Chronology 1

The Marriage & the Crimes!


20/09/2000 - Depart Sydney for an overland trip through Africa. Travel

                      with a Dragoman truck through France, Spain, Morocco,

                      Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin,

                      Nigeria & Cameroon.  We entered Cameroon on the

                      20th of December and toured for 1 month.  During this time

                      the truck broke down at a village near Mamfe and a week

                      was spent in Limbe effecting repairs.


26/01/2001 - The tour group departs from Douala Airport and flies to Nairobi,

                      Kenya.  1 month is spent touring Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.

                      I found the countries and the itinerary in East Africa a bit touristy

                      and decided to leave the tour group and spend the remaining 3

                      months traveling in Nigeria, Cameroon & Mali.  In Nairobi I say

                      my goodbyes to the group, who will continue to tour through

                      several East African countries.


25/02/2001 - Arrive in Douala, (Cameroon) on flight from Nairobi.


26/02/2001 - Met Enow Brillian Ayuk at Limbe Palace, Limbe.


Excerpt from diary:  Brillian said that we could go and visit her village for a while if we like, provided I paid for her rent on her room at Cassava farm,  ($35 Aud) but she would have to ask permission first from her Uncle Pious.  Brillian said that Pious was sitting the Senior Divisional Officers exam in Yaounde, and you can have no problems in Cameroon with a Senior Divisional Officer in the family. (S.D.O)


 04/03/2001 - Traveled to Kembong Village, with Enow Brillian Ayuk


06/03/2001 - I paid for the power to be connected to the mothers house as a     

                      gift.  150,000cfa.


07/03/2001 - Attended Juju ceremony, (Black magic) Kembong village.


Excerpt from diary:  The previous evening, Brillian's grandmother came by to take us to see a traditional doctor, sent by God "Erem" and also a spiritualist - "Obwu". (Same person).  This is extremely rare and it is taken very seriously.  Many of the villagers were at the ceremony.  Her name was "Ebob" (Traditional doctor) and she was Brillian's cousin.  They had both schooled together in Mamfe.  Ebob lives in Kumba and rarely comes to the village.  This evening they were doing a spiritual thing with much singing & chanting.  Brillian & I were taken to the most obvious spot, on a bench near the doorway under a bare light bulb.  It wasn't long before Ebob came over for a talk.  Brillian went into the hut on 2 occasions with Ebob, leaving me by myself.  While Brillian & Ebob were at school, they called each other "View", so no one knew their name.  Ebob looked like a mad woman, and while at school Brillian had shared her possessions with her.  Needless to say we were shown special attention.


08/03/2001 - Attended Juju ceremony, Kembong village.  Manyu Division.


Excerpt from diary:  The following day, after returning from Mamfe at about dark we went to visit an Uncle.  After leaving the Uncle's we went back to the quarter where Ebob was staying.  There was a healing ceremony going on which looked quite interesting, but I was exhausted.  Brillian went and into the hut to see Ebob, and after 15 minutes we left.


18/03/2001 - Traditional wedding ceremony, Mothers family.


20/03/2001 - Council Wedding, Mamfe Council. (Brillian's father works at

                      Mamfe Council).


24/03/2001 - Traditional wedding ceremony, Fathers family.


26/08/2001 - Returned to Limbe. Spent 2 days staying with Pious & Grace,        

                      (Uncle & Aunt) before moving to Motel accommodation.


03/04/2001 - Brillian found accommodation at Pa Wellegi's compound at        



20/04/2001 - I returned to Australia for a short stay, to inform my family and

                      arrange for personal possessions to be sent to Cameroon.


10/05/2001 - Returned to Cameroon, with $5000 US in cash.


14/05/2001 - Opened Bank account at SGBC bank, Limbe branch with



23/05/2001 - Purchase of Nissan car for 2,350,000cfa.


24/05/2001 - Received money transfer from Australia - SGBC Bank 

                      5,699,073 cfa.


26/05/2001 - Drove to Kembong village and paid 80,000cfa for the mothers

                      Medical bills, (Malaria & Typhoid).  We attempted to change

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk's Identity card to her married name in   

                      Mamfe but failed & returned to Limbe.


01/06/2001 - Purchase of 2nd Nissan car for 2,000,000 cfa.


07/06/2001 - Purchase of 3rd Nissan car for 2,000,000 cfa.


08/06/2001 - Money transfer from Australia, SGBC Bank 19,367,186 cfa.


14/06/2001 - Brillian wrote a letter to my parents in Australia.


15/06/2001 - Complaint made at Limbe Gendarmerie against "American", at

                      Brillian's insistence.  Brillian asked me to request getting a gun

                      from the Brigade Commander. (See Main page - Complaints)


20/06/2001 - Purchase of compound, 10,000,000 cfa plus 500,000 cfa legal

                      Fees to Solomon Chambers, Kumba.   Pauline Kono, (Brillian's

                      Aunt) made all the purchase arrangements.


