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God Bless America!!!

These clothes were originally created by Melody of Peekabooz Playpen© for the 4th of July. After Peekabooz's closing, I was allowed to use the clothes in memory of the tragic event on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Do not take these clothes for your site, they are copy written now and forever to Peekabooz Playpen© and Melody!!


Trunks Appear as Red Shorts Download

Bikini Appears as Blue Polka Onesie Download


Download Dress and Headband Here

Download Shirt, Pants, Bow Tie and Top Hat Here

Y2K Onesie With Socks

Appears as Elf Jumper


Y2k Onesie With Socks

Appears as Elf Jumper


Download Jeans, Tank Top and Bow Here

Download Jeans and Shirt Here