Newspaper Interview 22/03/2005

                   Business & Politics newspaper  (Douala)


No: 035   Tuesday  March 22,  2005


(Interview, pages 6 & 7)

B&P: Where are you precisely and how are you doing health wise?

Glenn Wilson: Since my last departure from Cameroon in March 2003, I have been residing in Sydney Australia. This is where my family live. My 19-year-old son is living with me and doing his second year of College where he's studying musical engineering. I've fully recovered health wise and stand now as a strong and healthy 42 year-old male.                        

B&P: When last did you leave Cameroon and under what circumstances?

Glenn Wilson: I departed Cameroon in April 2003 of my own free will. A lack of funds and continued delays in the courts forced me to leave to Australia. I had flown back to Cameroon in March to continue the matter in court, but was met with more funny games at theFako High Court. It became obvious that there was no justice to come from those courts after learning that during the six-month ad­journment, while I was in Aus­tralia, attempts had been made to sell a house I purchased in Limbe for which the courts held the documents. This return trip to Cameroon is recorded in the chronology named "A second attempt". 

B&P: After the publica­tion of your letter to the PM in our newspaper, Cameroo­nians have been very, very interested, yet they do not know the substance of what you're talking about. Could you please brief us about your investments in Cameroon?

Glenn Wilson: After meeting and marrying a Cameroonian woman my intention was to live in Cameroon. My savings of 45.000.000 CFA were transferred from Australia to SGBC Limbe branch in May/June 2001 (copy enclosed). Over the next six weeks, 4 vehicles were purchased to become taxis to initially create an income. During this period 4WD and a house at Towe quarter Limbe, were purchased. Two of the vehicles were contracted to drivers on a "Balance & Take" contract, (copies supplied). Two other vehicles were being prepared for similar contracts when Enow Ayuk removed all documentation from the house. All the vehicles were about to be transferred into a company name and the opening of a computer shop and training business was planned. During the four­month period of the marriage I also employed a night watch.

B&P: Where and when did things start going wrong for you and for how long did that last?

Glenn Wilson: Everything went wrong when I attended SGBC with my wife and was taken before the Assistant Manager and was convinced to open a joint bank account with my wife because I didn't speak French. This meeting had been prearranged between the Assistant Manager and Enow Brillian Ayuk. It also aided to confirm my belief that my wife could be trusted and had my interests at heart. At a later date she continually asked me to ask the Gendarme Commander for a gun to protect ourselves from armed robbers. Thankfully this request was denied, and while I survived being poisoned, I don't think I would have survived a gun in the house. I can see the headline now "Cameroonian woman shoots Australian defending herself, etc. etc." The papers would forget to mention that a penniless woman had found herself in possession of a house and five cars and a bank account with 10.000.000 CFA in it. So while it was a long contrived process (4 months), I only became aware that there was a problem when after letting Enow Brillian Ayuk know that there were no more funds to come from Australia I became very ill. In the High Court I spoke of 3 specific occasions where after eating a meal, I became ill. I was in a weak, sickened and confused state when Enow Brillian Ayuk removed all documents from the house in early August and never returned. I attended Limbe Gendarmerie where I was given a convocation for Enow Brillian Ayuk to attend the Gendar­merie and explain her actions. (Copy of convocation supplied). Two days later I was given a summons to attend State Counsel on the 10 August on a complaint made by Enow Brillian. The summons was signed by Ketuanze Jacob, (copy supplied). I attended State Counsel on the 10th with a lawyer (Barrister Charley Sone) and Enow Brillian read a three-page document claiming rape, sodomy, drug use, pornography, being a wanted criminal in Australia etc etc.­ It was at this time that I clearly understood what the intention of Enow Brillian was.  The matter went to State Counsel (Ketuanze is the Deputy).  He threw the matter out after questioning the girl about the violence, the pornography and the drug use. State Counsel and myself wanted gendarmes to search the house to disprove the claims. Enow Brillian refused to participate or agree to any search.  This happened on a Friday afternoon and I had been warned that she would remove the money from the joint bank account, (If it was still there). This resulted in a problem with soldiers outside SGBC bank on the Monday morning, where I was refused entry into the bank. This SGBC episode is covered in the (Petition to Paul Biya). Several death threats caused me to leave Limbe on the following Monday, for a safe house in Yaounde. It was at this time I was introduced to Eugene Paul Mapouth (later to be attacked) who escorted me to Yaounde. At this time I realized things had gone horribly wrong, and I was being intimidated from the country minus my property. The worst of it lasted until my brother flew into Cameroon on the 22nd of August. The three weeks prior to this were a nightmare of threats and confusion. But as you can see, the same issues are still here today nearly four years later.

B&P: We are aware that you had a relationship with a Cameroonian woman. Who was she, and what role did she play in the business?

