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dis is it

DEC 01 updated documentation for my live max/msp looper can be found here, in the 'new' folder.

or here:fripp_newdocs.sit

the original fripp looper can be found here:fripp_original.sit


-imagine a language needed to conduct an orchestra of players each assigned fixed loops of material
-or to set up parts in a drum circle, sign language for improvising
- imagine conducting 12 tuned didjes
CRYSTAL intelligence

the essence of a crystal is that it can freeze a measurable flow into particulate. how to play it?
ex: stream of audio samples
ex: stream of midi events
implicit is linear notion time
we create a translation to nonlinear time
fundamental problem: haptic feedback, have to be able to feel the particulate


consisting of particles of magic

(Cast) a (Spell) with (Runes) (Improvise) a (Piece) with (Loops) except the spell is itself a rune, the piece is itself a loop:


step - (crystallize) program structure
step - (channel) play in structure
step - (deviate) break out of structure

sorcery- breathe architecture directly
can the programmer's tools help the sorcerer?
playable loop instrument to follow...out