22/06/2001 - Purchase of a plot of land. (Lot 67 Towe Quarter) for 2,000,000

                      cfa plus 200,000 cfa legal fees.  Pauline Kono again made the



25/06/2001 - Purchase of Toyota 4wd.  A part payment of 6,000,000cfa was

                      paid, of a total of 7,500,000.



04/07/2001 - Balance & Take Agreement.  1 of the Nissan cars was signed

                      over to Tita Walter Mbah, under this agreement to be used as

                      a taxi.


06/07/2001 - Money transfer from Australia - SGBC Bank 15,535,505 cfa.


10/07/2001 - Brillian is informed that there is no more money to be sent

                      from Australia.  That I need to return about $6,000 Aud to

                      my account in Australia for the upkeep of my son.


11/07/2001 - Purchase - Balance of 1,500,000 cfa paid for Toyota 4wd.


13/07/2001 - Brillian puts "Student" as her occupation on the registration

                      papers for the 4wd.


14/07/2001 - Purchase of Toyota Corolla for 2,500,000 cfa plus furniture,

                      700,000 cfa.


15/07/2001 - Brillian, her Uncle & Aunt (Grace & Pious) and Pauline Kono

                      travel to a village near Bamenda for a bride price ceremony.

                      I lend them a car to travel in. The 1st Nissan.


18/07/2001 - Brillian & Pauline Kono return without the car.  There had been

                      a dispute.


21/07/2001 - Pious returns the car very damaged - undrivable.  I become

                      concerned that these are the actions of a man who is to

                      become a Senior Divisional Officer, and begin to investigate

                      the compound documents.  I tell Brillian that I wish to see the

                      Kembong Lawyer who traveled with Pauline Kono to Yaounde

                      to purchase the land.  Brillian says that I could be killed for

                      accusing a Lawyer. (Barrister Bens).



24/07/2001 - Balance & Take agreement.  A 2nd Nissan is signed over to

                      Lawrence Sahyoh, under this agreement to be used as a taxi.


25/07/2001 - Money transfer from Australia.  Western Union  2,200,000 cfa.


26/07/2001 - Poisoning, Brillian & I were invited to an occasion at the Limbe

                      Gendarme, Brigade Commander's home on this evening.  After

                      eating supper I became ill and lay on the bed.  I could not move

                      myself and became very confused.  Brillian left the house and

                      attended the Brigade Commander's house with her long term

                      boyfriend - Eugene Kankou, (He was introduced as a cousin).

                      Brillian tells the Commander that I am returning to Australia.  I

                      am later to realize that on 2 other occasions, during the last

                      fortnight where I suffered identical symptoms after eating

                      breakfast, were also a result of being drugged or poisoned.

                      The truth about this evening came out in Court testimony from

                      the Brigade Commander, 2 months later.



31/07/2001 - Drove to Kumba to see the Barrister from Solomon Chambers

                      about the compound & land documents.  Barrister Mbi admits

                      that they aren't correct, and agreed to correct them.  Brillian

                      blames Pauline Kono for the false compound documents.


02/08/2001 - Barrister Mbi, (Solomon Chambers, Kumba) comes to

                      Limbe and asks for 200,000 cfa to correct the compound



05/08/2001 - Brillian removes all documents & my personal papers from the

                      house and takes them to Pauline Kono's house.  Brillian doesn't 



06/08/2001 - I visited the Brigade Commander, Limbe to enquire as to

                      Brillians whereabouts and am informed that she is at

                      Pauline Kono's house.  Brillian returned to the house -

                      Without the documents.


07/08/2001 - Brillian refuses to return documents.  I handed my passport in at

                      the Gendarmerie and a convocation was issued for Brillian.


08/08/2001 - I attended the Gendarmerie, where the Brigade Commander

                      spoke to Brillian on the phone.  Brillian said, "She had

                      finished with me".  Brillian was made aware of the convocation.


09/08/2001 - I received a summons to attend State Counsel on the 10/08.






10/08/2001- When I attended State Counsel, Brillian made 3 pages of false

                     charges designed to have me jailed.  State Counsel wanted to

                     take 2 Gendarmes to the residence and search it.  I agreed, but

                     Brillian refused him to do this. (This was to do with accusations

                     made by Brillian that I was trafficking in heroin & cocaine).  The

                     matter was taken before Deputy State Counsel, (Ketuanze

                     Jacob) before progressing to the State Counsel.



11/08/2001 - Arrangements were made by State Counsel for Brillian to                                                       

                      remove her property from the house.  When she attended with a        

                      lawyer, she refused her Counsel to enter the house.


12/08/2001 - Death threats, I receive 2 "Warnings" that I could be killed over

                      this matter, that I should leave the country.


13/08/2001 - Meeting with Limbe, Prefect.  Threats that I'd been receiving

                      were discussed, and I was assured that I was in no danger. 

