Headline: Checkin Back
Post On: Apr.08, 2002
Post By: CoreX
Hey, Sup im just checking back in.I tried to fix the banner problem it looked good on the preview so i hope its fixed. Well im just waiting for my host account to be setup so i cant get the site content up.Well i know there were a couple kids that wanted this site but I gave it to the person i thought it would prosper most from.Sorry but you can still be staff on this site if u talk to the new webmaster.Well i aught to stop talking out of my ass and get up out of here.So untill later Im out. Peace

Headline: New Co-Webmaster
Post On: Apr.07, 2002
Post By: Slash
Hey, Slash here, I am proud to say that I was asked to help be a webmaster on this site. I will do my best to make sure you guys get the best content, the best graphics as will Zero and much, much more. I just had to tell you that I was now a part of team Saiyan Crib and I hope you all will love this site. We also have a new banner made by mua, lol j/p it was made by the one and only Zero the Hero,lol. Aight well, I better be goin...
Peace, I'm out

Headline: Re-opened
Post On: Apr.07, 2002
Post By: Zero
Greetings. I'm happy to say that this site will not be disposed of. I am the owner of LDR2, and I noticed this site was closing, so CoreX was nice enough to hand it over to me. I hate to see good sites wasted, so I will make sure this site stays open to provide u guys with plenty of good content. I will only be able to update every few days, but I'll probably get some staff to help out, so this site should prosper. I'll add some new free gfx, and content. I will keep the current affs, and I'm making this sites official RPG LDR2 lol. The link can be found to the left. OK, thats about it, I can't update too much today cuz I have a lot of homework to do.