Glenn Wilson: When I met the Woman (copy of identity card supplied) she was presented as a moral woman of good character.  She explained that a clothing shop she owned on Church street had recently been destroyed by flood. I presented several pages of indoctrination and false information that I was fed by the woman and her family and associates. There is no doubt that this was a 419 from that first visit to Kembong village. I was interested in learning about the culture and believed that what I was told was the truth. In fact I was fed a lot of information designed to make me believe that I could completely trust the girl and her family. I married the woman and believed and acted as I would my wife. I had absolutely no idea of what was ahead. Initially I was advised to stand back and allow the woman to negotiate. Enow Brillian did this and made the purchases in her maiden name against my objections. It was decided that it would be put into a business name. But unknown to me at the time, this was never going to happen. Neither Enow Brillian Ayuk nor any of her family members contributed one franc towards anything.

B&P: You alledged in your letter to PM Inoni that you were poisoned and your friend/interpreter equally beaten and he died later. Can you throw more light on this?

Glenn Wilson: As to the poisoning. It occured after mid July 2001 after I informed Enow Brillian that there was no more money to come from Australia. I described three specific occasions in court. I did attend to a Doctor after my brother arrived but as you would be aware there is nothing they can test for, though I have results from a general check up and it shows extreme weight loss. The symptoms were giddiness, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness and confusion. When told in context of other events occurring at the time, I personally have no doubt this was done to me and will stand before any scrutiny. As for the attack on Paul Mapouth, it occurred at 1/2 mile Limbe at 10 pm on 13 September 2002. He was attacked by three young men and sustained injuries to his head, neck and chest. The men tried to drag him down a gully away from view and I have no doubt that their intent was to finish him. Fortunately Paul managed to use his elbow to good effect and the men fled. I responded to this attack by protesting at the American Embassy in Yaounde on the 24 September 2002. About a month later I requested an adjournment and returned to Australia for six months to recover mentally, financially and physically (from two recent bouts of malaria). I returned in March 2003 and found Paul in a still fragile state. We stayed together till I left again for Australia after being further frustrated by the courts and having a third bout of malaria and typhoid. It was reported to me and I received a photo of him in December 2003 that the end was near. He lasted three more months. It is only this week that I have assisted in the making of Paul's grave with his family

B&P: Again you claim that you made more than 40 appearances in courts in Cameroon, can you summarise the outcome of this apparently lengthy judicial process?

Glenn Wilson: To view the court matter, dates and explanations are in the chronology in detail. My summary is that I believe there never will be an outcome in the court. They are aware of the evidence I possess and this is why things became nasty. They want me to go, and I want to speak and be heard. If you closely read the affidavits under the "Appeals Court" heading on the website you will get a clear insight into the ridiculous state of affairs. The lengthy process is just a means designed to frustrate and cheat people seeking justice through the courts.

B&P: You seem to be ac­cusing everybody in the judiciary including the court presidents (magistrates), the state counsel and even your own lawyers, we suppose. This is rather strange...

Glenn Wilson: In general it is hard not to put the same hat on all the judiciary in Cameroon. My accusations are actually very narrow and specific, but to all those Judges and Magistrates who watch this behaviour and say nothing. Well, they should not complain when the action of a few bring shame upon the judiciary. They are the ones to clean themselves up if they want. I make allegations against Deputy State Counsel Ketuanze Jacob, Limbe. The specific allegations are on the website under "Complaints" and in the "Petition to Paul Biya". I also make specific allegations on the opposing Legal team from Eno Law Chambers Buea, (in­cluding an attempt by them to run my brother and myself down in the court grounds). Many specific allegations are made at Barrister Eno Charles Agbor & Tanyi Mbianyor. Allegations are made against the 3 Appeals Court judges who handed down the ruling, removing the President of the Court (Justice Mokwe) from hearing the matter after allegations of corruption were made by Eno Law Chambers. They are related to Enow Ayuk and are her 4th Counsel. From day one, I ha­ve been represented by Barrister Charley Sone and I have never made complaint against him. All my claims against the Appeals court judges are to do with their ruling and the involvement of Ketuanze Jacob in the ruling. My evidence against them is the ruling they handed down. The only other judge or magistrate I have ma­de claims against is Judge Ma­dam Chibili. She was appointed by the Appeals Court and my reasons are in detail on the "2nd attempt" chronology. So, I only make allegations in the Judiciary against one Deputy State Counsel, Three Appeals Court Judges (1 deceased) and one High court judge. The frivolous claims of corruption are made in the Weekly Post newspaper. I'm sure you are well aware how a normal strategy by thieves and corrupt people, is to confuse everyone, so that no one knows what really happened and so, it all goes away. 

B&P: What role did Chief Etahoben, a journalist play in this matter?