                      Within 100 metres of leaving this meeting, I had a rifle pointed

                      at me.


13/08/2001 - SGBC Bank, A soldier points a rifle at my chest and refuses me

                      entry to the bank.  I am accused of carrying a dagger to kill my

                      Cameroonian wife. (See newspaper article).


15/08/2001 - Meeting, Senior Divisional Officer, Limbe.

                      I was called to attend this meeting, and minutes of the

                      conversations were recorded.  The advice given to me was

                      that I should negotiate with Enow Brillian Ayuk.  I stated that I

                      was now aware that the girl is a long term prostitute in Limbe,

                      and the mother of 4 children.  I stated that this is a major case of

                      Fraud & Deception and that it wasn't possible for me to

                      negotiate as thousands of dollars were already stolen.  I stated

                      that I wanted the matter dealt with by the Courts.


16/08/2001 - Attorney General, A letter was handed to the Attorney General

                       regarding the retention of the documents that Enow Brillian

                       Ayuk removed from the house.


16/08/2001 - I received a letter from Nguemako Law firm advising that

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk was seeking to reconcile.  I did attend a

                      meeting with her that afternoon at Mars restaurant, and then

                      attended Pauline Kono's house for further discussion.  Brillian

                      agreed to return the documents, but Pauline Kono stepped in

                      and refused for them to be returned to me.  At this time I

                      departed, and also determined that the only way the truth will

                      come is to have the matter dealt with in Court.  Brillian denied

                      that she had children & stated that the Brigade Commander

                      had made the accusation at SGBC Bank.  Robert Agbor Toko

                      was present at this meeting.


17/08/2001- While holding a meeting at Hilltop bar, Enow Brillian Ayuk begs

                      me in front of 5 witnesses to reconcile. (3pm).


18/08/2001 - Brillian delivered a letter to a safe compound that I'd been

                      moved to. The letter was accepted by my housemate, (Max)

                      at the front gate of the compound.  The letter requested to

                      reconcile, stating that she was pregnant.


20/08/2001 - Court of 1st Instance, Brillian attempts to file false charges

                      against me again with the intention that I be deported.  The

                      Attorney General is informed and Brillian is taken to his

                      Office in Buea.  Brillian refuses to return the documents and

                      is detained until the documents are handed to the Courts.

                      (See newspaper article).  Brillian admits before the Attorney

                      General, that she never mentioned to me that she had

                      children.  Brillian is detained for 9 days before enough

                      documents are returned for her to be released.


20/08/2001 - Under advisement, due to the nature of threats that I was

                      receiving I was escorted to Yaounde for my safety.  On this day

                      I met Eugene Paul Maput, who acted as my security for the next

                      14 months.




21/08/2001 - I am advised by my family in Australia, that my brother Kelvin

                      will be arriving in Yaounde tomorrow to assist me in this




22/08/2001- Kelvin is collected at Yaounde airport on his arrival.  He has

                      traveled for 5 days to get here, and was in a desert in Bolivia

                      when our family informed him of the problem.  Kelvin was

                      touring South America and planned to be in Cameroon in

                      November, to accompany me to Kembong Village for a bride

                      price ceremony.  My other brother, Greg and his son were also

                      flying to Cameroon to attend the ceremony.


24/08/2001 - At the request of the Attorney General, Kelvin, Eugene Paul

                      Maput & I return to Limbe.


25/08/2001 - We are informed that Enow Stephen Etengeneng, (Police

                      Inspector) is to be in charge of bringing the 2 taxis to the

                      Judicial Police, Buea.  I query the man, if he is related to Enow

                      Brillian Ayuk, which he denies but says that he comes from the

                      Village next to Kembong.  When impounding the taxis Enow

                      Stephen Etengeneng also takes the drivers Identity papers from

                      them, and causes me to see the Attorney General and request

                      that the papers be returned.  I become very wary of dealing

                      with this man.  The 2 taxis are impounded at Buea Judicial

                      Police & 2 cars remain parked in the compound at Bobende.


27/08/2001 - Compound Statement, I wrote a seven-page statement

                       covering all that I could describe of the fraud & theft

                       surrounding the purchase of the compound & land.  Copies are

                       lodged with the Attorney General & the National Security

                       Director, Mr. Charles Ntungwa. (See Main page - Compound)


29/08/2001 - Newspaper Article, A local newspaper prints an article

                      describing the detention of Enow Brillian Ayuk on the 20th Aug.


06/09/2001 - State Counsel documents missing. A letter is received by

                      State council from my Lawyer requesting a copy of the

                      Documents filed there on the 9th of August by Enow Brillian

                      Ayuk.  Deputy State Counsel, (Ketuanze Jacob) had stated

                      that he gave them to a cousin of Enow Brillian Ayuk on the

                      21st of August, (2 copies).  These papers show the intent on

                      the 10th August was to have me jailed and deported, and

                      differ greatly from more recent allegations.


