin in the International Court, seeking a life sentence for Crimes against Humanity. This court is not beyond hiring America’s most famous Bounty Hunter and arguably the Worlds "Greatest" Bounty Hunter, Duane Lee Chapman, AKA – The Dog, to bring Paul Biya to Justice.

Official Website of Dog Duane Chapman


If you tif tifman ye money you don do good

Paul Biya na tifman

Paul Biya na tif man
Hey wa
I say Biya Bi Mvondo na tif man
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa!

Ye first name na Tifman
Ye last name na Biya
I say Biya Bi Mvondo na tifman
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa!

Ninety-Nine day for tif man
One day for the owners oh
Biya na tifman hey
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa!

But if you tif country ye money your last name na Biya

If you tif tifman ye money you don do good
But if you tif country ye money your last name na Biya
I say Biya na Tif man
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa

I say Biya na Tif man

Simal time ropi go tie yi karnass
Hey wa
Then they go wrap yi bangala
Hey wa
Chantou I di sorry na you my sister
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa.
Ohhhhh hey wa
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa
I sayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa.
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey
Ahmadou Ahidjo
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa.
Mamfe – Bamenda
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa.
Bami- Beti
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa
Hausa- Tipouri
Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa.
How you i enjoy ma song?

Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey wa

Hey wa wa wa wa wa hey waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Tchack tchack Frippp Pooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

National Song And Drama Contest Against Corruption Launched
A national song and drama contest has been launched by a Limbe-based NGO, Civil Initiatives for Development with Integrity, CIDI, in a bid to bolster the national fight against corruption. An announcement to this effect states that the contest, which has as its theme, "Corruption" is open to individuals, schools and groups who are interested.

The Inside Story of a Bloodhound Who May Be a Serial Killer.


Shame File No:7

Name: Barrister Mbi Jonas

Residence: Solomon Law Firm

Lumumba Street, Kumba

Aliases: Na Kumba feyman.
                    Mbi na oversize doki.

Barrister Mbi Jonas, carrying his files of doki in Kumba.

Congratulations Mbi Jonas for finally making an appearance where you belong, in this arena where thieves, liars & cheats are exposed for what they are. For those who may wonder what  my issues are with this feyman, here's a short explanation.

On June 20, 2001 Barrister Mbi was brought to Limbe (by Enow Brillian Ayuk) to act on my behalf on the purchaser of a compound at Towe Quarter, Mile 2.  The purchase price was 10,000,000 and Barrister Mbi advised that his fees would be 500,000. (10% of the purchase price).  Behind the scenes Barrister Mbi had arranged that the seller - a Colonel Ebogo Titus, would be paid the actual price of 8,000,000cfa and fake documents were to be drawn up for me to believe that the price was 10,000,000.  Barrister Mbi Jonas accepted his 500,000 cfa fee from me to act on my behalf and then stole 2,000,000 cfa. So far he has supplied 3 different documents of title on the same purchase.  On July 31, 2001, I presented myself at Solomon Chambers to discuss discrepancies with the compound title documents. Barrister Mbi Jonas made excuses and accepted that the documents were poor and had problems. On August 2nd he arrived in Limbe asking for 200,000 cfa to redo the title papers in my name. At this time Barrister Mbi withheld all the documentation and was to advise Enow Brillian Ayuk to remove all documentation of my purchases from the marital home, which she did three days later. Barrister Mbi Jonas was then present at State Council six days later (10th August) where an attempt was made to jail & deport me. Barrister Mbi Jonas attended State Council representing Enow Brillian Ayuk, with three pages of false charges (which were to disappear from State Council office a month later). It is possible that Barrister Mbi Jonas was the one who planted the seed in Enow Brillian Ayuk's head, that led to her poisoning me.
The story goes on, but basically Solomon Chambers is a thieves hideout and unknowing people seeking legal service should remain clear of this Chamber of Thieves.