Glenn Wilson: My belief with Chief Etahoben is that he was approached to write an article against me for when court resumed after the six month adjournment. No one thought that I would actually return after the experience I had previously undergone for 14 months. I was given a copy of the article on my return and I took it to Yaounde where I complained about this mad­ness. I took the article before the Secretary General in the Justice ministry, George Gwanmesia, and Judge Benjamin Itoe before he left for the UN. A petition was handed to the Minister for Justice and several others received copies                               
The article accuses the authorities in Cameroon of being corrupt and me being a murderer and terrorist and other filth. I will stand loudly and clearly against this type of filth until people like Etahoben are brought to task (like SGBC) for acting this way. I believe that Etahoben's role was only to write the article to tell a story to make it easy for the court to hand over my property. Just think what a tidy finish it would have been, if I hadn't returned in person to Cameroon.

B&P: You seem to be also very bitter with the role the SGBC played in your demise, can you outline the part this bank play in the collapse of your investments. Again you alleged that about 90% of financial scandals in Cameroon percolates through SGBC, which other scandals were you thinking about?

Glenn Wilson: As for SGBC bank, take a look at the section on them in the "Petition to Paul Biya" for most of my specific issues. As for the 90%, I am repeating information that I have received from more than one source. The level of the sources is Ambassadors who have direct involvement with Cameroon. These people are very tired of dealing with these same institution over and over involving themselves in crookery. "That SGBC is involved in 90% of complaints involving banking in Cameroon" is a direct quote.

B&P: After explaining your case to the then SG at the Cameroon presidency, today Prime Minister of Ca­meroon, what was his reaction?

Glenn Wilson: At this time I have received no response from Prime Minister Inoni. I think it is only fair for him to have a reasonable amount of time to investigate and reply. This matter shall just continue until such time as it is acknowledged by the Government of Cameroon that I am innocent of any wrongdoing in Cameroon. If they can't investigate the matter, they'll only perpetuate the same mistakes against other investors.

B&P: Whom are you indicting for the failure of your investing in Cameroon?

Glenn Wilson: Good question. I actually have to indict myself for the failure of my investments in Cameroon. I was naive to these type of problems and so my issues are not the return of my money. I entered Cameroon with a good heart and none of those people who are crooked can change that part of me. Throughout my campaign for justice I have continually stated that any money returned shall be donated to worth educational and village projects. So again, the people who are stopping me from getting justice are again making their own people suffer for their actions. I have claimed for two years now that I shall donate it, and believe me, I am a man of my word. I am determined that something good and positive shall come from this episode. But yes, I am totally responsible for my losses. But then, I don't see it as a loss either. This has been a very rich experience for me. But I still worry for the next kind hearted person, who may not be as lucky as me to survi­ve the experience.

B&P: What do you think Cameroon leadership can do?  

     Glenn Wilson: I am an op­timistic person, so I hope that the government can intervene and resolve this matter. They can never claim my property as their own, so it is better for them to allow me to distribute it. I don't think Cameroon is far away from being a "No Go" zone for investment. I hope the government takes these matters seriously because the ones being affected are the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of all Cameroonians.

B&P: Under what condi­tions are you prepared to come to Cameroon to reopen this matter?

Glenn Wilson: I wish I could answer this question differently, but I can't. When I returned to Cameroon in March 2003, it was against my families wishes, though they understood that I needed to stand up for what I believed in and so it was necessary for me to return. My 19-year-old son is now living with me and I feel that I can't be selfish and put this issue ahead of my family and son. There have been a few too many threats received recently and I have seen first hand how vicious this matter has become. I also don't believe that I could give the Fako Court, the credibility of standing before it. The reality is who is going to go to court over 40 times to get justice. That's not justice. My stage now is much wider than standing under the mango tree or on the veranda of the Fako Court.

B&P: You are threatening to spill beans and tarnish the image of Cameroon against international investors?

Glenn Wilson: I guess what I’m really saying here is that this matter is not going to go away. I shall only apply the necessary pressure to clear this matter up. With some people you can ask them nicely and say, please and thank you, but there are also those that only respond when they are forced to. I'm far from a lone voice and soon the voice of many shall chorus the same cry against these thefts that take the food away from our children's mouths. I feel I have no choice than to protect others from befalling such an unfortunate experience. If the go­vernment isn't interested in changing things for the better, then I shall be the voice of warning. Having experienced this myself and gathered valuable information, I can help others to be more aware. Im in the final stages of writing a non-fiction story on the experience. I have not approached my writing as a Cameroon bashing exercise and have many treasured experiences that stay with me from my time there. But that said, I also have very little sympathy for those involved in corruption.

B&P: What are you currently doing back in your native land?

Glenn Wilson: I've been busy since my return to Australia trying to pay debts, and get back on my feet. I work casually as a projectionist in a cinema, earning me enough to pay my bills and be independent. The writing of my experience in Cameroon has shown I have some talent in this area and I'm hoping that the future leads me in a direction stemming directly from my experience in Cameroon. I'm enjoying watching my son go through his studies and sit here today feeling that I ha­ve been a very fortunate person.


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