07/09/2001 - Compound breached, car broken into & power board removed.

                      This incident was reported at the Gendarmerie.


08/09/2001 - Death Threats, A man approaches Kelvin & I in town, stating

                      that he is a taxi driver who drove Enow Brillian Ayuk from

                      Kumba to Douala yesterday, and he'd been made aware that

                      her purpose in Douala was to hire armed robbers to kill her

                      Whiteman husband.  The matter was reported to Limbe

                      Gendarmerie. (See Main Page - Complaints)


09/09/2001 - Compound breached, A note that come from the wall of the

                      Senior Divisional Officers building was attached to the car,

                      other signs indicated that some type of Black magic was being

                      used and the incidents were again reported at the Gendarmerie.


10/09/2001 - Death threats, during the afternoon I received a call from

                      a lady screaming that I would be killed at Court the next day.

                      The lady phoned back a 2nd time and Kelvin answered the

                      phone to hear the same threats, he then handed the phone to a

                      friend who also heard the threats.  We immediately reported at

                      The Gendarmerie.  While we were in the Brigade Commander's

                      Office the lady phoned a 3rd time and Kelvin handed the phone

                       to the Commander, who answered it.  He heard the same

                       threats.  The caller identifies herself as Pauline Kono.

                       (See Main page - Complaints)





10/09/2001 - Complaint, A comprehensive statement was lodged at the

                       Limbe Gendarmerie, regarding the incident with the taxi

                       driver saying that armed robbers were being hired to kill me.

                       (See main page - Complaints)


11/09/2001 - Attorney General, A comprehensive statement was lodged with

                      the Attorney General regarding the threats for me to be killed at

                      Court.  The Attorney General phones the Limbe Brigade

                      Commander and confirms that he witnessed the threats.

                      (See Main page - Complaints)


12/09/2001 - Attorney General's Office,with Kelvin & Barrister Charley Sone

                      (My Counsel), we view the returned compound documents.  I

                      pointed out where they have been altered since I last saw them.

                      Pages had been swapped and the sale price altered from

                      10,000,000cfa to 9,000,000cfa.  We also discuss the 2

                       complaints that have been lodged.


19/09/2001 - Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) Kumba, admits in front of

                      a witness that the price on the compound documents was

                      altered from 10,000,000cfa.


20/09/2001 -  My counsel inform me that the paperwork for the complaint

                       lodged at the Attorney General's Office on the 11th Sept,

                       (Death threats - Pauline Kono) can't be found.


26/09/2001 - Transfer of Brigade Commander,Today I am informed that the

                       Gendarme Brigade Commander, who was witness to the

                       Death threats has been transferred out of Limbe, and posted to

                       Edea, (200 km away).  The Commander is a witness over

                       several matters in the court.


01/10/2001 - Statement,  I write a 12 page statement that covers my

                      involvement with the Brigade Commander, from the very first

                      time that I met him.  Evil forces have been at work with false

                      allegations being made against this man.  I will always credit

                      this man with saving my life, and cannot see him suffer for

                      telling the truth. (I wish that I had the courage of this man).

                      I sat through the night writing the statement for him to take to

                      the Minister of Defense today.


08/10/2001 - Complaint, SGBC Bank.  A complaint is lodged with Limbe

                      Judicial Police requesting an investigation into the incident at

                      SGBC Bank on the 13/08/2001. (See Main page - Complaints)


15/10/2001 - Witness 2, my 2nd witness is offered a "Packet", not to testify in

                      Court, or support the white man.


17/10/2001 - Witness 2, my 2nd witness is disturbed at his place of work, as

                      3 men attempt to provoke him into a fight.


20/10/2001 - Witness 2, my 2nd witness leaves town due to the continued

                      disturbances and threats being made against him.  He

                      promise to return and give testimony, (Which he did).


30/10/2001 - Robert Agbor Toko, makes a verbal statement to a Policeman,

                      stating " Enow Brillian Ayuk offered him money for him to go

                      to SGBC Bank on the 13/08 and make the false accusation".


31/10/2001 - Convocations are issued by Limbe Judicial Police for Robert

                      Agbor Toko & the SGBC Bank manager. The Bank Manager is

                      convocated to see if he can identify the suspect.


01/11/2001 - Statements are lodged by the SGBC Bank Manager & myself

                      with Limbe Judicial Police.  The statement from the SGBC Bank

                      Manager says that he could identify the person who made the



03/11/2001 - Newspaper Article, I was shown a draft copy of an article that I

                      was told would be published in the local newspaper.  Barrister

                      Eno Charles Agbor arranged for the article to be published, and

                      was infuriated when it wasn't printed.  The article claimed that I

                      was using black magic to kill Enow Brillian Ayuk & included a

                      photograph that had been removed from a copy of the marriage

                      certificate in Brillian's possession.


