Wall of Juju!


Who will be next?

After years of pussyfooting around using the white man’s ways (courts and due process), with no success, we have now decided to surrender to nature. I can’t tell you exactly what’s occurred, but I’ve been to the Obasinjom and heard Obasinjom - The Juju of Truth.the oracle. Only those who choose to clear their conscience fully, have a chance to avoid the prophecy. As for now, stunning results have been achieved in a very short time. Within two weeks, Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob began feeling the effects, and even though he fled from Mamfe to visit a traditional doctor in Bamenda (Bambui) it was too late to remedy the damage. Ketuanze’s last day were summed up in this: swollen legs and face, erased memory unable to recognize anyone; confessing his crimes in a ranting and maniacal way. Alas, it was too late and when he expired, his body was unrecognizable. He was buried face down, as tradition demands of a bad death, on his little piece of land at Ntasen, where he was still yet to construct his house.

His was the third such death in this matter, the first being that of Chief Justice H. M. Najeme who died in London at the exact same time as my vehicle was being incinerated at the American Embassy in Yaounde (Sep 2002). Chief Justice Najeme was the head of the Fako Appeal Court panel that passed an abominable ruling allowing these criminals to profit from their crimes. The second death was that of Robert Agbor Toko, who worked closely with Ketuanze Jacob committing their crimes.

After Ketuanze, the next victim was the death of “Paul” the lion, at Mvog Beti zoo. Though people see the lion’s death as a bad omen for President Biya, they are yet to understand the gravity of the Presidents situation. A brief consultation with your famous Obasinjom; the deck of cards has been set and now we know who will die and when they will die. As such, I have left it for the public to make their guess.

Nonetheless, let me say this: the innocents have nothing to fear, but the guilty; those who choose to rob the poor and common man from justice should sign their wills. Each of them should rest assured that their numbers have been picked and now just have to wait and see what your African Juju would do. Please, have this deck in your house like a calendar and when each of them expires you indicate on your calendar so that your children may learn to be honest. As you know; only those thieves who choose not to clear their conscience shall be harmed. There is no escape for these criminals but for them to confess publicly to their criminal acts as the only means to avoid their fate. Undoubtedly more will fall before the message becomes clear, but then “So be it.”
Can you guess who will be next? I already know!

Recent news out of Limbe confirms the veracity of the Obasinjom’s oracle, with Enow Brillian Ayuk falling to an unexplained paralysis. Enow Ayuk’s mother has sent a messenger to Bamenda seeking out the toughest medicine man to treat her daughter. But it will be to no avail, as the result is foretold.


SGBC Bank Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin. AKA - SGBC na doki man!
Ndoumbe Lottin
Barrister Eno Charles Agbor (Buea) - AKA "belle for shit"
Eno Charles Agbor
Enow Brillian Ayuk - AKA "The Kembong Prostitute"
Enow Brillian Ayuk
DECEASED. Robert Agbor Toko. (Limbe)   AKA - Ketuanze bagman!
Robert Agbor Toko
President Paul Biya - AKA "chop broke pot"
Paul Biya
DECEASED. Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob. AKA - Jigger foot!
Ketuanze Jacob
Justice Morfaw Chibili  (Buea) AKA - Chibili Olumba Olumba!
Morfaw Chibili
Barrister Mbi Jonas. (Kumba) AKA - Mbi na oversize doki!
Mbi Jonas (Kumba)
Justice J.F.Fonkwe.  (Buea)  AKA - Fonkwe lie man!
Justice J.F.Fonkwe
Pauline Kono - (Isokolo, Limbe).  AKA -  Crazy-mami, Needs a psychiatrist!
Pauline Kono
Barrister Tanyi Mbianyor.  (Buea)   AKA - dry mbunga!
Tanyi Mbianyor
Justice A.K.Nana.  (Buea)   AKA - Famla man!
Justice A.K.Nana
Thief Bisong Etah-oben. (Buea)  AKA - Primitive journalist!
Bisong Etahoben
DECEASED. Lion Paul - Mvog Beti Zoo.
Lion Paul
SGBC Bank Manager - Francois Ngouania. AKA - Chop money feyman!
Francois Ngouania

Cameroon mourns presidential lion
Cameroon's wildlife minister has encouraged people to pay their last respects to the country's most famous lion, named Paul after the president. The death is seen as a bad omen for President Paul Biya whose party is seeking to extend his time in office beyond 2011.

For Whom The Death Bells Toll…
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