Have no fear Barrister Jonas Mbi, we shall be visiting you continually, until such time as you appear at Fako High court and set straight your shameful actions in the court matter still pending. I hope Mr. Biya realizes that it is because of bottom feeding rodents like you, that he is taking a continual bath in this forum. But for thieves like you bringing shame upon the Cameroon Judiciary specifically and Cameroon in general, this website wouldn't exist. I hope Popol appreciates your efforts and rewards you appropriately.

Mbi Jonas Lie Lie Lawyer

Mbi Jonas oversize lies (First two words falling pitch and the last two rising pitch)

It is said that a mans signature is his word! This signature of Mbi Jonas was on fake doki (property title documents) and 2,000,000 cfa was stolen.



Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)
Mbi Jonas oversize head
Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)
Mbi Jonas Oversize coat
Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)
Mbi Jonas Oversize shoes
Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)
Mbi Jonas oversize dross
Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)
Mbi Jonas oversize doki
Lie Lie Lawyer oh Pampam (chorus)

Let only the men sing this part
Mbi, Mbi (slow)
Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi (fast)

Ladies only
Mbi, Mbi (slow)
Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi

Mbi, Mbi (slow)
Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi Mbi

Then repeat the song all over.








My 2 Cents !



Hunting the "Big Whales"

Here we are again, only some few short months later and to those that aren’t blind, it can be clearly seen that Biyas Biya Hunting Season!anti-corruption locomotive is not only slowing down but being turned down some sidetrack. Knowing that all fingers are pointing at him (Biya). What does he do? Start another anti corruption drive. I guess that he will torture and goal a few scapegoats and stand there expecting to be hailed as some type of hero! The most disappointing part of this is that to some extent he will probably succeed. His recent self-appointment as the head of a National Anti-Corruption Commission wreaks of more foul play against the citizens of Cameroon. Biya knows that if he appoints a Moby Biya!Politician or Judge as team leader, he risks a similar episode as happened in the 90’s with minister Garga, where the bloated whales were exposed. Biya knows that all roads to corrupt practices lead straight to the gates of the Presidential Palace. Which one of his palaces you ask? Well, all of them of course!

“For those who don't remember, a similar anti-corruption drive was launched in the early 1990s when Garga was the Minister of Public Services. Garga took the anti-corruption campaign so seriously that his enthusiasm threatened the very foundations of the Biya regime.
As a result, the President stepped in and unceremoniously stripped Garga of his authority to hunt the "big whales" that were emptying the national treasury. He resigned in protest in August 1992“.
(excerpt from the news story below)  

My thoughts on this matter are quite simple. We have an unwanted Japanese whaling fleet lurking around the southern oceans below Australia. I suggest that post haste we send them to Cameroon to blast away with theirAnyone can join in whale hunting season! harpoons at the bloated and lazy whales. They would be easy targets for any harpooner, as after living off the fat of the people, I just can’t picture them moving quickly enough to avoid the explosive harpoon. The Japanese only kill whales for scientific experiments (Well that's their story), so maybe they can analyze the bloated whale samples and discover what makes these corrupt people act the way they do? It has been said that most of the whales harpooned by the Japanese end up on a dinner plate or in a tin of dog food. Hmm, that might be just the motivation for those bloated whales to think about quickly shedding a few pounds and a few billion cfa!

Biya's Bloated Buddies!
How Far WILL Biya Go - And How Far SHOULD He Go?

A recent interview given to The Post Newspaper by Garga Haman Adji (aka "the whale hunter"), a former Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, raises a more relevant question: How far should Biya go, given the mind-boggling depth of institutionalized corruption in Cameroon?

Then there were the Cameroonian athletes who fled before the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth games in Melbourne. If they were genuine athletes who took their chance for a better life and to escape the clutches of the Biya regime, then I wish them the best of luck. But if they are cheats who bribed their way to be included in the Cameroon delegation with the sole purpose of cheating the immigration procedures, then I hope these persons are caught and given a taste of our detention centre's, before being deported back to Cameroon and the welcoming committee that Biya shall have waiting for them.