05/11/2001 - At a meeting with the Attorney General, several issues are

                      discussed - death threats, missing documents from State

                      Counsel & passports.  There were concerns that Brillian &

                      Eugene Kankou may leave the country. The Attorney General

                      assigned Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng to spend 3

                      days researching the passport issue.


05/11/2001 - Arrest warrant, a State Counsel warrant is signed, for the

                      arrest of Robert Agbor Toko.


09/11/2001 - The Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea & Enow Brillian

                      Ayuk travel together to Yaounde.                    


09/11/2001 - Convocation is issued from Limbe Judicial Police against

                      Eugene Kankou. I had been receiving late night phone calls

                      from Brillian's boyfriend.


11/11/2001 - Eugene Kankou refuses the convocation.


12/11/2001 - Complaint, a written complaint against Eugene Kankou is

                      lodged with Limbe Judicial Police.  A 2nd & last convocation is

                      issued.  (See Main Page - Complaints)



13/11/2001 - Arrest Warrant.  The complaint regarding the threatening

                      phone calls is re-submitted to the Attorney General.

                      Immediately the Attorney General's office signs an arrest

                      Warrant for Pauline Kono.


15/11/2001 - A witness statement it submitted to Limbe Judicial Police,

                      regarding the activities that were carried out by Eugene

                      Kankou & Enow Brillian Ayuk. (3 pages).


18/11/2001 - Robert Agbor Toko arrested and detained at Limbe Judicial

                      Police station.


18/11/2001 - Deputy State Counsel, (Ketuanze Jacob) makes attempts to

                      have Robert Agbor Toko released.


19/11/2001 - Ketuanze Jacob & Enow Brillian Ayuk attend Limbe Judicial

                      Police station and Robert Agbor Toko is ordered to be



19/11/2001 - At a meeting with the Attorney General, it is explained the

                      interference from Deputy State Counsel (Ketuanze Jacob)

                      and a written complaint is lodged.


19/11/2001 - Pauline Kono is arrested at her work place, (Mines & Power,

                      Limbe).  Enow Brillian Ayuk is present in the office when the

                      arrest takes place.


20/11/2001 - A warrant is issued by the Attorney General's Office, for the

                      Arrest of Robert Agbor Toko and his detention at Buea

                      Judicial Police.


20/11/2001 - A Complaint is lodged at the Attorney General's Office,

                      against Eugene Kankou.


21/11/2001 - Arrest Warrant is issued by the Attorney General's office, for

                      the arrest of Eugene Kankou.


22/11/2001 - While attending a meeting at the 1st Assistants Office, Limbe

                      Judicial Police the husband of Pauline Kono was present,

                      (Titus Kono). Brillian had admitted to him that it wasn't his

                      wife who had made the threats, because she knew who it was.

                      Further investigation found that the owner of the phone from

                      which the calls were made, was a Madam Agbor who lives

                      opposite Boston Pressing, Buea.  Pauline Kono is released

                      after being detained for 3 days.






23/11/2001 - We receive original copies of the documents from the purchase

                      of the compound & land, from the sellers, (Mr & Mrs Tsala).  We

                      can now show that 25% of the purchase price was stolen by

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk & Pauline Kono and that I was given

                      forged documents to cover the theft.

                      (See compound statement).


26/11/2001 - 1st Assistant Commissioner's Office, Judicial police Limbe.

                       I am made aware that the statement written by a witness

                       regarding the activities of Eugene Kankou & Enow Brillian

                       Ayuk, has been shown to the Deputy State Counsel &

                       Eugene Kankou's mother. This resulted in a series of threats

                       against the witness. (My 3rd witness to be intimidated).


26/11/2001 - Arrest Warrant, Eugene Kankou.  The warrant is adjusted

                      so that it can be executed in Douala, (Littoral Province) as this

                      is where Eugene Kankou has fled to and gone into hiding.


27/11/2001 - National Security Director, Charles Ntungwa is sent an update

                      on the matters in Limbe.


03/12/2001 - Witness statement,  A 4th witness statement is handed to the

                      investigator at Limbe Judicial Police, regarding the incident at

                      SGBC Bank on the 13th August.


07/12/2001 - Madam Agbor, The investigator from Limbe Judicial Police

                      visits Madam Agbor at her residence opposite Boston Pressing

                      to give her a convocation.  Madam Agbor refuses the

                      convocation and also refuses to make a statement.  She was

                      then shown witness statements.  She tells the Investigator that

                      she is bereaved and going to the Village, (Mamfe).


09/12/2001 - Brigade Commander,  I learn that the Commander has been

                      transferred again.  This time from Edea to Douala Port

                      Gendarmerie.  Several messages had previously been sent to

                      relevant Embassies, regarding the 1st transfer.  This transfer

                      was considered as positive.


12/12/2001 - Crime Report,  I receive a copy of a previous incident involving

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk in 1999, where she sent men to assault a

                      woman.  This was a lengthy investigation, resulting in a signed

                      statement from Brillian accepting responsibility and paying for

                      Medical bills of the woman assaulted.


