This directory is about the complaints that were lodged and the investigations that followed. Death threats, Magistrates interferring (Ketuanze Jacob), evidences gone missing, Eugene Kankou has fled the country, an attempt to be run down by a vehicle in the High Court grounds, threats and corruption. Though guilt has been established in some of the serious matters, the final outcome has amounted to Nil, other that to cause a lot of difficulties for various witnesses.

Robert Agbor Toko 13.08.2001

Armed Robbers 8.09.2001

Ketuanze Jacob (Deputy State Council, Limbe) 6.09.2001

Death Threats (Madam Agbor) 10.09.2001

Eugene Kankou 9.11.2001

Barrister Eno Charles Agbor 13.12.2001

Ngeme Nuela Gladys 27.04.2002