All the best,  Glenn Wilson

Photographs Wanted ($200 US each)

We are still missing a few “Shame File” photos. In the interest of seeing that none of these crooks escape under the Hall of Shame radar, we decided to double the incentive to (US $200). Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) is still hiding in Kumba for some lucky photographer, (snapped!). The last I knew, the SGBC Manager & Assistant Manager were both at the Limbe SGBC branch. As for the Chief of Territorial Surveillance in Buea, he is a large Bayangi man and was there in 2002 / 2003 (Governors Office building). He can be identified by Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng of Buea Judicial Police. Further helpful information on these “Shame File Fugitives” locations can be requested by contacting me at the address below. Photos must be of similar quality to those used in previous shame files. Good luck with the snapping. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $200 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only by myself. Photos can be forwarded to

Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?

Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.

SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Justice J. F. Fonkwe - Fako Appeals Court Judge. Buea

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)

NEWS - April 2006

Commonwealth Games: Nine Cameroon Athletes Disappear
Cameroon's chef de mission reported the athletes missing to police at the temporary police station at the village about two hours before the Games closing ceremony began.

CPDM Blames Corruption Spread On JudiciaryHigh Court Justice
The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, party has accused the judiciary of sowing seeds of corruption that have spared no sector in the country. In a motion of support read at the Bamenda Congress Hall during celebration of the 21st anniversary of the party on March 24, the militants regretted that if not of a corrupt judiciary, Cameroon could have been corruption free.

Assets Declaration Bill To Rock Parliament
The ongoing Parliamentary session is expected to go stormy this week when MPs begin scrutinizing the bill on the declaration of assets in a plenary sitting. Members of the Constitutional Laws Committee began scanning the draft law last week. According to sources, discussions were hot and rowdy as MPs picked holes on the bill.

Can Biya, On His Own, Effectively, Arrest All Big Time Embezzlers?
Biya should Declare Assets
I do not believe that Biya can effectively arrest all the big shots embezzling state funds. First, he should declare his assets according to Article 66 of the constitution. It is only at that point that the big shots could be arrested. Without that, there are no hopes. Philip Njaru, Human Rights Defender

Hon. Tamfu Recommends Biya To Arrest Even HimselfBiya should arrest himself!
"We are gathered here today to tell His Excellency Paul Biya that he is dancing the real dance. We need to encourage him to arrest more embezzlers of public funds, whether they are in the ruling party or the opposition. Even if it means arresting some of us in the CPDM or himself, let him do it for us to arrive at the HIPC-Initiative Completion Point".

Biya Heads Anti-Corruption Commission
President Paul Biya Saturday, March 11, signed a Presidential Decree creating a National Anti-Corruption Commission, NAC, with him at the helm.
People, how can Biya, the king and keeper of corruption in Cameroon head a commission fighting the same scourge? Nonsense. This is another clear indication that the Biya regime, like a leopard can't change it's spots. Biya could not trust anyone else to shield his shady dealings and decided to seat at the helm of the body so he can decide who to sacrifice for PR reasons and who to maintain. (Readers comment)

Biya Must Confront Root Causes Of Corruption - Prof. Kale
Interviewed By Dibussi Tande
In this interview, Professor Kofele-Kale talks about the anti-corruption drive in Cameroon, and the need to establish international mechanisms for dealing with corruption by high-ranking government officials.

UPC Mackit Decries Release Of Alleged Embezzlers
President of UPC Mackit Dr. Samuel Mackit has said the ongoing anti-corruption fight led by President Paul Biya AWARENESS - The cure for a big joke. At a press conference in Douala on March 17, Mackit questioned why the big time 'thieves' arrested for embezzlement of public funds are soon released. Worse still, Cameroonians are not told why they are arrested.

Cameroon gay list publisher jailed for defamation

When was this homosexuality story broken? A month ago? And the editor is heading to jail already? If Cameroon "justice" was this efficient with corrupt public officials, wouldn't the country be far better off than prosecuting newspaper tabloid editors?
Newspaper editors are not keeping the country poor and undeveloped, but corruption certainly is. Priorities, priorities, priorities! When would we ever get our priorities right? Readers Comment.