13/12/2001 - Barrister Eno Charles Agbor, attempts to run Kelvin & I down

                      in the High Court grounds in his 4wd, in front of 20 witnesses.

                      3 witnesses had given testimony this day supporting my case,

                      and the incident happened at the close of Court.



01/01/2002 - Unable to pay rent on 2 houses anymore I leave the secure

                      compound at Ngeme and return to living in the house at



08/01/2002 - Statement to the Commonwealth Minister, A statement with a

                      heading, (Divorce,Fraud,Defamation,Conspiracy,Corruption

                      etc) is written to the Commonwealth Minister.  A copy is given to

                      the Secretary General in the Governor's office in Buea.  The

                      Secretary General asks for an investigation to be done, through

                      the Territorial Surveillance Officers, Buea. (Governor's Office).

                       (See letter - Main page)


09/01/2002 - Territorial Surveillance, Buea.  Further documentation &

                      evidence is supplied to the Officers.  The Chief of Territorial

                      Surveillance states that he was aware of the Brigade

                      Commander's transfer.


11/01/2002 - Commonwealth Minister. At a meeting with the Minister in

                      Yaounde, the Minister asks his Law office to investigate and

                      give him a report.  Copies of information & evidences are

                      supplied.  A copy of the statement is given to the National

                      Security Director & the Canadian High Commission.


14/01/2002 - Territorial Surveillance, Buea. Written statements are given by

                      myself & Enow Brillian Ayuk.  Once again her statement differs

                      greatly from the allegations made at State Counsel, (Missing)

                      and affidavits in the High Court.  The Officers agree to come

                      to Limbe an interview my witnesses.


16/01/2002 - Victoria United Football Team, At a congress for the local

                      football team held at the Council building, I donate 2 footballs to

                      the team for the upcoming season.


18/01/2002 - Territorial Surveillance, Buea.  The Chief & 3 Officers from

                      Territorial Surveillance come to Limbe & threaten my witnesses 

                       and myself, while destroying the investigations that had been

                       done previously.


22/01/2002 - Secretary General, Buea.  We attend a meeting with the

                      Secretary General and describe the many incidences that

                      occurred on Friday the 18th, with the people from Territorial

                      Surveillance.  They are immediately removed from the matter

                      and investigations are given to the Gendarme Legion,Buea.


23/01/2002 - Gendarme Legion, Buea. 5 hours are spent at the

                      Gendarmerie providing evidences and explaining the progress

                      of the investigations to this time.  Feeling ill at the end of the day

                      I go to the Doctors where I test positive for Malaria.



26/01/2002 - Complaint-Territorial Surveillance. A 5-page complaint is

                      written to the Commonwealth Minister about the actions of the

                      Territorial Surveillance Office, (See Main page).


29/01/2002 - Commonwealth Minister's Office, A copy of the complaint is

                      lodged at the Minister's Office and a completed file is given to

                      the Law Office investigator. Copies of the complaint are given

                      to the American Embassy, the National Security Director & the

                      Canadian High Commission.


04/02/2002 - Complaint.  A further complaint is lodged at the Attorney

                      General's Office, regarding the activities of Barrister Eno

                      Charles Agbor & Deputy State Counsel, Ketuanze Jacob.


06/02/2002 - Gendarme Legion, Buea.  Convocations were issued for

                      Titus & Pauline Kono to attend the Gendarmerie.


07/02/2002 - Commonwealth Minister, I am advised by the ministers Legal

                      Office that a completed case file has been handed to the



13/02/2002 - Attorney General, During a meeting with the Attorney General,

                      The delays in Court caused by Barrister Eno were discussed.

                       (1 hours of Court time in 2 months).  The Attorney General

                       spoke to the President of the High Court about the delays. He

                       was informed that a women's group of Lawyers had an interest

                       in the matter, (FEDA).


15/02/2002 - SGBC Bank, I close the account at this bank as I no longer

                      have any trust in them.  A list of serious improprieties is



19/02/2002 - The Secretary General, Buea is given an update on matters.

                      Barrister Eno has accused the President of the Court, of

                      corruption and walked out of the Court.


21/02/2002 - Buea Gendarmes,  Pauline & Titus Kono give statements that

                      implicate Enow Brillian Ayuk as the perpetrator of the death

                      threats.  Convocations are issued for Enow Brillian Ayuk &

                      Madam Agbor to attend the Gendarmerie on the 26th Feb.

                      Previously (21/11/2001) Titus Kono was escorting Brillian to the

                      Police to clear his wife of involvement in the threats, but Brillian

                      fled before getting into the car.


26/02/2002 - Buea Gendarmes, Madam Agbor makes a statement saying

                      that she made the threats on behalf of Enow Brillian Ayuk.

                      That Brillian had asked her to use the name of Pauline Kono.





