1. The American Standard Version- perfect, man, full-age, full-grown.
2. The King James Version- perfect
3. The New King James Version- perfect, mature
4. The New American Standard Version- complete
5. Phillips Modern English Version- complete
6. The New English Bible- wholeness, grown-up, whole-way
Verb - Consecrate, finish, fulfill, make perfect, complement, complete


l. Thayer- "... brought to its end, finished; wanting nothing; perfect.., of men, full-grown, adult,
mature..." The verb: "1. to carry through completely; to bring to an end. 2. i.e. add what is yet
wanting in order to render a thing full. 3. to bring to the proposed goal..."

2. Vincent- (I Cor. 2:6): "... them that are full-grown.... see Eph. 4:13 where a perfect man is
contrasted with children... also I Cor. 14:20: where the word men 'is lit. perfect..."

3. Barclay- "TELEIOS has a physical sense; it describes an animal or a person who is full-grown
and who has reached the height of physical development. It also has a mental sense. It describes a
person who has progressed beyond the rudimentary instruction and is now a mature student. This
is the sense which Paul uses in I Cor. 2:6..."

4. Vine- "... It is used 1. of persons, (a) primarily of physical development, but also (b) of goodness
without reference to maturity...a spiritual maturity or completeness, Mt. 19:21. 2. of things,
complete or perfect, Rom. 12:2 and I Cor, 13:10..."

5. Walter Bauer - " having attained the end or purpose, complete, perfect,... of the mystery religions...
which refers to one initiated into the mystic rites... the initiate" 

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