Angry Workers Ground Work At Tole Tea Estate
For two weeks running, workers of Tole Tea Plantation, near Buea in the Southwest Province, have neither plucked a single leaf nor switched on any machine in the tea-processing factory that has existed since 1954.They duly report on duty at 6 o'clock every morning; hang around in clusters until noon, and then go their respective ways, to do subsistence farming.


Human Rights Issues

Cameroon Human Rights Record Still Poor
Following Paul Biya's authoritarian rule and decades of economic degradation, corruption, graft and, sometimes, outright theft, the Head of State's occupation of Cameroon has compounded the abuse of the human rights of the citizens. The President, in his latest move, has tied the element of corruption and debt relief together in what amounts to a threnody of grief for the grand ambition dream.

Cameroon Human Rights Report for 2005
The government's human rights record remained poor, and the government continued to commit numerous serious human rights abuses.

Plots to silence SCNC activists?
By Ashu Divine, human rights activist

The continuous arrest and detention of SCNC leaders and activists around Cameroon is creating fears within the SCNC organization. It is feared the Government has a list of over 150 SCNC activists they must put behind bars or assassinate in a means to weaken the organization.......


Cameroon cops detaining 9 Students 4 protest
About nine students of the Government High School Mamfe (GHS), members of the Southern Cameroons Youths League (SCYL), and members of the Manyu Youth?s Association were this afternoon arrested at the inauguration ground of the Mamfe general hospital. It should be noted that this hospital was build by the colonial masters, and since then it has never been renovated and the mortuary section is still not operational.

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 12:26:38 +0100 (BST)

 Another member of the SCYL, and member of SCNC Besongabang Mamfe.  Mr Etando Conrad Eta was detained yesterday 28th march 2006 at the Gendarmerie Brigade Mamfe when he went to give food to the SCYL detainees at the Gendarmerie Brigade Mamfe.  Mr. Etando was amongst the friends and relatives of the detainees who had pleaded for two days without success for the Gendarmes to allow food to be taken to the prisoners. As there were waiting outside for maybe a change of mind, Mr.Etado was called to take the food to the detainees as he entered the cell, the door was locked behind him and he was made a prisoner. He spent his first night in the cell with the rest of the SCYL detainees and sympathisers.

We continue to plead for the immediate released of the detained persons.

Yours Sincerely.
SCNC / SCYL Cordinator.


Law Without Boundaries: Presumption Of Innocence And Fair Trial (III)
Right to be tried without undue delay
It's the fundamental right of every accused person charged with a criminal offence to be tried without undue delay. However, fast and swift justice may sometimes occasion a miscarriage of justice in a society where the judicial system is highly corrupt, inefficient and lack the necessary tools to carry out a proper and neat investigations.    Joseph Mbi Tanyi, Attorney -at- law

British PM Urged To Correct Mistakes in Cameroon
A group of demonstrators from the former U.N. trust territory in southern Cameroon living abroad have issued a strongly worded letter to British Prime Minster Tony Blair. They have called his attention to the historical wrong that was done to southern Cameroon when the U.K. transferred the territory to the French-controlled state of the Cameroon Republic.


Why Biya Hangs On
A lot of ink has been spilled over the years about the shortcomings of the Biya regime and its inability to bring about the change needed to pull Cameroon out of its present predicament. The country is indeed sick. Many have wondered how the Biya regime continues to maintain its grip on power amidst all the chaos in which it finds itself.

Kohtem Murder:Governor To Testify
Northwest Governor Koumpa Issa and Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan will be expected to testifyNorthwest Governor Koumpa Issa when the trial of Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumbat for the murder of John Kohtem will resume on March 20.Meanwhile, following the commencement of the full trial of the 12 suspects in the murder case, a number of high profile personalities have been testifying, a majority of them against Fon Doh.

Suit Against Njeuma: SYNES Goes On Appeal
The University of Buea branch of the Union of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES, has appealed against a Fako High Court decision, throwing out a defamation Dorothy Njeuma - The bane of Buea it filed against Dr. Mrs. Dorothy Limunga Njeuma, former UB Vice Chancellor. The learned trial judge erred in law when he allowed himself to be influenced into dismissing the suit on the grounds that Dr. Njeuma is one of the Politburo members of the ruling CPDM party, ex-minister and Vice Chancellor of the largest State University and whose brilliant career should not be soiled, stated the counsel.