07/03/2002 - Attorney Generals Statement, I receive a statement from the

                      Attorney General stating that a complaint was lodged in his

                      Office by myself on the 11th September 2001.  This statement

                      was made to refute claims in Court by Barrister Eno Charles

                      Agbor that the death threats were fabricated and that 4

                      witnesses (Including the Gendarme Brigade Commander)

                      were liars.


10/03/2002 - Kelvin Wilson departs Cameroon due to urgent matters in

                      Australia.  He has accompanied me to Court on 26 occasions

                      and been threatened on several occasions.  What was

                      to be a 2 month stay while the matter was rectified, turned into a

                      6- month ordeal.  He leaves in absolute disgust at how the

                      authorities have handled the matter.


11/03/2002 - Attorney General's Office,  I advise the Attorney General that

                      Kelvin has now departed Cameroon.  I talk about the false

                      allegations of me corrupting the Judge, that have been made by

                      Barrister Eno Charles Agbor and give an update on several

                      other issues.


26/03/2002 - Agbor,  I learn that this is the family name of Enow Brillian

                      Ayuk's husband.


28/03/2002 - Buea Gendarmes,  I am advised that a case file (completed

                      investigation) has been handed to Buea State Counsel.

                      This is regarding the death threats made by Madam Agbor.


04/04/2002 - Buea Gendarmes, I am advised that Barrister Eno Charles

                      Agbor has approached the Gendarme investigators making

                      false allegations against me, in attempts to corrupt the



22/04/2002 - Eugene Kankou.  I am informed that Eugene Kankou has fled

                      the country and is now in Europe. I had made previous attempts

                      with the authorities to stop this from happening.


27/04/2002 - Ngeme Nuela Gladys, This woman who is a close friend of

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk makes threats to bash a woman that I

                      employ to cook for me and makes disgusting allegations

                      against my brother & I to several people living near my

                      residence.  A meeting is held in the house of the owner of

                      the compound.  Several people attend and make statements

                      to the owner.


28/04/2002 - I confront Ngeme Nuela Gladys, in the compound and she

                      states that she is a friend of Enow Brillian Ayuk.



30/04/2002 - Limbe Gendarmerie, a complaint is lodged against Ngeme

                      Nuela Gladys and a convocation is issued for her to attend the





02/05/2002 - Arrest Warrant, Madam Agbor.  I am advised by the Attorney

                      Generals Office that a warrant has been issued and given to the

                      Buea Judicial Police to execute.


06/05/2002 - Limbe Gendarmerie.  Ngeme Nuela Gladys attends the

                      Gendarmerie where a confrontation is held.  4 witnesses give

                      testimony about the threats & accusations made.  Ngeme

                      Nuela Gladys laughs and says to take her to Court & that all

                      the witnesses are liars.


08/05/2002 - Attorney General's Office, A complaint against Ngeme Nuela

                      Gladys is lodged at the Attorney General's Office.

                      (See Main page - Complaints)


09/05/2002 - Witness statements,  2 witnesses lodge statements regarding

                      the actions of Ngeme Nuela Gladys at Limbe Gendarmerie.


13/05/2002 - Convocations are issued by the Attorney Generals Office, for

                      Ngeme Nuela Gladys to attend a confrontation in the presence

                      of the Attorney General.  4 witnesses are also convocated to

                      attend. The confrontation is to take place on the 17/05/2002.


16/05/2002 - I am informed that a Magistrates Meeting is to be held on the

                      the 17th of May and that the Attorney General will not be

                      available.  Though further attempts were made to pursue

                      the confrontation, I finally gave up due to the expense and

                      time involved.


20/05/2002 - Cameroon Unification Day (Public holiday).  During the

                      afternoon I rescued a drowning girl in large seas at Bobende.


June 2002 - During the course of this month I decided to write a plea

                     to the President of Cameroon as the only possible means

                     to resolve the situation. A diabolical Ruling had been handed

                     down by the Appeals Court, (See Main page - Appeals Court)

                     removing the matter in Court from the Judge, Justice Teddy

                     Mokwe (President of the High Court).  Under a volume of

                     evidence & the testimony of 7 witnesses, the Appeals Court

                     chose to abet Enow Brillian Ayuk & Barrister Eno Charles

                     Agbor in frustrating the truth with delays.  People who were

                     informed, were stunned by the Ruling.  The Appeals Court

                     spent 2 months studying the testimony & evidences in the

                     Court and were aware that an endless amount of shameful

                     accusations had been made for no other reason than the

                     theft of my property.   9 months of undisputed testimony &

                     work is thrown out on the whim of a prostitute and a Lawyer

                     who has previously been on a list of Lawyers to be disbarred

                     by the Cameroonian Bar Association.  The Appeals Court rules

                     that the matter is accelerated and that the matter be given to a

                     Junior Judge (Madam Chibili).  With no money to pursue the

                     investigations, they have all floundered even though guilt has

                     been endlessly shown.  I now see the only way is to beg the

                     President of Cameroon for the return of my property, so that

                     I may return to Australia.  (See Main page - Plea to the



09/07/2002 - Secretary General in the Presidency,  A copy of the Plea to

                     the President is delivered to the Secretary General in Yaounde.


