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August 10-13, 2001

Photos by SpencertheCat    
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Updated 8/20/01

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    Jeff.JPG (179312 bytes)   
Jefferson Memorial                        SMK "Goodies"


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The Agency

ArlingtonView.JPG (839405 bytes)



Brunch at the Marriott

BrunchView.JPG (764757 bytes)
The Brunch View

Quilt.JPG (879044 bytes)
The Quilt

   The Agency

Agency.JPG (912167 bytes)



VictoriaGren.JPG (48044 bytes)

Victoria Greenwich's Home
(The Prettiest House on the Block)



C&OCanal.JPG (41639 bytes)                   

The C & O Canal
In Georgetown

ArlingtonView.JPG (839405 bytes)

Arlington View

DSC00953.JPG (253823 bytes)






DSC00997.JPG (229565 bytes)



Pam is the one in the above middle with
a purple Tee Shirt on.



                             That's Pam (below)

DSC00967.JPG (160487 bytes)     DSC00924.JPG (236407 bytes)          

SMK: The Q Bureau

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DSC00945.JPG (245126 bytes)     DSC00974.JPG (17642 bytes) 

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