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Latest Destiny's Child News and site updates:
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July 17 I have some pictures of Beyonce's new single, 'Work It Out' which appears in Austin Powers 3. Click here to see them.
June 22 I have obtained some pictures of Destiny's Child at their Radio 1 performance in the UK. Click here to see them or go to the pictures section.
June 22 Sorry there haven't been any updates for a while...I have been so into the World Cup recently....unfortunately I had to watch England crash out to Brazil 2-1 :( so I was pretty upset about that...if you have any views on that, write them in the guestbook. Anyway, I have some pictures of Destiny's Child performing on the UK TV show, CD:UK. Click here to see them or go to the pictures section.
June 17 HUGE update in the audio section. Every Destiny's Child song from every album is there, including the albums, 'Destiny's Child,' 'The Writing's On The Wall,' 'Survivor,' '8 Days Of Christmas,' 'This Is The Remix,' 'Heart To Yours' and 'Dangerously In Love.' A total of 87 songs to download, plus 8 interviews! Click here to go to the audio section.
June 16 The Last Single From "Survivor," and the First and Only Release From "This Is The Remix" Is "Nasty Girl"! The Single Is Not Being Commercially Released In The UK, But Has Been Released In Other European Territories And Australia. See a picture of the front cover here.
June 16 Destiny's Child have been in the UK for over a week and have appeared on many TV programmes, including SMTV:UK yesterday, where Beyonce performed her new solo single, 'Work It Out'. Solange was also there. Destiny's Child also performed at Radio 1's Big Sunday. See pictures here.
June 15 I have obtained some pictures of Beyonce in a television advert for Feria. Click here to see them.
June 15 A promotional copy of Nelly's new album "Nellyville" has been sent to radio, and other sources. The name of the song that Nelly does with Kelly is called Dilemma. There is no word on whether or not it will get released as a single.
June 8 There is a new addition to this site now - the money making page. Listed here are about 7 ways to make money from the net, just like I have in the last few months! There are no scams and nothing dodgy, it's all simple stuff and easy money! I've made nearly 500 ($750) and you can too, just click here!
June 8 I have obtained some pictures of Beyonce in the film Goldmember, which will be released on July 26 in which she has a leading role. See them here. You can also view a Real Player trailer of the film here.
June 7 I found an amazing site today which clears up your computer's memory by deleting the Windows Registry files, which cannot be deleted manually. This is recommended for people who do not want other users to see the content have been downloading from the internet. The link is here. It deletes the Cache, Cookies, History, Drop Down Address Bars, Auto Complete Data Forms and the index.dat file. Once again, the link is here.
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