Census Unveils Irregular Personnel In UB
A census in the University of Buea, UB, has revealed that some lecturers had been drawing duty allowances for ranks/posts that they did not hold.

Commonwealth Should Hold Gov’ts Accountable
Every year, March 13 is celebrated as the Commonwealth Day. As you already know, the Commonwealth is a global family of 54 member countries. About 1.7 billion people in these countries make up a quarter of the world's population. While the Day should be marked not only to know about other countries' cultures and their people, it should also be observed to remind governments of their commitment towards democracy and development.

Looking Back at the Messi Messi Affair (1): “The Greatest Politico-Financial Scandal of all Times”
By Dibussi TandeThe Messi Messi affair - the scandal that brought the country to a virtual standstill back in 1992.
14 years ago, the Biya regime was rocked to its foundations by the Messi Messi affair which many still consider as Cameroon's greatest politico-financial scandal of all times. As a new anti-corruption caravan rolls on, kicking and screaming, we revisit the scandal that brought the country to a virtual standstill back in 1992.

Looking Back at the Messi Messi Afair (2): “The Interview that Shook the World”

Looking Back at the Messi Messi Affair (3): Monga Returns, the Biya Regime Goes on the Offensive



At least he's good at something!

What is Paul Doing?
  • a) Auditioning for a role in the latest Oliver Twist movie. His line “Please sir, can I rule Cameroon again for 20 more years"?
  • b) Returning from consulting a Mallam but camouflaging as though it was a cup?
  • c) Holding the communion cup he stole when he was a priest and was sacked?
  • d) Auctioning Chantou to the highest bidder for a week while he travels to France?
  • e) Carrying a mixed poison for SCNC and Ambazonian leaders.

  • Glenn’s


    Dear Glenn,

    You may recall that I wrote to your newsletter about the appalling state of Cameroon’s economy, a victim of corruption at the top. We Cameroonians, safely settled in Europe, are embarrassed by the Biya mafia’s activities, and despair at the hopeless situation of our compatriots trapped in our homeland.

    There’s an old adage ‘something’s rotten in the State of Denmark’. No it’s in Cameroon, and the smell is wafting all the way from West Africa to Europe. We are trying to form an association with the aim of grabbing Biya and his generals, if they happen to stray across the Belgium border. Who knows, if other nations learn of the outrageous situation in Cameroon, with the economy being raped regularly by the Unity Palace clan, another nation may join with Belgium.

    Our legal team is drafting a statement of claim for rapid fire action if the opportunity arises. We are also putting a publicity team together, so that European governments will become aware of the gravity of Cameroon’s situation. We must act as a dynamic team- not just voices in the wilderness.

    Importantly we want to bombard France with details so that the crook will be embarrassed when his gold plated aircraft arrives in Paris for another extravagant party. Of course the plane will be packed with Generals and their wives, girlfriends, some Guess Who?‘boyfriends’, and other cronies, all using the money that should pay the salaries of government employees, some of whom have not been paid for years.

    Please ask the poverty stricken people of Cameroon to keep alert for news, when Paul heads off for another jaunt. Perhaps we could then flood the press with questions about his activities. He won’t be able to hide when he’s staying in a democracy. Unlike Cameroon, the European press is free, and editors can’t be gaoled and tortured for simply reporting activities. So, anyone living close to the palace, or the airport, can provide a service to their fellow Cameroonians.

    I beg Cameroonians to keep the faith- he will fall, along with his army officers, even though they are outside the law, all crooks eventually fall, HARD.