15/07/2002 - Petition,  I lodge a petition at the Minister for Justice's Office

                      in Yaounde requesting "The Proper Administration of

                      Justice". I spend 4 days waiting to see the Minister, to no

                      avail.  (See Main page - Petition)


16/07/2002 - Plea to the President,  I lodge my Plea at the Office of the

                      President in Yaounde.


August 2002 -  3 Months have now passed since the Ruling of the Appeals

                      Court for an accelerated hearing.  I have had 7 Court dates with

                      the new Judge, (Madam Chibili) and the new hearing has

                      progressed 3 minutes.  Barrister Eno Charles Agbor is free to

                      continue disrupting the process and making false allegations

                      against a Gendarme Brigade Commander.  The Plea to the

                      President & the Petition to the Minister for Justice has failed

                      to allow the Court process to move.  I feel that I am totally

                      blocked in every direction.  I twice travel to Yaounde seeking to

                      resolve the matter.  After 1 year in Court, I am financially and

                      mentally exhausted.


13/09/2002 - Attack, 3 men violently attack the man who has looked after my

                      security for the last year.  I am totally indebted to this man & his

                      family for all they have done for me.  (Eugene Paul Maput).

                      I am just recovering from my 2nd bout of Malaria and decide

                      to protest and make people aware of what is happening here.

                      My only other option is to return to Australia and leave my

                      property as a reward to the thieves that have perpetrated this

                      crime.  I decide to burn 3 of the cars that I have access to.  I

                      write a letter of protest, so it will be quickly understood what

                      is happening.  (See Main page - American Embassy).


24/09/2002 - American Embassy.  At 7am I incinerate the 2 vehicles that

                      have been parked in the compound for 13 months deteriorating.

                      (See Main page - Photo file).  I then travel to Yaounde and

                      incinerate the 4WD outside the American Embassy at 3pm.

                      (I had no money to fuel or maintain the car anymore). I hand the

                      letter of protest to the Security in the confines of the Embassy,

                      and am shortly after detained. I make a statement to the

                      Cameroonian authorities overnight.  As I have no money, I am

                      given motel accommodation and fed at the expense of the

                      Government for 3 days.  I express to the authorities that I am

                      exhausted and wish to return to Australia. I return to Limbe

                      after 3 days, where it is impressed upon me to give my

                      testimony in the Court before returning to Australia, so that

                      the matter can continue in my absence.


01/10/2002 - Madam Najeme, (Appeals Court President).  News on the

                      radio states that Madam Najeme has died in London due to

                      high blood pressure complications.  During Mid October I hear a

                      rumor circulating in Limbe that, "I caused the demise of Madam

                      Najeme through the use of black magic, because I was

                      dissatisfied with the ruling she gave in the Appeals Court".  I

                      believe Barrister Eno Charles Agbor circulates this rumor,

                      who has made previous accusations that I've been using (Juju)

                      to achieve my aims. (See Main page - Appeals Court Ruling).


 11/10/2002 - Newspaper Articles, After the 24th of September Enow Brillian

                      Ayuk spoke several times on a Buea radio programme, again

                      making heinous allegations to incite public rage. Public reaction

                      comments were that I should have tyres placed around me and

                      I should be burned or that I should be killed like an armed

                      robber.  I decided to give an interview and ask that if anyone

                      wanted to know the truth they should come to Court and hear

                      my testimony on the 15th of October. (See Main page -

                      American Embassy). An article is also published by the Post,

                      giving Enow Brillian Ayuk the opportunity to make her            

                      allegations in print, (See Main Page - Newspaper Articles).


13/10/2002 - Prime Minister's Office,  Further information comes to light

                      that Enow Brillian Ayuk has used a personal relationship with

                      the Prime Minister's personal secretary (Male) to corrupt the

                      matter in Court and affect the outcome of investigations.

Testimony was also previously given in the High Court before    

Justice Teddy Mokwe on this matter and is record of the



15/10/2002 - Buea High Court, Madam Chibili. Today the Court informs

                      me that again the matter is to be adjourned due to funeral

                      arrangements for Madam Najeme.  I request a lengthy

                      adjournment to return to Australia and see my family.  The

                      matter is adjourned until the 19th April 2003.  Barrister Eno

                      Charles Agbor states that I'm a murderer & a terrorist and he

                      is afraid to be in the same room as me.


20/10/2002 - I depart Cameroon and return to Australia.


January 2003 - I am informed that Justice Teddy Mokwe, (President of the

                      High Court) has been demoted & transferred. Justice Mokwe

                      supplied affidavit material to the Appeals Court describing the

                      activities of Barrister Eno Charles Agbor.  (See Main page -

                      Appeals Court).



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