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Hello and welcome to nowhere. School has started and we still don't have lives. We should be doing our damn homework but instead we live off of BSB fanfic, junk food, and Lifehouse. June would like to introduce the pillows on her bed. The two blue pillows are Nick and Brian, the plaid one's Howie, and the one with green leaves on it is AJ. The purple pillow on the floor is Kevin. June would like to draw your attention to the picture you see here. June: Hey look! It's Brian and some other people! He looks so sad and alone without me! Why can't I give him a hug???
Fiona would like to add that everyone must OBSERVE THE SCHWA. (: Just because that sounds cool. So there. Also, everyone should check out The Calling and Lifehouse, because they're awesome. She is very afraid of pictures of Nick, and has a strange feeling that she will soon start to have the same reaction to Brian's smiling scary face. (HE'S WATCHING ME!) Oh, did she mention that June is obsessed?
June would like to add that no, she is NOT obsessed. And she likes Linkin Park too! And Godsmack. So there Fiona!!!! *sticks tongue out* sorry ;;;)

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Okay... Now that the wonderful and awesome Backstreet.Net is advertising us, we're getting a few more hits. However, no one is signing the guestbook. This just doesn't work, folks. You don't have to like our site. You can hate it all you want. Just sign the freakin' guestbook and tell us so! Please? Please? The same offer still stands--if you have a page and you sign our guestbook, we'll link your page! We're compiling a link page now. Wheeee. Gotta go. Bye ;)

Hey! Look what we found! If you're anything like us, you probably found it long, LONG ago, but here it is anyway.... it makes us happy, even though it's crappy RealPlayer A site with the tentative lyrics to Drowning and a link to download a RealPlayer version of it!!!

Important Note: We don't think the Backstreet Boys are gods. (Haha. Read the Glyn and Marian story. Really, we don't.) If you can't handle some humor (some? ha!)then we suggest you go away. We don't own them and we don't know them and we certainly aren't making money from this website ;) So now that you understand that... on to other things!

Hey, this is really important! Just so you know, we're working on a LINKS page.. and if you want us to link you we will, cause we're NICE like that (;

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