    Charles Le Blanc

    Investor’s Corner


    Cameroon is today one of the strangest places on earth. Now take this scenario. One person investigates high level theft in government and comes out with a list of alleged thieves. Normally, the government will investigate this. In Cameroon it is the reverse. The person who investigates the minister is himself investigated and dragged to court because according to the Cameroon minister of FINANCE, " une presse de haine, de jalousie, qui incite au meurtre… " So, he is not in court for defamation but on grounds that "the press is consumed by hate, jealousy and that the press incites murder". Consequently, if one were to publish a story relating to banditry of the people's money by a gang of thieves in government, then you must be doing so under the influence of hate, jealousy so that the perpetrators will be murdered by the angry people whether the story is true or not. Well, unfortunately, that exactly is why the press publish such acts by evil men. To incite the people to wake up......and since the people cannot get justice as quickly as the Ministers from the corrupt system, mob justice is inevitable.... Most people get what they ask "hate, jealousy and death" on account of their evil acts. So instead for the government dragging poor publishers to court, why not investigate ministers in accordance with the constitution that allows for asset declaration? This may obviate an impending socio- political disaster in Cameroon.


    Cashier Pleads Guilty To FCFA 20 M Misappropriation
    Financial system development precedes economic development. In the very corrupt society of Cameroon’s development programme strategy, as carried out by Paul Biya and his republique du cameroun, the financial system cannot function properly, hence there is no need to emphasize the need for economic development. La republique francaise du cameroun, do tackle your very corrupt values before thinking of financial and economic development. (Readers comment).

    Why Cameroon Is Poor And Corrupt
    A Review By Dibussi Tande
    In his book, The Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, a World Bank economist and columnist for the Financial Times, dedicates a chapter to the reason why poor countries remain poor. The chapter draws extensively, if not exclusively, from the Cameroon experience.

    Why Poor Countries Are Poor (I)
    They call Douala the "armpit of Africa." Lodged beneath the bulging shoulder of West Africa, this malaria-infested city in southwestern Cameroon is humid, unattractive, and smelly.

    Why Poor Countries Are Poor (II)
    Olson does not predict that stable dictatorships will do good things for their countries, just that they'll damage the economy less than unstable ones. Of course, Biya might make his own investments-for instance, providing roads or bridges to encourage commerce. While they would be expensive in the short term, they would help the economy to prosper, leaving Biya with more opportunities to steal later.

    Former Treasury Director Arrested
    Certain quarters are alleging that Akumchi might have soiled his hands when he served as Paymaster GeneralPaul Biya’s latest programme to attract foreign investment. in Douala in the 90s. They readily cite the infamous practice of 30 percent kickbacks usually effected by senior treasury staff when paying out bills to contractors and some civil servants, desperate to lay hands on their arrears.

    Civil Servants' Salaries Blocked In Amity Bank
    More than FCFA 8.400.000 meant to pay some 30 civil servants for the months of December 2005, January and February 2006 are blocked in Amity Bank, Bamenda. The money was blocked after the Minister of Finance, Polycarpe Abah Abah, ordered the closure of financial institutions nationwide in December 2005.


    Next Months Newsletter.

              Everybody in Cameroon from Biya to the most trivial citizen like myself lives in holy fear of the military........The military are the true wielders of power in Cameroon.....for they would literally obliterate, kill, destroy, vaporize their enemies and the lameduck Cameroonian judiciary could not do anything about it......That's why I agree with those who hold that Cameroon is a police state......did I say police state......naaah I meant failed state....Ooops freudian slip, I meant to say a military dictatorship.....

    The above is a comment on the upcoming topic "Biya and the Generals. Who's really pulling the strings?"

    Next month we'll also begin putting up for viewing, some simple pieces of evidence that have been before the Fako High Court in my own pending matter. It will show the callous theft and corruption that is spread throughout the court, and guaranteed to scare any investor from attempting to conduct business with such lawlessness in the Cameroon judiciary.

    We're also going through some damaging evidences received against SGBC bank and shall start the trial against this unscrupulous banking institution once the case is finalized

    How Banks In Cameroon Frustrate Clients.
    Until government intervenes directly to make things better for the public, the latter will continue to writhe in the frustration of unscrupulous "bank" managers and their colleagues.

    Till next month,  Take care,  Glenn


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    Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!
    Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!
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    c)  Bribe or kill your opponents.
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    e)  My plane has gold fittings.
    f)  Vive La France.


    The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorised, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!
    The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorised, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!

    Dictator Doll Voodoo Needles.
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